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Water is a very feminine element, related to fertility, birth and renewal. It quenches thirst, it extinguishes fires, it brings blossoming to the barren land.

Below you will find the Water Tarot reading, which helps you to find alignment and gain favors from the generous flow of this primal element. Tarot originates from the ancient Egypt, where “water” was a synonym to “good”. The best season of the year was called “high water”, brought by the flood of the Nile river. 

By reading Water Tarot you gain Water Karma. The better score you get, the better your sync with the water element on this given day. 

water karma terrible

-20 and worse

                      What could you possibly say from this cataclysmic tidal wave of destruction despair? The plague of life surrounds you, and you have every right to be worried because very bad things are close on your horizon, if they aren’t already rotting into your present life. There is nothing you can do to stop this – it is too late.

                      You cannot continue this way because eventually something, or someone will die. I don’t think you care about or even deserve happiness, because this dire and dismal state of life you are sitting in the middle of, is only here to to your karmic actions. The only thing I am hopeful of is that you should be ashamed of yourself, because you certainly should be.

                      What to do next? Your task is clear – give up. Forever if you can, but mostly right now and for the foreseeable future. Your life as you know it, has come to its worst point. A beacon of light? A current of hope? Both are strongly absent. And you deserve every bit of it.

-19 to -15

                      Oh perilous times – when will they end? When do you think they will end? All the while you are acting brutally to yourself and others, you cause nothing but harm and distortion to whoever you meet and wherever you walk. You may not be at rock bottom, but my dear you are a step away.

                      The worry that comes with tiptoeing areas like this is that you aren’t even aware of how dark the path is that you are walking. Your conscience is muddy, your mind is ineffective in thinking or acting kindly and trouble surrounds you like a dozen armed guards. Must you continue this way, or will you surrender to the tiny fragment of light that still shines? I personally don’t see a good outcome, and I don’t think you do either.

What to do next? Your task is clear – hide. Your soul is being hunted, and you don’t have the tools to stop yourself from being captured. I say to those in these situations that you got yourself to this place by making terrible life choices. Hope? Barely any.

-14 to -12

                      Dear soul, you are not in a good place at all. I fear this may be further a downfall as your negative outlook, actions and thoughts lead you to spiral evermore down the rabbit hole of failure. Are you always this hell-bent on destroying everything? Bad karma is resulting in bad prospects and incredibly hopeless future endeavours.

                      I cannot see a good time ahead for you at all. I see you sailing into stormy seas, with nothing but a small boat and a half inflated life jacket. Do you know what you are getting yourself into and has the pain already inflicted in your heart not enough to warn you? You re making poor choices, and soon enough you will be accountable for them.

What to do next? Your task is clear – you’ve time to steer your ship into a new direction. Not much time I’d like to add, but just enough. Let this be your official warning notice that things need to change and if you act fast, you may get lucky. With this change of direction must come a change in attitude.

-11 to -9

                      Physically and mentally exhausted are you.  I get the strong feeling that karma sent you here a long time ago and you’ve refused to move. Perhaps this is due to your inactivity or lack of care, but you have festered here for a long time and I don’t see much room for improvement all the while you continue with this wrong pace of life.

                      It’s time you realised that every action has a consequence, and for you right now, whatever you seem to do, doesn’t work out for the greater good. You’ve so much potential but of course, it goes totally wasted due to your bad qualities eating away at your desires and relations. This is not how you wanted your life to be.

What to do next? Your task is clear – shape up. It doesn’t matter what you do first to improve your life, just do something. Rest assured that if you remain here, you will not forge new friendships, there is little hope for success in life or love and you will destroy anything that may by chance still be standing.

-8 to -7

                      Feeling poorly is the excuse you’ve made for too long now. You aren’t going anywhere, you body and soul are in a poor state due to your stubborn inaction. How do you suppose life will improve if you do absolutely nothing to help it along the way? It won’t. You and I both know that.

                      As stagnation goes, you are top of the list. What or whom is your alibi? You don’t have the time? You don’t have the money? You don’t have the friends? Make time, make money and make friends. Your reasons for failing and pressing self destruct are not worth anybody else’s energy and you alone must realise that the mistakes you’ve made are impossible to change. So focus on your future if you value it enough.

What to do next? Your task is clear – stop using those around you as reasons for you failing. You should be sorry that you use innocent souls to stop you from applying a little efficiency in your life. It is out of their control, but it is fully in yours. The sad part is, you refuse to see it, and this is what needs to stop. Today.

