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Three Free Fortunes Card Reading

Love? Money? Success in career? What’s in your cards today?

Three cards – three insights into your fortune are waiting for you below. 

How to read the cards? Follow these steps:

  • Turn each of the three cards below in order to see what’s in your cards today.
  • Click the opened cards one more time to get a detailed interpretation of their meaning.
  • If you’d like to get another reading – just shuffle the cards and try again. 

Take a minute to close your eyes and calm down. Focus your spirit. Be firm – don’t complain, don’t ask, don’t beg – COMMAND the cards by the unwavering force of your spirit to give you an OMEN and an ANSWER.

Then click on the cards to turn them. Don’t rush like a silly child to turn every card immediately. Proceed slowly, showing respect for yourself and for your power to control your destiny.

Fortune telling cards are like dogs. They can smell weakness and fear a mile away. Make sure that you impose your will on them, or else they will impose their will on you.

You have to remember that cards with their back side up are silent – they don’t mean and don’t say anything. But if you turn them – their effect can’t be undone. So, if your intuition says it is not a good day for you – don’t draw them. Just leave them be and come another day.

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7 of clubs card reading


The Seven of clubs, isolated, means: Small profit. – Pleasure.
Pulled from a deck of cards by a young man, this card announces that he will marry or get into a relationship with a generous brunette girl. Generous doesn’t only mean money – she might be generous in feelings, love and bed pleasures.
For a young girl, unmarried or a divorced woman, it means: Not very dangerous rivalry;
For a professional stuck in a lousy job: Upcoming progress;
For a divorced man: Weakness in love;
For any other person: Gain, profit, pleasure.

This Seven having on the right a
Spade ♠: Rivalry. – Winning at court.
Heart ♥: 1° To a young girl: You are loved by a handsome young man;
2° To a young man: You are loved by a pretty young brunette;
3° To any other person: You are loved by your friends.
Diamond ♦: A rich and generous young woman will care about you; she will save you from embarrassment.
Club ♣: Money success. – Filthy rich couple in the long run.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Absolute lack of everything you want; but it won’t last long.
Heart ♥: A marriage of love that is not very fortunate money wise, but very happy. – Pleasures in the city.
Diamond ♦: Pleasant holiday trip. – Small profit.
Club ♣: A small amount of money that is lost and will come back to you.

Between two cards of the same value: Gift.
Between two Red Sevens: Pregnancy. Birth of a healthy child. – Abundance.
Between two Black Sevens: Calculated and cruel jealousy of women. Be careful, because they will try to destroy either your career or your family or both.

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Jack of clubs card reading


Happy boyfriend, Sincere lover, Slightly dangerous flatterer, Friendly, enterprising, skillful, brave young man; that is the meaning of this card taken in isolation.
This Jack or, better to say – Valet – has many particular meanings that are more or less favourable.
Isolated, pulled from a deck by a young girl or woman, he represents her fiancé, a dark, honest and good young man; but if he is between two spades, his family and friends will oppose the marriage. It will take place anyway, despite all the resistance.
For a young man, he represents his more successful and wealthier rival; but between two heart cards, this rival will be ousted.
For a divorced person or a widower, it’s the announcement of his/her next marriage.
Finally, by any other person, this card ensures complete success in everything they would do.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: You will meet a young man who has just become rich or famous. This is your chance. Don’t waste it.
Heart ♥: An OK, but not great boyfriend or girlfriend. You can do better in love. However, if he or she is generous in bed and thinks of you, this omen might be misleading. Count all the heart cards that you draw. If you get many – maybe the other cards are trying to tell you something better about your Jack of clubs.
Diamond ♦: Wrong idea. Whatever you are stubbornly convinced and arguing about – take a second look.
Club ♣: Difficulties. – Delay of a marriage due to insufficient wealth or uncertain career.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: New acquaintance of a pretty brown (brunet) boy, but very silly, although believing himself to be spiritual. Call spade a spade, and call stupid a stupid.
Heart ♥: Discreet love. – Beneficial friend.
Diamond ♦: Visit of a “bon vivant” friend, who will bring you joy and happiness.
Club ♣: Complete success in any business decision that you are agonising about.

Between two Spades: Delayed marriage which will only take place after meeting and gaining the favour of the parents.
Between two Hearts: Rivalry that will not be fatal, but very very damaging. If you know who your rival is – strike first.

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10 of diamonds card reading


Travel, change, certain displacement. This card has always been considered as announcing to the consultant a rather happy omen.
It tells him that something will happen in his life that will force him to move away for a longer or shorter period of time.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: A trip that will not be free of annoyance.
Heart ♥: A small matter of heart.
Diamond ♦: Bad travel in all respects.
Club ♣: Travel on business of interest.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: A change will occur that is no better than your current position.
Heart ♥: A friend’s journey.
Diamond ♦: Visit before the end of the week. – Leaving the town.
Club ♣: Certain inheritance.

Between two club figures: Happy change in position.
Near the Nine of Hearts: Visit of people from the countryside or another town. (The other card touching ten of diamonds becomes null and void.)
Near the Nine of Spades: Travel to attend a funeral.

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