Tarot Love Reading - 5 Insights into Your Present Love State of Affairs

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How To Read Love Tarot

Always remember the Number One and the Most Important Rule of all: in Love and in War there are no rules

You will find 5 Tarot cards below. Turn them and see what you get. 

Then, take a deep breath and let your heart and intuition decide. It is that simple.

The 5-card Tarot spread is based on the American (Rider-Waite) Tarot. The cards are from the original deck published in 1910 – no more, nor less – 110 years old.

Oh, so many hands have shuffled those cards! Oh, so many souls have searched for meaning in their layouts! You are not alone looking for love in their arcane universe. 

Step I. Turn the cards in order to see your love omens for today.  

Step II. You will notice a small message card attached to every tarot card. These messages are called “specific arcanum”. They will help you interpret the meanings of the base tarot cards.

Step III. Click the cards for the second time to get a classic American (Rider-Waite) Tarot explanation of their meanings. 

Step IV. Finally – concentrate for a minute. Look at the cards, then look into your soul, look into the depths of your thoughts and mental connections.  That’s where the real magic of the tarot reading hides. And that’s where you will find the best insights

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Classic meanings: Good, fair woman, honest, devoted woman, who will do service to the Querent, loving intelligence, and hence the gift of vision, success, happiness, pleasure, also wisdom, virtue, a perfect spouse and a good mother.

In addition, it means for love: Time for you will be measured by moments when you spoke, and moments when you longed to speak again.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: Beautiful, fair, dreamy—as one who sees visions in a cup. This is, however, only one of her aspects, she sees, but she also acts, and her activity feeds her dream.


Classic meanings: Destiny, fortune, success, elevation, luck, felicity.

In relation to love and feelings, this card has additional arcanum: Fortune favors the bold. One doesn’t win glory by hiding behind the lines.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: In this symbol I have again followed the reconstruction of Eliphas Lévi, who has furnished several variants. It is legitimate—as I have intimated—to use Egyptian symbolism when this serves our purpose, provided that no theory of origin is implied therein. I have, however, presented Typhon in his serpent form. The symbolism is, of course, not exclusively Egyptian, as the four Living Creatures of Ezekiel occupy the angles of the card, and the wheel itself follows other indications of Lévi in respect of Ezekiel’s vision, as illustrative of the particular Tarot Key. With the French occultist, and in the design itself, the symbolic picture stands for the perpetual motion of a fluidic universe and for the flux of human life. The Sphinx is the equilibrium therein. The transliteration of Taro as Rota is inscribed on the wheel, counterchanged with the letters of the Divine Name—to show that Providence is implied through all. But this is the Divine intention within, and the similar intention without is exemplified by the four Living Creatures. Sometimes the sphinx is represented couchant on a pedestal above, which defrauds the symbolism by stultifying the essential idea of stability amidst movement.

Behind the general notion expressed in the symbol there lies the denial of chance and the fatality which is implied therein. It may be added that, from the days of Lévi onward, the occult explanations of this card are—even for occultism itself—of a singularly fatuous kind. It has been said to mean principle, fecundity, virile honor, ruling authority, etc. The findings of common fortune-telling are better than this on their own plane.


Classic meanings: Valor, intelligence, business, mathematical gifts, and success in these paths.

The signifficance for love is explained by specific arcanum: If you do a good job of nurturing your relationship, you will always have a dependable quiet love ride.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: The face of this figure is dark, suggesting courage, and the bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved with the pentigram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In old Tarot packs this suit represented money. The consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of change, as the cards do not deal especially with questions of money.


Classic meanings: Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, certitude, discernment.

Concerning love, this card is clarified by: If an eligible young women isn’t paying attention to a man, then that man will feel compelled to hunt her.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: A woman, with a bird upon her wrist, stands amidst a great abundance of grape-vines in the garden of a manorial house. It is a wide domain, suggesting plenty in all things. Possibly it is her own possession and testifies to material well-being.


Classic meanings: Whatsoever arises out of the idea of judgment and all its connections—power, command, authority, militant intelligence, law, offices of the crown, and so forth.

In relation to love and feelings, this card has additional arcanum: Late twenties, single, female. Do the math.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: He sits in judgment, holding the unsheathed sign of his suit. He recalls, of course, the conventional Symbol of Justice in the Trumps Major, and he may represent this virtue, but he is rather the power of life and death, in virtue of his office.

This is it for today, traveler.

May the Gods of arcane grant you all your wishes.

May the Love divine be your daily companion.

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