-6 to -5

                      Do you see any light? I want to hope that you do, but I fear otherwise. It isn’t a nice place to be, with distorted darkness around you. Things can feel far away when they are actually close, and vice versa. What got you here? Do you know your way out? You must be hoping for better days, as I am hoping for them for you too.

                      As crimes go, you have committed the offence of festering in your own murky waters. It is damp and you feel alone. How and why? Were you somewhere desirable before, or as you walk from despair, are you seeing this as your stop gap? Whatever your answer, staying here will only lead to poor health., so you must find a way out.

What to do next? Your task is clear – stand up, and walk. Eventually, you will walk your way out of the pits of gloom. You may not walk immediately into brighter skies, but my hope for you is that any light will inspire you to keep moving.

-4 to -3

                      You just simply cannot get there. Life by no means, is terrible. So what stops you from wanting more? What is in your way that prevents you from walking forward? It doesn’t have to be this way and of course yes, things could be much worse. You’ve either come from those terrible places and see your current position as a better destination or you are losing momentum in your journey and have resided in a place still not completely habitable for success.

                      In trying to sow seeds here, you are failing yourself, your time and the seeds. Without the right temperature, they will merely sit and rot in the acidic soil. Instead, you need to form better karmic decisions and move forward to warmer climates if you with for your garden to rise and flourish alongside your life.

What to do next? Your task is clear – pack your bags and walk away from this place of solitude and frost. You are not suited to this location but for now, this is all you sadly deserve. Magical things can happen when you try.

-2 to 2

                      Destined to be average – you are neither here nor there. As troublesome times come and go, happiness is rarely sought after and gained and when it is, it is fleeting. Your life is bobbing along like a buoy in the sea. It is safe, keeping you within the uninspiring frame of your safety zone but you haven’t yet dared beyond. The point to make here is that you can, if you wanted to.

                      With everything accumulating ordinarily, you care not about what life has to offer, although sometimes it is evident that you do get lucky. Is this what makes you truly content? What do you have to give, and are you giving it your all? I fear not, and so do you, yet you remain rigid on the scales, tipping them neither towards failure and a lesson learned, or true happiness.

What to do next? Your task is clear – make some important decisions. Without goals, we are nothing. Without outcomes, we merely surmise. Without interchangeable days and nights, your life will roll into one meaningless blob of inactivity. Challenge yourself.

3 to 4

                      A promising place to be as you enter a world away from negatives. This does not mean they still don’t plague your life from time to time and interrupt your thoughts or goals. What makes goals achievable are positive states of mind and I believe you have found the right place to really start getting those into order and seeing them become a reality.

                      If you have wondered here from harder times, may you appreciate what it means to be able to explore the lighter side of life, and may it lead to extraordinary times. Be mindful that those times are not of yet and you still have some work to to in order to gain full repose. Never settle for anything less than brilliant and if that takes time, then so be it. You luckily have plenty of that.

What to do next? Your task is clear – karma has help you here and you should be thankful for that. To ensure you keep walking to the direction of a brighter light, make use of your conscience, and keep it clean. Help others, help yourself and do as you wish to be done.

5 to 6

                      You must be getting the sensation that everything is working out strongly in your favour. It is without doubt – your energy is gaining tract and you are headed towards a place of desire. As everything begins to form well for you, your future awaits a certain few more steps to take in order to reach the top of the mountain, but you mustn’t counteract that task with your progress.

                      For Karma to trickle into your life the way you desire, your requirement is simple – keep doing what you are doing. You will find that things only have the potential to get better and better with every decision you make and hold dear to your heart. Are you able to invest more trust in yourself and your actions? As you gain further momentum, you will realise what a wise choice this was.

What to do next? Your task is clear – your view of the summit is close, do not accept your current view as your best life. Tread the track, forge your own path to greatness. Your destiny awaits, and you don’t have far to go.

7 to 8

                      From one good thing to another you merrily bounce. Buoyant and fair are you, with your loyalties to others seeping out of your soul like a lost memory, grateful to be found. It all seems to be coming coming together nicely, and in this unity you find your strength. Subtle it is for now, you are building solid foundations for greater things t come. You’ve the patience and intelligence to know that good things come to those who wait and your virtue will be rewarded.

                      With each new step brings larger opportunity – a force only you can create. You are raising your vibrations and they are reaching out to all you hold dear. Life is more than merry, and as you notice those around you responding well to your ideas and creativity, you see this karma as something you control, with possibilities becoming endless.

