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Yes or No 9 of cups

Summary: The nine of cups represents your dreams becoming a reality. This is a strong yes card. Hardships and obstacles are now behind you. New beginnings. The self-confidence that will help you to break barriers. Happy and fulfilling relationships. There is the likelihood of a marriage or pregnancy. A good omen for love but also your career path. Perfect time to start a new business.

If you encounter the 9 of Cups, then you should be incredibly thrilled, because this card tells us that you are going to have a lot of celebrating. This will be a phase to remember, and you should allow yourself to be proud of every accomplishment. When looking for the 9 of Cups for guidance, then the answer couldn’t be any more positive. This card is an unequivocal yes, yes, yes! The 9 of Cups is a powerful symbol of recognition and pleasure, so embrace yourself for what could be one of the best times of your life.

Upright 9 of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

9 of cups tarot card meaning yes or no

The answer to the 9 of Cups couldn’t be any louder. You are precisely where you are supposed to be, and the response is notably positive. Everything that you have been through guides you to this one moment, and you should let yourself enjoy every accomplishment. In the 9 of Cups card, we see a man sitting quite comfortably in a wooden seat, although the wooden bench doesn’t look like the most convenient place to stay for an extended period of time, wood links to circumstances that can change your life for the better. So with that in mind, considering the cups placed around him, that tells us that you will have reasons to be proud of and circumstances that can perhaps change your life for the better.

Reversed 9 of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

9 of cups reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The 9 of Cups has quite the reverse message compared to all the positive meanings of what the 9 of Cups signifies. You perhaps had your dreams destroyed, a moment in life that has thrown you into an overwhelming pit of low self-esteem and disappointment. When we look at the man in the 9 of Cups card, we see him quite proudly sat in front of his achievements. Still, the way he is placing his body tells us that by crossing his arms, he’s feeling vulnerable and is trying to shield himself by creating a barrier between him and the outside world. The reversed 9 of Cups does not have a definite answer, but it’s also not a sign of giving up. It’s a reminder that you are in a bad place in your life, but this is not a representation of what you are capable of, it’s just a result of something that led you here.

9 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

9 of cups tarot card meaning for love yes or no

This is an exceptional time for you to be in love with someone. Not only does the 9 of Cups symbolize happiness and joy, but it also signifies pleasure and sensuality. This is a sign that your relationship is crossing an enjoyable and exciting phase. The color red in the man’s hat and socks represents love and passion. This card is a very prominent sign for someone who is in a relationship. If you are not in a relationship yet, then be ready to meet someone extraordinary as you are attracting love right now. Be open to new possibilities in love and let yourself be consumed with the passionate energy that is around you right now. You will not regret giving love a chance.

Reversed 9 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

9 of cups reversed love yes or no

There is uncanny energy around you when it comes to love. The 9 of Cups symbolizes unhappiness and lack of fulfillment, so perhaps you are not satisfied with your relationship right now. This doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong relationship, it only means that you are not in a great place, which could be explained by the lack of commitment or some sort of self-esteem issues. When you don’t feel well with yourself, it might be manifested towards the outside as a lack of enthusiasm, and maybe your lover has noticed it? You should consider investing more of yourself into your relationship and make it work. You are in a vulnerable phase in your life, and having the support of the one person that loves you, might help you get through it. Also, working on those issues that have been causing you to think less of yourself might be a beneficial approach. If you are single, then perhaps you have to work within yourself first before beginning to pick on why you are not into someone.

9 of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

9 of cups Advice Yes or No

The determination that you have in yourself can be seen from the outside, people will notice, and you should use that endowment to help to motivate someone else. Your self-esteem is particularly high right now, so it would be very gratifying if you use that energy to cheer someone else that might need a little push right now. Be grateful and be open to accepting the compensations that originate from all your hard work. This is a phase that will fulfill your life and bless you to find positivity and optimism.

