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The 5-card Tarot spread is based on the American (Rider-Waite) Tarot. The cards are from the original deck published in 1910 – no more, nor less – 110 years old.

Oh, so many hands have shuffled those cards! Oh, so many souls have searched for meaning in their layouts! You are not alone looking for love in their arcane universe. 

Step I. Turn the cards in order to see your love omens for today.  

Step II. You will notice a small message card attached to every tarot card. These messages are called “specific arcanum”. They will help you interpret the meanings of the base tarot cards.

Step III. Click the cards for the second time to get a classic American (Rider-Waite) Tarot explanation of their meanings. 

Step IV. Finally – concentrate for a minute. Look at the cards, then look into your soul, look into the depths of your thoughts and mental connections.  That’s where the real magic of the tarot reading hides. And that’s where you will find the best insights

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The Five Of Pentacles desolately struggles in its deterioration.

Changing tides are occurring. The wind isn’t as friendly as it once was as it whips you up into a storm of isolation. What has caused this? You feel as though you’ve been abandoned and you don’t know the way back to warmth and security. This cold is beginning to make you feel unwell or at the very least, uneasy. Stress can affect us in ways we never knew possible.

Loss leaves us hollow. What we once had, no longer resonates in our souls. So the gap becomes draughty and unwanted. It is easy to feel down, even depressed at this change. We become distant, mourning the us we used to be afore this hardship began. In love, this can feel like the end of the road for many souls, but there is always hope.

I don’t want to assume you don’t really get on with work colleagues but I sense some kind of hardship there. Can this be changed? Work is a place we spend an awful amount of time doing, so it is important to be content with your skill and company. I never truly believe we are meant to experience sadness for long, just enough to learn a lesson. Your lesson here is evident; from loss comes recovery.

’Cold and weary am I, with nowhere to rest my aching bones’ – Five Of Pentacles

This picture indicates negative water tarot karma - minus 2


The Moon is the awakening of uncertainty and illusions.

In the darkness you stand, filled with hope and anticipation. Your path is clear but do you walk with courage, or do you allow the darkness to play tricks on you? Anxieties can cloud the mind and if you misinterpret your fears, they gain the control you so wish to hold for yourself.

The beauty with The Moon is that she serenades you along your way. She lights up your darkest moments and fills them with hope. This is where your intuition needs to come to life, to disregard confusion and doubt. It is possible for you to walk through complicated moments with ease, if you just took a moment to believe in yourself instead of feeding fright.

You may notice an air of complications arising in love. You may misunderstand emotions or gestures and likely similar encounters may occur at work. Whilst money is not the be all and end all, you may want to hold it dear to you instead of being frivolous.

’I am your torch when darkness calls, for not everything is uncertain’ – The Moon

This picture indicates negative water tarot karma - minus 2



The Queen Of Wands is a fertile woman of passion.

You are deep in confidence, with the world at your feet but with your confidence comes another side, doesn’t it? This isn’t to say it is dark, but more intuitive. You give light but you also hold an inner flame exclusively for yourself. Both admirable and sensible, for we must take care of ourselves.

When you are this focused, nothing can rile you into chaos. You are happy to stand alone in a crowd, as long as what you stand for you firmly believe in. You do have a certain individualistic way about you of late, and that is something you would do well to hold onto. If you were at work with that positive attitude, you would be leading the way and throwing passion in your projects.

As a lover you do not shy away from independence. You like to balance between ensuring you earn your crust and being a cheerful and confident soul. You are as open as the ocean when it comes to feelings, ensuring great communication. Your aim is to withstand this love, so any other way of intertwining is a huge no.

’I offer you light and a determined heart’ – Queen Of Wands

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 4


The Wheel Of Fortune spins for you, and your destiny awaits.

Do you ever feel something will never end? The Wheel Of Fortune spins ferociously as you watch, awaiting where it will stop. You imagine a life of ease but the Wheel reminds you that with good comes bad. It soothes this reminder with the notion that everything is temporary, and that your heart recovers well in troubled times.

Forces are at work in your life, dear soul. You notice how summer turns to autumn, and winter turns to spring. Just as they change, we are ready for a new start. Rather than embrace what we are losing, walk tall into a new day. You do this well in love, either together or apart.

The cycle of life is upon you, so embrace each new dawn with fortitude. Luck is on your side, even when you feel a heavy burden on your back. Your life is evolving and the changes are tangible. I believe that if you treat your life right now as a flowing river, you will learn to ride the current and travel freely.

’I ebb and flow just like the tides with the mystical moon’ – The Wheel Of Fortune

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 1



The Knight Of Cups offers you a charmingly welcome message.

You are reaching to your inner emotions and using them exteriorly. This attracts people from all corners and flourishes your own well being. Your intuition is at an all time high because you are finally in touch with it. This is new for you, but very ideal as you listen to your heart and allow it to guide you. Sometimes this may lead you astray!

If there are any issues revolving around your aura at this time, you manage them with grace and a tactile mind. You seek solutions where problems lie and this can be in any aspect of your life. I would like you to pay attention to the finances that affect you, ensuring you avoid making any large decisions will avoid any disappointment.

You love love, or at the very least the idea of being in love. You may love the wonder of two souls colliding and this can create unrealistic expectation but these do not phase you in your flirtations. In work, you use the Knight for acts of diplomacy, negotiating contracts or offers that suit both you and your team.

’I am your your balance of romance and tact’ – Knight Of Cups

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 1


The Hanged Man suspends his thoughts and actions, uncertain of his next move.

Although you hang in the moment between stagnation and action, you are making the most of this time by using your thoughts to gain traction once more. You may sometimes feel as though nothing is developing as you await your next step patiently, but there is action bubbling under the surface.

Your heart knows that important aspects of life cannot be rushed. Love sometimes takes time, and you cope fairly with biding your time and waiting for the right moment. You may feel uncertain about your current job and want to think about your next steps. We are all allowed a change of heart and in the planning, we prepare for success.

Right now, as you sacrifice your time, you are seeing the world and your options from a different angle. It is like stepping out of the picture to admire the scenery. There is no urgency in your mind, and this natural pause will offer clarity and contemplation.

’I shift my perspective, and in pausing, I plan my next move’ – The Hanged Man

This picture indicates negative water tarot karma - minus 1

This is it for today, traveler.

Come back tomorrow.

May the Gods of arcane grant you all your wishes.

May the Love divine be your daily companion.

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