What to do next? Your task is clear – don’t stop. Whatever you are doing, it is working. You are discovering places new to root and settle your traits, so that they reach out to others and provide a lifeline for opportunity. You are getting stronger in stature and courage.

9 to 11

                      You once viewed this life as a rose tinted garden, something you couldn’t possibly manifest and most certainly not without a dream and crossed fingers. Now here you stand, with merry stance and the rest to play for. You are not outwitted by negativity, as it flows through your mind like a racing river and out into the ocean of air that surrounds you.

                      Whatever your need, it is being fulfilled by your own admission and as your power increases, so does your vibration. Should you choose to share it with others, your sunny skies will develop into sunnier horizons that you can fully enjoy. Delve deeper into these magical possibilities as they increase every ounce of success due to you.

What to do next? Your task is clear – you are gathering berries to make the best fruit pie for you and all those who share your life. Your aim is to make it sweet, make it big, and save some for the rest of your journey.

12 to 14

                      Life really is all it is cracked up to be. Your garden is filled with colour, scent and life and you are tending to it well. Not astoundingly, but well. When gardens bloom, the birds come and visit, the insects make themselves at home and us human souls sit proudly amongst it, with cascading water features grounding us peacefully. You have the garden, but you are missing the balance.

                      To enable all elements to share your space, your life must be inviting enough to entice them, and promising enough to sustain them for a prolonged period of time. You’ve potential, dear soul, and it is big. One thing lacking is your knowledge of how it must all come together to form perfection. This is a learned process, through habits of positivity.

What to do next? Your task is clear – a positive life does not come from distinctly average actions. You are trying hard, but there is a next level, and it is called, ‘Must Try Harder.’ I foresee you breaking barriers and living your best life. You won’t get there on a wish and whim.

15 to 19

                      Oceanic views and beautiful skies – you have found yourself in he very enviable position of utter perfection! There you are, surrounded by good karma and calm seas and all that awaits is the cherry on the cake – ultimate fortitude! By natural virtue, you have come far and wide to cease control of your waters and quarters and nobody is standing in your way – they wouldn’t dare!

                      Your mission in life is to surround yourself and your quests with this magnificent karma. Your journey here was not on a wish and a leap, but of time after time of good and correct decisions. I am so proud that you have become this beacon of light that radiates goodness to all around you. 

What to do next? Your task is clear – always strive for ultimate glory. Perfection turns others green with envy but you care not. If there is one more honourable step of the ladder of success to climb, be it yours and climb it well you should.

20 and over

                      Oh, celestial deity! The heavens are enriched with your power, beauty and fortune. As the rivers flow freely into the oceans, your blood runs through your veins, giving you the incredible sense of immortality and the overwhelming strength to overcome miniscule disillusion. The world and everything in it is yours for the taking, dear soul. You’ve reached the higher atmosphere of living fully!

                      Oh, wondrous karma, the overflowing order of all that is good – you have excelled in life. Your worlds are colliding to create a supernova sized chain of events that catapult you into realms unimaginable for the average soul. Jealous hearts will fall at your feet as they have not the strength to stand in awe. Awash with envy, you smile and glide into heavenly versions of yourself from now until forever.

What to do next? Your task is clear – cherish your life, acknowledge all that got  you here and keep doing whatever it is you are doing. You are a force of nature, a timeless piece of renaissance art that nobody and nothing can remove from this wondrous time in your chronology of life.

water karma excellent and growing

Don’t forget to shuffle the cards for each deck! The first one is for your past, the second concerns your present, while the third – your future. Now, let the aqua flow!



The Ten Of Swords hits rock bottom exhaustively.

There you are. You’re feeling desolate. You have reached a dead end and you lay in a ruined heap. I cannot offer you any quick fix solution to this, because we all have to hit rock bottom at some point. What I can say is that the one positive about rock bottom means you can only go up from here. This may only make you feel slightly better though, for now at least.

It feels ominous, I know. It seems as if ’this is just your life from now on’ but what I love about this card is the sun rising in the distance. Do you see it? Can see you sense brightness in your own horizon? If you don’t, you will and if you do, focus on that one spark of light in an otherwise desolate time.

You may see two souls parting ways. If this causes you sadness, know that it will eventually ebb to make way for new beginnings. If you have recently lost your job or failed an exam, have faith in the knowledge that there are other jobs and other ways to feel success. Sometimes, it has to rain in order to see a rainbow. I believe in you.

