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Yes or No Judgement

Judgement is a major arcana card that symbolises new beginnings. The message of this card is resurrection and the awakening of life. This card is most often depicted with an angel holding a trumpet, surrounded by humans emerging from their graves.

Upright – Yes or No Meaning

Judgement tarot card meaning yes or no

When this card is upright, it brings the reader a positive message. However, this message is usually in the form of a ‘no’ when answering your questions. The judgement card often appears in readings when you have either just gone through or are currently in a time of self-reflection and this card is a big indicator that you know in yourself what needs to change to make you and the people around you happy and you need to act on it. If your reading includes a question such as ‘should I stay where I am’ or ‘have I stopped growing’ then this card is a very clear answer of no.

Reversed – Yes or No Meaning

Judgement reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

In a reversed position, this card gives you some pretty tough love. Its message is that you aren’t treating yourself with enough kindness and this harsh judgement that you are giving yourself is causing you to miss some great opportunities and preventing you from growing. This is why this card most commonly gives a, quite aggressive, answer of ‘yes’. This answer is particularly in response to questions such as ‘am I holding myself back’ or ‘should I pursue this aspect of my happiness’. However, if this card is in a reading with the Death card then the meaning changes to looking more closely at the endings and beginnings of something in your life.

Judgement Upright for Love – Yes or No

Judgement tarot card meaning for love yes or no

During romance readings, this card appears upright to tell you that something needs to change. It isn’t necessarily a negative thing and usually gives an answer of ‘yes’ to the questions in your reading. You may have asked ‘do I need to change’ or ‘can we improve our relationship’ and the answer is a yes. Have a look at the other cards in your spread if you see Judgement, if the cards are all about communication then Judgement is trying to tell you that you can improve your relationship by improving your communication.

Judgement Reversed for Love – Yes or No

Judgement reversed love yes or no

Sadly, this card is not a very positive omen for your relationship if it appears in a reversed position. It sends a message of mistrust in the relationship and sometimes can indicate that you have been living in denial about something throughout this romance. Have you asked something like ‘is this relationship dead’ or maybe ‘can we make this work’ and received Judgement as an answer? If that’s the case, then this card may surprise you by giving you an answer of yes. This card does have negative meanings, but that doesn’t mean that everything is over. There are problems and you may need to make big changes, but nothing is set in stone.

Judgement Upright for Advice – Yes or No

Judgement Advice Yes or No

Trying to interpret the advice of tarot cards can be quite difficult, particularly in response to a yes or no question. You may be asking the tarot cards for some advice about a situation, or perhaps you’re asking about a piece of advice that you have received from someone. This card is a little ambiguous in its answer, but it most commonly answers questions about advice with a ‘yes’. Judgement is all about new beginnings, maybe it has appeared because you’ve received some advice that you’re scared to take, a big change is stressful, but you should take that opportunity.

Judgment Reversed for Advice – Yes or No

Judgement reversed advice yes or no

In relation to advice, this card is the polar opposite when it is in the reversed position. One meaning of this reversed card is that you have no sense of self awareness and this is quite prevalent when relating to anxiety. If you spend your life taking advice from other people rather than listening to yourself, you’re going to struggle finding your own path and happiness. So, this card says ‘no’, maybe you shouldn’t take that advice for once.

Judgement Upright for Career – Yes or No

When doing readings about careers, this card is one that can appear with a message of positivity in the future. It symbolises that some changes should be made and when they are, you will feel more rejuvenated in your workplace. This card will usually be a clear yes in response to questions such as ‘can I resolve this work conflict’ or ‘is this my true calling’ because it is a reminder of how your actions can affect your workplace. Adjusting to these situations whether they are big or small can impact your career in some pretty good ways, it’s time to take some responsibility and focus more on your actions and the results of them.

Judgement Reversed for Career – Yes or No

First and foremost, when reversed this card shows that you have been very critical to yourself and it has had a big impact on your actions and happiness. If you are too cruel then you’ll pull yourself back and you won’t advance in your career or go for that interview of the job you really want! But this card is encouraging and answers your questions with a resounding ‘yes’. You should go for that job; you can ace this new project you’ve just been assigned. Doubting yourself will only make it worse and this card is trying to tell you that if you cut yourself some slack, happiness in your career will come much easier and much quicker as well.

Judgement Upright for Finance – Yes or No

Judgement finance decision yes or no

This card is likely to appear if you have had a financial setback recently. Money is a scary thing and something that we can all be harsh on ourselves about. This card is a reminder to keep an eye on your finances and if you are worrying or struggling with money then you should probably evaluate your spending habits and see if there is anything you can do to improve. Judgement gives you a usual answer of ‘no’ relating to financial matters. Are you wondering if you should lend someone the money they’ve asked for, or if you need that new pair of shoes that are outside of your price range? No, you shouldn’t. It seems cruel but at times you need to put your financial needs first and make sure you are stable before helping others out.

Judgement Reversed for Finance – Yes or No

Did you know that simply criticising yourself isn’t going to solve the problem? It’s a habit that almost all people get into, especially concerning money, and this card is telling you that being harsh on yourself won’t fix anything. You need to learn your lesson from the situation and Judgement is helping you by giving you an answer of ‘yes’. This card is likely to appear if you have asked something such as ‘should I be less trusting when giving people money’ or ‘should I set myself a tighter budget’ and the answer is yes. It’s okay if you make mistakes, you just need to be sure that you can learn from them and improve your situation.

The Answer to ‘Should I trust them?’

If this card appears in answer to your question, the likelihood is that there is an element of mistrust already present in the relationship, whether you realise it or not. If this card appears upright then it says that yes, you can trust this person. However, it is also a reminder that you should talk about why you have these trust issues so that it doesn’t consume the relationship. When the card is reversed, Judgement says that no you cannot trust the person, because you cannot trust yourself. Knowing what you want is an important part of a relationship, it doesn’t matter if you figure it out as you go along but you need to trust yourself. If you can’t trust yourself then you won’t be able to trust your partner fully and this leads to rifts in a relationship that become a lot more difficult to solve.

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