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Yes or No The Empress

The Empress is the card of divine feminine power. You are being called to connect with your true self. It no longer serves you to ignore creative or nurturing aspects of your soul. Instead She calls on your strong and abundant expressions to be displayed, and the message is that they will be welcomed. A resounding YES.

Upright Empress – Yes or No?

The Empress tarot card meaning yes or no

Glorious is she whom offers such sensual awareness. There is an Empress in all of us and as rarely as she makes herself known, when she does, oh boy. The way she connects with nature in the image is the way she wants you to connect with yourself. You are the trees, you are the freshly cut harvested wheat, ready to bless others with your offerings. As the 12 stars sit atop of her crown, she represents cycles of pure life, just like our planet Earth.

You are elegant and the air you are breathing feels brand new as it enters your lungs and pumps you for your journey ahead. You want to search yourself for your happiness, you want to explore your creative side. You want to explore your sexuality just as much as you are keen to find new recipes for good food to enrich the body and mind that you so adore. You are life, and ready perhaps to even create another life! Upright, The Empress is a very likely YES.

The Empress Reversed – Yes or No?

The Empress reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

There have most definitely been times of late where you have neglected yourself. Some days you may forget that there is a beautiful and powerful elegant soul seated within you that you have lost access to. Why is this? Where has the care gone? I believe it may be focused so much on other people, that you have no time or thought for you own needs. This is fine from time to time, important events arise and other people come first, but ultimately if we lack the love for ourselves, how do we expect others to love us how we deserve? It is time to shift your focus and do some grounding work. Meditation can bring you back to the present moment where you will feel more likely to notice where improvements can be made to yourself. I offer a NO here, but there is a great chance for you now to take the reins.

The Empress Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

The Empress tarot card meaning for love yes or no

If the bucket is full, the love overflows. Well, dear soul, you are the bucket. In order for others to be happy, you have to be so first. If The Empress shows up in a love reading, this is a very good sign. It is telling you that you are making sure you love yourself fully. This has a sort of ripple effect as your connections around you absorb your positive energy and glow alongside you, including those in love.

Perhaps you have reached a moment where you are looking to expand your family. This is a great time to talk about your desires with your soul and start planning the next stage of your life together. Mother Earth nestles in The Empress, and she is another woman who encapsulates life and fertility. A great time looks likely, with a probable YES in love for you.

The Empress Love Reversed – Yes or No?

The Empress reversed love yes or no

We can sometimes push people away, unintentionally of course, if we begin to ‘Mother’ them. Relationships can lose that lustful meaning if one person is likely to be overbearing or perhaps inclined to go overboard. I am positive that this isn’t something you realise you could be doing, but there is a strong possibility this is happening in your relationship. Have you noticed your soul backing away? Maybe he is too afraid to mention it for fear of hurting your feelings, but you may want to look at how you are approaching this love,and seek alternative ways to show your love for a healthier future. I offer a MAYBE here, because really this can’t ‘sort itself out,’ it has to come from you.

The Empress Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

The Empress Advice Yes or No

There has never been a better time to begin work on a new project or endeavour. Not just doing something you like, but creating possibilities for you to deeply enjoy and gain pleasure from. It’s like new passion coming from the depths of your soul, depths you didn’t know you could reach. The freedom of expression you feel arising during these times are going to stay with your forever and mean something to you for years to come. Now is absent without fire, so light your flames and consider this a most likely YES. If you are entering or just exiting a new moon phase, you may want to take it a little slower than usual.

The Empress Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

The Empress reversed advice yes or no

You could potentially be busying yourself with too many things at once. It’s like every hob on the stove is on, and each has a pan on it boiling away. The microwave is humming, the oven is roaring and the slow cook sits bashfully in the corner of the kitchen. What are you making, tea for the town? Some things need to be turned off, as much as you love having your hands everywhere making sure nothing gets burned, in the end, you will end up a hot and sweaty mess until you demote several things to the, ‘To do another day’ pile. A NO is probable here for you.

The Empress Marriage – Yes or No?

The Empress marriage yes or no

Your soul and you have perfect the balance between self love and love for each other. It is a very enviable position to be in as you seem to have it all. If you seek the notion of a long standing marriage, The Empress is giving you that reassurance here. What sets you apart from other coupled souls is that you both know how important it is for yourselves to be happy individually. That could mean creating or forging your own paths in terms of hobbies or work, but coming together as your union in order to love another. A beautiful outlook for you both and a most likely YES.

The Empress Career – Yes or No?

The Empress is not a card of traditionalism. She tends to walk away from the mundane office type work in favour of more artistic and creative outlets. Are you this way inclined? Perhaps you are a little bored of the tedium of your current job and are in search for something more fulfilling. There are many creative ways to make money from baking or cooking, to dancing or arts and crafts. Maybe writing is for you! You would benefit from taking a little time out to explore your options and ensure you make any changes to your professional life sensibly whilst maintaining the love for what you do. A creative YES is likely here – but step carefully and be mindful with cards like the 5 of Pentacles rearing its ugly head.

The Empress Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

The Empress Yes or No Questions

The Empress’ positivity shines through in many ways during practical readings. Here are some of my favourite examples.

“Will my pregnancy go smoothly?”

The Empress is a very fertile card, so it is no surprise you are preparing to bring life into this world. You ask if it will go smoothly, but really that is in your hands. Take time to practise caring for yourself. You will note changes within yourself as you progress towards the birth, both physically and mentally with those hormones, but you are in a good position to have a great time preparing for this new life. Take it slowly, remember to eat well and enjoy this exciting time.

“I want to start singing lessons, but I feel like this is only something kids do. Am I too old?”

I can tell you now, you are never too old for anything, even pigtails! Once you understand that you can do you every day without the need or desire to please others, you will get far in life. If singing is what you want to do, then The Empress is encouraging you to be as creative as you can be here. She offers great opportunity for personal growth because this is something you have been itching to do for some time. Sing in abundance!

“I am struggling to find a way to improve my skin. What should I do next?”

There are a lot of choices at the shops, right? Aisles and aisles of lotions and potions, ranging from cheap to outright ludicrous prices will jump out at you. ‘Contains this chemical, contains that chemical.’ What do they even mean? Where has it got you? There is a nod towards natural remedies here, which I feel you may benefit from exploring. Sometimes our skin reacts harshly to changes in its treatment, but a softer, calmer approach to cleansing and caring for your skin may help you here. Have a look at options, and take it one at a time.

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