’I lay in failure. For now.’ Ten Of Swords

This picture indicates negative water tarot karma - minus 3


The Six Of Cups takes you home to reminisce and heal in familiar surroundings.

Do you recall a more innocent time in your life, where you felt at ease and safe in the comfort of your surroundings? You may have to revisit a time further back than last week as you recall the security it brought you. This is where you are heading once more, as you likely recover from a period of sadness you now need to step away from in order to grow.

People will always love you, no matter what goes on in your life to let you down or offer disappointment. When we tend to our roots, we bloom again. What you are doing is watering them and allowing the sun to shine down on you once more, which in turn will allow you to spread your branches and grow.

This means hopeful news in love as the possibility of a reunion is on the cards and truly learning from your past mistakes. You may be offered help from older family members so ensure you take their advice and love on board. Your heart needs is at this time.

’I serve as your reminder that unconditional love exists in your world’ – Six Of Cups

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 1



The Page Of Cups skips joyfully into beginnings new.

You’ve a head full of bright ideas, haven’t you? I ought to congratulate you in your persistent drive to create ambition for yourself. You have a fresh faced glow that no doubt comes from inspirational new and potentially creative ideas. My Page is sending you a message to ’go for it!’

If you have been faced with an issue of late that has been unsuccessful in its outcome, it is being suggested to you to look at it from an alternative angle. That’s not to say don’t pursue, because I know full well you want to, but try coming at it differently. What tends to happen then, is a flood of exciting ideas.

You are feeling very expressive, and that can shine in both relationships and the work place. If you have been inclined to day dream of late, creating new concepts in how you show your affection or how you get that project done, you are opening your mind to a very thrilling dawn. I do need to remind you to be careful with your money. What you earn, you should take care of.

’I am a child of innocence who inspires a new dawn’ – Page Of Cups

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 2


The Ace Of Wands is a spark of creative light.

When life becomes stale, we sometimes need that hand reaching over to us with a new opportunity. Think of it as a gauntlet of success or a beacon of opportunity being passed to you in this fiery time. A hugely creative time awaits you and wants you only to be the creator of something new and exciting.

With this wand of fire comes much energy, energy you presently need and are very welcome to and that is because you may have recently been blocked or delayed in ideas now forming their fruition. This Ace is the first step to a new chapter, one that ignites a fire in your belly. It feels good, doesn’t it?

This fiery flame extends into your love life and can lead you to desirable flirtations. You are a passionate worker and find excitement in recent projects. You are inspired to work hard and make money. You are moving mountains!

’I am handing you an inspiring, energetic force’ Ace Of Wands

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 1



The Two Of Cups is the card of powerful joining forces.

When two souls collide in this way, stronger forces than usual are at play. You have somebody you hold dear whom you are offering your cup of life to, in exchange for theirs. Both cups are equal as your energies compliment each other. There is balance and respect; a profound attraction indeed.

Partnerships like this are rare and although this can symbolise love, life or work, you are still going to reap the same strong connection. This bodes well for you, dear soul, as you enter a promising period of togetherness. This is a great time to start anew and in any aspect of your life as your emotions blend and unify.

The Two Of Cups has a message for you. Whatever you are manifesting, becomes unstoppable when shared with another. As a union, you adjoin your cups for a stronger sense of passion and worthiness. You have desired this connection for some time, so hold it dear.

’I intertwine two souls in emotion and energy’ – Two Of Cups

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 3


The World celebrates your complete oneness.

You have reached this magical moment where your mind and body are recognised as one whole self. The world as a whole lives inside you, and as sacred meaning of cycle, you have reached completion. This joyous feeling absorbs deep into your being as you exude the energy you feel within.

Your understanding of Earth’s gravitas on your heart and how connected we all are as one allows for a shift in perception when it comes to love. You give freely through this gratitude and fulfil goals at work with ease.

Challenges are mere minor bumps in the road as you take charge, holding your new found knowledge dear. Confident at last, you are proud of your accomplishments and the thoughts you carry, for they are the foundation of your future. You celebrate these divine achievements with all you know!

’I am your celebration and invitation to the rest of your life’ – The World

This picture indicates positive water tarot karma - plus 5

This is it for today, traveler.

Come back tomorrow.

May the Life flow through your veins like the mighty Nile on the month of the flood. May you give birth to offsprings, numerous and healthy. May your tears be always tears of joy and never tears of sorrows. 

water ornament 03
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