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Three Free Fortunes Card Reading

Love? Money? Success in career? What’s in your cards today?

Three cards – three insights into your fortune are waiting for you below. 

How to read the cards? Follow these steps:

  • Turn each of the three cards below in order to see what’s in your cards today.
  • Click the opened cards one more time to get a detailed interpretation of their meaning.
  • If you’d like to get another reading – shuffle the cards by pressing a small button at the bottom of the spread.


Take a minute to close your eyes and calm down. Focus your spirit. Be firm – don’t complain, don’t ask, don’t beg – COMMAND the cards by the unwavering force of your spirit to give you an OMEN and an ANSWER.

Then click on the cards to turn them. Don’t rush like a silly child to turn every card immediately. Proceed slowly, showing respect for yourself and for your power to control your destiny.

Fortune telling cards are like dogs. They can smell weakness and fear a mile away. Make sure that you impose your will on them, or else they will impose their will on you.

You have to remember that cards with their back side up are silent – they don’t mean and don’t say anything. But if you turn them – their effect can’t be undone. So, if your intuition says it is not a good day for you – don’t draw them. Just leave them be and come another day.

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The Ten of Hearts, taken in isolation, means new plans. It is also a card related to the city that you live in.
It is a happy card which, according to the cards surrounding it, means: Success, joy, surprise, triumph.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: Triumph. – You will take revenge on all your enemies.
Heart ♥: Joy. – Success in love.
Diamond ♦: Surprise coming from far away (from another town or even from another country).
Club ♣: Success in business.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: New plans and projects implemented.
Heart ♥: Very great joy in your city.
Diamond ♦: Travel for happy change.
Club ♣: Success of all your projects.

Between two cards of the same value: Departure of a friend. You will slowly drift apart.
With the King of Spades, the Ten of hearts cancels all the bad predictions of the other cards and it is a good idea to shuffle the cards and consult them with a fresh mind.


In isolation, for a young man or a woman, the meaning of this Eight is an “Amourette” or a casual little lover – a young brunette who wishes to marry or form a relationship. It is one night stand that meant nothing yet somehow evolved into twenty five night stand.
For any other person, it bodes well for a quick fortune, money earned with ease, easy realization of all expectations.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: A painful but certain path to win.
Heart ♥: A serious pretender to your heart. – Knowledge of a very honest brunette girl.
Diamond ♦: Advantageous friendship. – Intimate knowledge of an easy going woman.
Club ♣: Lucrative projects. – Certain success. – Happy marriage.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Seduction. A man or a woman experienced in love, who is difficult to resist, even if you know he or she is not serious about you. – Deceptive mirage.
Heart ♥: Great joy to come.
Diamond ♦: Travel to attend a wedding
Club ♣: Money quickly earned by good speculation. – Successful and rich life partner.

With the Jack of Clubs:
For a single person in late 20s or 30s: Declaration of love.
For married people: Proposal for a business association.
For somebody young and inexperienced: Support from a rich older man or a woman, who wants you as a lover on a side.
Between two cards of the same value: Rivalry. – Competition.


Lawman, widower, a divorced man, man of bad faith, envious person who seeks to harm, a man who wants only sex and does not care a tiny bit about you, evil dark man; here comes the King of Spades. This is one of the worst, if not the worst card in the deck.
You might be better off by not looking into omens that it brings.

Taken in isolation, this King announces:
To a married man: Conflict, law officer, trial.
To a married woman: Temporary, but serious extramarital love affair and interference in your family or relationship. Even though you know that the King of spades is bad for you, you still want him and are unable to resist the temptation. A charming lover will soon turn into a brutal tyrant, who will put an enormous strain on your emotions. If it does not last too long, you might succeed to keep this affair private.
To a single man: Rivalry.
To a young girl: Unfaithful lover.
To a divorced person: Upcoming marriage with another divorced person.
To a widowed person: failure of a relationship that looked like a promising new start.

The King of Spades having on the right a
Spade ♠: Terrible omen. Bad dark man who wants to hurt you and abuse you. The omen is worse if the consultant is represented by a positive and happy card. In the worst it can mean a rape or daily physical and emotional abuse in a relationship.
Heart ♥: Sorrow caused by a divorced man. – Rejection of love, refusal to marry.
Diamond ♦: A lawyer will set a trap for you.
Club ♣: You will be sued soon, and you will lose the case.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: A greedy and stingy man is trying to fool you.
Heart ♥: Sorrow caused by a divorced man. – Refusal to marry.
Diamond ♦: A lawyer will set a trap for you.
Club ♣: You will soon be prosecuted and you will lose your trial.

Between two cards of the same value: Sickness.
Next to the Queen of Spades: Marriage; the other card touching the king becomes a silent; it does not speak. This is a positive card combination, surprisingly.
Between aces: You’ll go to jail.
Between two Aces, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED or PREVIOUS by a number of other Spades:
This is the most terrible sign that can be revealed by cards.
The King of Spades, so surrounded, is the man of law and devil of hell who announces to you that you will pass through the hands of justice and you will be completely destroyed. Your death will follow. It will be painful and violent.

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