Oracle Cards of the Unstable Arcana

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How To Read Spirits in My Head Cards

There are nine piles of unstable arcana cards below. Use your intuition and choose three piles, then – draw a card from each of them. The spirits might have a message for you … or, perhaps, it’s You who might have  a message for THEM?

Why should I open only 3 cards? Can’t I open all of them?

You might draw more cards, if you like, but it is very important that you make a choice. Spiritual card reading is not about cards, it is about YOU. If you don’t make any choices, if you do everything by default, then where is your personal input? You have to exercise your divine right to make choices in order to get a meaningful answer from the cards. (Of course, you might also decide to open all of the cards. If it is a conscious decision, it is OK. )

Those spirits are really mean. I got a terrible answer. What should I do?

Most of the unstable arcana cards are benign, but some are evil, and some are outright bloodthirsty. If you get favorable messages from the cards you draw – it means you have a lucky hand today. If you get a mean answer – do not get discouraged. Think of it as a sign, that you have to be more focused and extra careful with everything you do. In the end – you are master of your destiny. Luck and chance can influence it, but you still have your independent spirit, you still have your promises to keep, and miles to go before you sleep, and miles to go before you sleep.  

I have bad feeling. Should I open the cards?

You have to remember that cards with their back side up are silent – they don’t mean and don’t say anything. But if you turn them – their effect can’t be undone. So, if your intuition says it is not a good day for you – don’t draw them. Just leave them be and come another day.

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If he had good news, he would have called you by now. A man is so stupid, that he thinks he’s always in more of a hurry to announce bad news than good news.


My dear, you should stand for the things in which you believe and do the very best you can.


All your best friends are and will always be your rivals.


If you are not discouraged at the beginning, you will achieve success.


No need to ask for advice. It’s too late.


A handsome and good-natured husband. This is the answer.


Be attentive and you will soon recover that which is missing.


You will count eighty-three-summers!


Pack you bag and see as much of the world as you can. I promiss you, this will be great!

This is it, mortal. Spirits don’t have anything more to say today. Come back tomorrow.

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