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“So, you’d like to get a card reading?”, said the fortune teller.

“Beware – cartomancy is powerful. You should be careful what you wish for.”

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Today’s card reading is the Three Free Fortunes. It is based on the traditional French cartomancy. It is good for people who would like to get a quick, but serious reading of the day. 
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A day without love is a year of emptiness… Check out your current standing with a Free Tarot Love Reading. It is good for people who appreciate the classic Rider Tarot presented in an accessible way. 

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If you are looking for more personal and intimate cartomancy experience – try Spirits in My Head  oracle. Be careful though, because the unstable arcana cards might be nasty and sometimes gang up on you. They are like human beings – some are nice and friendly, some are jealous and mean. Some are outright evil. That’s how those cards are, because that’s how life is.

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Every day is a new beginning of your journey through life. Your days are your treasures. Don’t waste them.

If you hesitate which path to choose, ask the cards for an OMEN. Concentrate for a few seconds and turn the card below.


Isolated, the Jack of Diamonds represents the postman or, better said, the messenger. It also symbolizes a young soldier or an unfaithful servant (assistant, employee); sometimes a young blond man, traitor and of bad morals.
If the consultant is a young man, it is the announcement of new lovers.
If it is a young girl or a single woman, it is the certainty that, soon, a suitor will make himself known; he will be blond and pretty boy.
If, on the contrary, the consultant is married, he will soon learn of a somebody’s else marriage; but this card, surrounded by it, has many and varied meanings.

The Jack of Diamonds with a
Spade ♠: Treachery, infidelity.
Heart ♥: Certainty of marriage and news of birth.
Diamond ♦: Young risk-taking man, adventurer of misconduct.
Club ♣: Somebody will ask to borrow money from you.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: A dark man you have every reason to fear.
Heart ♥: Love. Letter coming soon.
Diamond ♦: Null card.
Club ♣: Money that will be lost. Theft.

The Jack of Diamonds, with the
King of Diamonds: News from a young adventurous man.
Between two sevens: News of a pregnancy.
Touching the Ten of Diamonds: Distant journey. (The other card touching it becomes null and void.)
Touching the ace of Clubs: News of an inheritance. (The other card touching it becomes null and void.)
Between two face cards: deceit, treachery, infidelity.
Between two aces: The Jack of Diamonds says nothing; he is absolutely silent.

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