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Yes or No The World

This tarot card represents feelings of harmony and wholeness in your life. The World is a card that is said to bring you a sense of achievement and fulfilment. It is often depicted with a dancing figure in the center of the card. While it is a positive card in general, it does not mean a definitive yes or no.

The World Upright Meaning – Yes or No

The World tarot card meaning yes or no

This card is neither yes nor no when it comes to answering questions. Whilst it does tend to gear towards giving an answer of yes, you should look at the cards that it is paired with to get a true sense of your answer. This card represents the rollercoaster motions of life so when it is paired with a card such as The Tower, it can mean that something is to come which may drastically alter your life. That being said, The World is a reminder that these negative things can lead to positive outcomes in the future which is why it most commonly acts as an answer of ‘yes’ to your tarot card questions.

The World Reversed Meaning – Yes or No

The World reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

When The World is reversed, it indicates that there is something missing from your world. This could be a specific thing such as a lack of romance, or it could simply represent a feeling of emptiness which you’re not quite sure why you have. Despite being in its reversed position this card is almost always an answer of ‘yes’ to your questions. Are you wondering if you should take that big leap of faith, or if starting something new is the thing you’re missing? This card is telling you undoubtedly yes! An era in your life is ending, but this is a great opportunity to find what was previously missing in your life.

The World Upright Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The World tarot card meaning for love yes or no

This card is a really positive one to have in a romance reading and is usually a very clear ‘yes’ in response to your questions. Maybe you’ve asked ‘should there be a change in our relationship’ or ‘is it time to move forward’ well then, The World is the ideal message of yes, you should. This card indicates no better time to move to the next step in your relationship. However, if it is paired with the 3 of Swords you should be careful, the next step in your relationship may not be a positive one.

The World Reversed Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The World reversed love yes or no

In a reversed position, this card is saying that there is something missing in your love life that is missing and it is preventing you from having the complete sense of fulfilment in your life. This card is likely to appear in response to questions such as ‘am I helping this relationship’ or ‘should I leave them’ the answer is, possibly surprisingly, no. One of the main reasons that you making be lacking that sense of completion is because you might simply be taking your partner for granted. Make sure to think about all the things that they’ve done for you and the good memories you have, if you start seeing them for who they truly are then your relationship will improve and your happiness is sure to come.

The World Upright for Advice – Yes or No

The World Advice Yes or No

If this card appears in response to a question on advice, I want you to listen to me when I say that you are so close to your goal! Has someone told you to give up on something that you love because they’re worried about it? Well this card says, no, don’t listen to them. It is very likely that this advice given was not malicious and simply in an attempt to look out for you, but sometimes you know what is best. If you listen to this advice and give up now then you won’t get the sense of achievement that this card shows you are so close to getting.

The World Reversed for Advice – Yes or No

The World reversed advice yes or no

There are many things that you may ask the tarot cards about advice, including advice itself. It is often a tricky thing wondering if you should take the advice that you have been given. Much in the same way that that isn’t simple, this card doesn’t give a simple yes or no as an answer, the answer it gives is much closer to ‘yes, but not completely’. If you have read through the previous sections of this article, then you know that the theme of this card is about completion and this indicates a lack of completion. Maybe the advice that you’ve been given is in your best interest, but it just needs tweaking that little bit to help you get the biggest sense of fulfilment from following it.

The World Upright for Career – Yes or No

If this card appears in a career reading, then you can pat yourself on the back and say that you’re on the right track. That project you’re on or that promotion you’re going for, you’re so close to finishing it and you’re going to feel great when you do. Career is a stressful thing and you may have asked questions such as ‘should I look for something else’ or ‘am I doing bad at this job’ and this card is a very reassuring, no. You will get that satisfaction you so desire from your job if you just stick with it that little bit longer and allow yourself to be proud of the work that you have already done.

The World Reversed for Career – Yes or No

If this card appears, something might not be quite right in your career. Did you get that promotion you wanted, or were you assigned to that project you wanted to lead but you ended up feeling kind of empty? This card tells you its time to look at what you have achieved and what you want to achieve. This card is usually a response of, yes. Yes, you should make your career goals more attainable and yes you should consider if you are in a career that is the most fulfilling for you. You can’t have a full sense of completion in your life if you are struggling with something that is such a big part of it.

The World Upright for Finances – Yes or No

This card will often appear in a time of financial prosperity and it usually gives you an answer of yes. You’ve worked hard for your money but perhaps you’re thinking ‘should I treat myself’ and yes you should. Whilst it is good to have stable finances, you’re very much allowed to enjoy the rewards that you can have from your prosperity.

The World Reversed for Finances – Yes or No

Money is a very scary thing to think about and even if you have got stable finances, you may not feel secure. A common question you may have asked is ‘should I be worried about money’ and the answer is no. Sure, don’t make any big and irrational purchases, but go over your finances in detail and hopefully you’ll find comfort in realising that you are in a secure position and you needn’t stress in the long run.

The Answer to ‘Am I cursed?’

The World tarot card am I cursed yes or no

The World may appear in response to this question because a lack of fulfilment can make you feel like you’ve been cursed. But rest assure, whether this card is upright or reversed the answer is no, you have not been cursed. If it is upright then the likelihood is that you are really close to achieving your sense of completion and you just need to push through to get over this bump in the road. If it is in a reversed position, then it’s likely that you may have been taking things or people in your life for granted. If you learn to look at them and appreciate them for what they truly are then it can help you get over this slump and bring you out a feeling that you have been cursed.

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