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Three Free Fortunes Card Reading

Love? Money? Success in career? What’s in your cards today?

Three cards – three insights into your fortune are waiting for you below. 

How to read the cards? Follow these steps:

  • Turn each of the three cards below in order to see what’s in your cards today.
  • Click the opened cards one more time to get a detailed interpretation of their meaning.
  • If you’d like to get another reading – just shuffle the cards and try again. 

Take a minute to close your eyes and calm down. Focus your spirit. Be firm – don’t complain, don’t ask, don’t beg – COMMAND the cards by the unwavering force of your spirit to give you an OMEN and an ANSWER.

Then click on the cards to turn them. Don’t rush like a silly child to turn every card immediately. Proceed slowly, showing respect for yourself and for your power to control your destiny.

Fortune telling cards are like dogs. They can smell weakness and fear a mile away. Make sure that you impose your will on them, or else they will impose their will on you.

You have to remember that cards with their back side up are silent – they don’t mean and don’t say anything. But if you turn them – their effect can’t be undone. So, if your intuition says it is not a good day for you – don’t draw them. Just leave them be and come another day.

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Queen of clubs card reading


The Queen of Clubs is a very favourable card according to the cards of her entourage; but it is not a good omen having at her side some cards that we will indicate.
The Queen of Clubs represents a brown (brunette), married, well-behaved, very spiritual woman who loves to be of service.
Taken alone by a young girl or a widow, she announces: Rivalry, jealousy.
By a single person or a widower, she represents the woman he will marry or form a long lasting relationship.
For any other person she is a powerful protector and ensures tranquility and happiness.

The Lady of Clubs having on the right a
Spade ♠: A brunette woman loves you and yet is jealous of you.
Heart ♥: Love. – Sincere friendship.
Diamond ♦: Is on the way to bring you money.
Club ♣: New acquaintance of a kind and rich person.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Your rival is trying to break up your marriage or relationship. – Temporary sorrows comforted by a brunette woman, your protector.
Heart ♥: Love. Care and protection.
Diamond ♦: A jealous brunette will try to disturb your peace of mind.
Club ♣: Profit.

Near the Queen of Spades: Friendship with a divorced person or a widow.
Between two ladies: Women’s gossip.
With a black king: Great agreement in the household.

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7 of clubs card reading


The Seven of clubs, isolated, means: Small profit. – Pleasure.
Pulled from a deck of cards by a young man, this card announces that he will marry or get into a relationship with a generous brunette girl. Generous doesn’t only mean money – she might be generous in feelings, love and bed pleasures.
For a young girl, unmarried or a divorced woman, it means: Not very dangerous rivalry;
For a professional stuck in a lousy job: Upcoming progress;
For a divorced man: Weakness in love;
For any other person: Gain, profit, pleasure.

This Seven having on the right a
Spade ♠: Rivalry. – Winning at court.
Heart ♥: 1° To a young girl: You are loved by a handsome young man;
2° To a young man: You are loved by a pretty young brunette;
3° To any other person: You are loved by your friends.
Diamond ♦: A rich and generous young woman will care about you; she will save you from embarrassment.
Club ♣: Money success. – Filthy rich couple in the long run.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Absolute lack of everything you want; but it won’t last long.
Heart ♥: A marriage of love that is not very fortunate money wise, but very happy. – Pleasures in the city.
Diamond ♦: Pleasant holiday trip. – Small profit.
Club ♣: A small amount of money that is lost and will come back to you.

Between two cards of the same value: Gift.
Between two Red Sevens: Pregnancy. Birth of a healthy child. – Abundance.
Between two Black Sevens: Calculated and cruel jealousy of women. Be careful, because they will try to destroy either your career or your family or both.

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Ace of spades card reading


The Ace of Spades, as well as the Ace of Clubs, is one of the most favourable cards. It means above all: Stocks, financial papers. It also announces forbidden pleasure, success with the girl or woman loved; passionate and sexually voracious love, marriage, happy future.
When reversed, this card means all the matters related to love. However, depending on its surroundings, Ace of spades becomes a rather dark omen: luck will not last, sadness will follow joy, the beloved woman will leave you behind, the man will deceive his mistress or his wife, passionate sex will turn into abuse; discord will reign in the household.
Despite these poor prognoses, this card is so good that everything it announces as bad will only be temporary, and the pain will turn into joy through other unforeseen circumstances, which will change the face of things.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: good business papers – dividends, stock appreciation, bonus payments at work.
Heart ♥: Success in love, which isn’t ordinary. You might find love with someone who is not your age, not your social circle and not your race. – Sincere friendship between unlikely friends.
Diamond ♦: Very advantageous travel.
Club ♣: Pleasures. – Friendship. – Great profit.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Business paper. – Court trial or business battle won.
Heart ♥: Certain success in love. – Honours, profits.
Diamond ♦: Violent passion. – Certain success in all things.
Club ♣: Abundance in the household.

The Ace of Spades reversed, having on the right a
Spade ♠: Sadness, followed by unexpected joy.
Heart ♥: Proposition of love. – Lots of love words that are not very original, but very deeply felt.
Diamond ♦: Bad news.
Club ♣: Small loss.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Trial lost; you will win it on appeal.
Heart ♥: Deep pain that another love will make you forget.
Diamond ♦: Deception. – Guilty passion. – Discord.
Club ♣: Money that is difficult to recover but not lost.

If the Ace of Spades is between two Aces, it is a complete certainty of success for everything you want;
If the card is reversed, it has the same meaning, but with a rather long delay.

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