Reversed 9 of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

9 of cups reversed advice yes or no

The lack of believing in yourself might be causing you impairment and direct you to a lack of accomplishments. Don’t use self-hatred to condemn all the negativity on yourself. There might be some kind of dependence, such as an addiction in your life or perhaps an eating disorder. Using other things to attempt to counterbalance for the disappointment in your life’s fulfillment is not going to guide you to a better place than you are right now, potentially it can perhaps drive you to a more unfortunate situation. It seems like you are trying to preserve yourself from something, could it be the fear of failing? That same fear that is trapping you on a shortage of success? You will only fail if you give up, remember that. Circumstances will only improve if you make a change. Right now, it might be risky to take big leaps of faith before you resolve why you are afraid; the obstacles seem to generate within you.

9 of Cups, Yes or No for Business Decision?

You are being submerged in a spiral of positivity and confidence, so now is a great time to invest in your profession. There might be some bonus waiting for you to repay you for your hard work. You are an influence in your workplace, so embrace that trust and help build a more solid workplace. Motivation is a gift, and you are in a position to make positive adjustments in your business. Investments are also a good thing in this phase of your life. The blue color of the fabric underneath the cups symbolize achievements representing trust, wisdom, and stability, so use this to acclaim the confidence and respect of everyone around you. You are capable of making a tremendous impact.

9 of Cups, Yes or No for Marriage?

The 9 of Cups symbolizes wishes coming true, so if a marriage has been one of those wishes, then there is a high chance that you will be soon to be married. Your relationship seems to be in cloud 9 at the moment, so be potentially prepared to step into the next phase of your relationship. Also, the color red in the 9 of Cups expresses the fullness of love and compassion. It’s a highly pleasurable stage in your relationship, so there is no doubt that immeasurable good things are waiting for you.

9 of Cups, Yes or No for Reconciliation?

9 of cups reconciliation yes or no

If your relationship was in a distressed place before, due to some self-esteem issues and perhaps a fear of commitment, then you should calmly breathe now because you are in a much more steady phase. Love is all around you, it’s almost magnetic, so making improvements to perhaps make amends to show that one person that you are in a better place and that you still love them, it’s plausibly a good start. This is an ideal time to satisfy your dreams, and if getting back to someone still means a lot to you, it’s clearly a wish come true, have faith, and show that person that you love them.

Samples of the 9 of Cups Yes or No interpretation in a Practical Tarot Reading

9 of cups Yes or No Questions

“I have been interested in one of my best friends for a while now. We exchange looks, and sometimes I truly believe that he’s into me as well. Will he ask me out?”

Concluding by the 9 of Cups, you are in a perfect period for love. As you mentioned, he is your best friend, so perhaps he knows a lot more about you than any other guy. Your insecurities and struggles or even what you dislike in a partner might be enough to unease him to show you more, not because he doesn’t feel the same way, but because of the fear of losing you as a friend. You are in a very confident stage, so why not allow yourself to take that first step and let him know what you feel towards him, without leaving a dilemma? Follow your heart.

“Do you think that I will ever be rich?”

You are in a very prosperous place, so an increase in income or unexpected sums of money might be a possibility. You are also being embraced by an abundance and thriving atmosphere, it’s quite possible that this will cause your circumstances to change in a positive way. Keep on making positive changes and smart business choices or investments and acclaim the rewards of your hard work.

“I met this guy in a bar last week, and we have exchanged phone numbers, and even though the conversation is always steamy, he doesn’t make a move. Does he want me?”

The chances of you attaining a pleasant love connection is incredibly high, so yes, there is a huge possibility that he feels that way as well. Have you, by any chance, played hard to get or was a little intimidating, and that could have perhaps thrown him out of balance? Guys tend to be more prone to insecurity when it comes to dating than you probably realize. The 9 of Cups highlights the sensuality that you are conveying right now, so you should perhaps use that to your advantage and enable him to be comfortable to make a move.

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