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Three Free Fortunes Card Reading

Take a minute to close your eyes and calm down. Focus your spirit. Be firm – don’t complain, don’t ask, don’t beg – COMMAND the cards by the unwavering force of your spirit to give you an OMEN and an ANSWER.

Then click on the cards to turn them. Don’t rush like a silly child to turn every card immediately. Proceed slowly, showing respect for yourself and for your power to control your destiny.

Fortune telling cards are like dogs. They can smell weakness and fear a mile away. Make sure that you impose your will on them, or else they will impose their will on you.

Click the cards one more time in order to read their meaning. 


This card represents a devoted dark (brunet) man, who loves to be of service; or a loyal and kind man in financial matters.
Driven by good feelings, this man is, like the King of hearts, a friend, a protector.
He is also called the King of Money because, since the Club is the emblem of money (coin, in the Egyptian Tarot), he presides over our fortune; and since this King is a very favourable card, he is an excellent omen for the consultant.
Taken in isolation by a single person or a widower, it means: your rival more fortunate than you;
By a young woman: A man who is interested in you will be a serious man, rich and full of good qualities. Whatever he is now, he will be much better in the future.
By a child: Tutor.
By any other person: Protector, caretaker, patron.

This King having on the right a
Spade ♠: Small obstacles to the accomplishment of your projects. – A rich man will help you, and thus ensure the success you desire.
Heart ♥: Fortune. – Extraordinary luck. – Perfect joy.
Diamond ♦: You will receive a sum of money in a letter.
Club ♣: Great benefits. – Certainty of abundance.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Your patron and protector is tormented because of you. – However, his care is guaranteed.
Heart ♥: Serious suitor. – Tutor, – Protector. – Sincerely friendly.
Diamond ♦: Travel to the countryside.
Club ♣: Advantageous proposal by a rich man.

With the King of Spades: Business consultation; the other card touching the Club is not null because of this exception; it speaks and carries a lot of meaning, it must be interpreted according to its particular meaning.
Between Clubs: You must stop the consultation. Everything you want will certainly succeed.
Between two hearts, squares or spades; it must be interpreted in isolation, that is, without giving value to the two cards surrounding it. This isolated interpretation is amplified. Anything that was a vague omen becomes a strong omen.


Isolated, the Nine of Clubs means: Money, success.
This card, as well as the Ten of Clubs, is a perfect omen.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: Trial won. Dispute won.
Heart ♥: successful relationship and well to do marriage, – Gain in business.
Diamond ♦: News about birth.
Club ♣: Very big profits from a business decision that you were very uncertain.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Small inheritance.
Heart ♥: 1° For a young man: He will marry a young brunette, rich and spiritual.
2° For a young girl: Marriage during the year.
3° For any other person: Advantageous relationship. Offer to move in.
Diamond ♦: Lucrative trip. – Delayed marriage.
Club ♣: Inflow of money. – Success in everything.

Between two cards of the same value, the Nine of clubs announces that you will learn of the promotion of a family member or friend who is dear to you.
Between two Hearts: Practical plans for a life together. – Association.


The Jack of Hearts, the thirty-ninth card of the Egyptian Tarot, depicts a young blond man, in love, honest and always happy.
It refers to a child when consulting for a very young boy.
If the consultant is a young girl, single or divorced woman, this card represents her lover.
For married or elderly people, as well as for a single person or a widower, the Jack of Hearts is the symbol of a sincere, kind, skillful, beneficent, brave and well-mannered friend.

The Jack of hearts having on the right a
Spade ♠: Happy friend who will care about you.
Heart ♥: A young blond man will court you; you can say “yes” to him, he is honest and good. – It also means perfect contentment.
Diamond ♦: Joy in the city. – Visit of a child from out of the town.
Club ♣: Prosperity. – Long live a happy life. – Happy change of your situation in life.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: A young blond man is sad that he can’t win you over.
Heart ♥: Serious and rich suitor. – New friendship.
Diamond ♦: News from a sincere friend. – An evening out.
Club ♣: Joy. – Fortune is coming your way.

With another Jack: Meeting of two young people; the other card next to the Jack of hears is silent; it does not speak.
After a queen: Certain relationship or marriage.
Between two Spades: Delay for a wedding or marriage proposal.

Card reading is an ancient art of finding insights into questions, omens for right decisions, and glimpses into the future.

At the beginning of time all of the possible futures were undetermined. Then the big bang happened and the galaxies, the stars, the planets, and the moons were created.

They follow their paths with astronomical determination, while we, humans, have the divine gift of free will for making choices. Turn left or turn right? Say yes or say no? To love or not to love?

If your life were entirely predetermined by the God or the Destiny, it would be an extremely boring life. You would not have to make any choices.

Whether you like it or not, your destiny is not pre-set and pre-determined. You have to make choices and decisions every day.

Sometimes we are faced with an overwhelming uncertainty and those choices are terribly hard. For example: “Should I divorce my husband, or should I give him another chance? Should I risk my lifetime savings on a business venture? How should I choose between two boys, who are both in love with me? Am I living a life that is right for me, or should I change everything?”

Alexander the Great visited the Oracle to ask a question: “Will I conquer the entire world?” You see, even the strongest and the most powerful men in the world are intimidated by the uncertainty and have their doubts.

Card reading gives you a possibility to focus your spirit and give you direction in your choices. 

It helps you to imagine you future.

It helps you to decide on your future.

And, if you really put your Spirit to the test, – it makes your future happen.

You must realize that it isn’t the cards that decide your future. It is YOU, who by the force of your SPIRIT make the cards give you an answer. 

The first choice you have to make is to decide, whether to get a reading, or just leave the cards on the table.

The cards are silent with their back side up. But make no mistake, once you turn them, you turn the atoms and the stars in the universe, and the forces of destiny swing into motion. If you are not focused, you might get a meaningless or even a damaging answer. 

Ask yourself: “Am I in a right spirit today? Can I focus? 

Be wise with your enquiries. Don’t ask if you are not ready. Just leave the cards on the table and come another day, when you are spiritually strong and determined.

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