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Yes or No King of pentacles

The King Of Pentacles is a very financially prosperous card. You are entering a period in your life where money falls into all the right places and you are secure. You can also be surrounded by promising and sound financial advice from a loved one. A YES card.

Upright King Of Pentacles – Yes or No?

King of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

Congratulations! The King Of Pentacles is here, knocking on your door. And why? Because you have earned it! Can you see how happy he looks? He has everything he wants, but his face is not the image of one whom gloats – he is content and content to be so. What surrounds him are his riches but his feet are still firmly rooted to the ground. He has no Ego, he just has his ambition, talent and humility.

Similar to you right now as you enter a growing period of stability in your life, the focus remains on finances. You have transitioned into a confident person, not just in yourself but in your capabilities and thus you are on the receiving end of the fruits of your labour. A very positive card to receive and it comes with a most likely YES.

King Of Pentacles Reversed – Yes or No?

King of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

When this King of Abundance enters the darker, Upside Down, we lose all grace for his traits. No longer is he the humble, gracious King of riches, instead he becomes somewhat corrupt, even volatile through his relationships, resulting in potential loss of reputation. What a shame, because that is so hard to make better.

You may have lost focus in areas of your life that were seemingly going well. You have veered off the path and stopped at all the expensive shops, showing off your wealth and intentions, and have become about how much you have as opposed to the good you can do with your wealth. I foresee a likely NO here, but this is not irreversible if your reading contains Temperance.

King Of Pentacles Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

King of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

The King Of Pentacles in a love reading usually symbolises your soul. A true heart is he, a protector and a keen lover of calm and reassurance. You are financially secure with this person, who is also likely to be sensible with his money. In fact, truth be told he is the whole package and should be viewed as somebody you can spend your life with.

You have either found, or will shortly find another who is not only stable, loving and kind but also faithful. His morals are traditional and he has high hopes for the both of you. His dreams of your future are imaginative, but he knows the two of you will both keep your feet on the ground as you go through life together. A most likely YES here.

King Of Pentacles Love Reversed – Yes or No?

King of pentacles reversed love yes or no

When you share your life with somebody, it is important to make them feel loved and wanted. Offering expensive perfumes and diamonds is lovely – but where is the everlasting love? A soul needs to feel connected with more than just material goods for a love to thrive. To have somebody on our arm, like an accessory, has no meaning. A true love is granted like a wish from the stars. It isn’t perfect, it sometimes chooses the cheaper perfume because they have the luck of being able to have a choice and they certainly want to set money aside for your future. Don’t mistake love for a till receipt. Sadly this is a probable NO with the King Of Pentacles in reverse here.

King Of Pentacles For Advice – Yes or No?

King of pentacles Advice Yes or No

You don’t seem to be too preoccupied with what you have going on – in fact you seem incredibly driven, wanting to get to your destination at a steady pace. I admire you for the way you work hard and what you expect to gain from your journey. You never were one for giving up when times got tough and in fact adversity makes you stronger and even more determined to succeed. You have the strength to drive yourself forward at this time! A likely YES is here for you, just be mindful of your physical and mental health and watch out for Swords in your reading.

King Of Pentacles Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

King of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

Is what you seek honesty and gratitude? It should be, but I sense I am wrong. I don’t wish to be, because I see you have potential to be incredible. You still have drive and passion, but you are using it in all the wrong ways. With an almost shallow heart, you are pushing for things that matter, and people will start to notice if they haven’t already. It’s like digging a hole for yourself in slow motion and not stopping to notice the crowd of frowning people watching you.

King of pentacles advice reversed yes or no

Step back for just a moment and breathe. Is this how you want to set about achievement? I honestly don’t think so. Time to look inside yourself and find the point it all started going wrong, then you can begin to fix those mistakes and move forward with a larger, more giving heart. Time to come down from the clouds, because here lies a most likely NO.

King Of Pentacles Career – Yes or No?

Wow – what a card to pull for a career! Not only are you heading towards a financial gain of some sort, either a promotion or a new job with more opportunity, but it also can mean you are well on your way. This is not something you have been struggling with, you have worked hard to get to this point and are already deep into your journey of success. Whichever path you are on, the King is asking you to stick to it, don’t deviate or get lost in your thoughts and keep going because your destination awaits, and it is mind blowing! A likely YES here.

King Of Pentacles Health – Yes or No?

The King Of Pentacles wants you to know that whatever you want – you can achieve. Why can you achieve it? It isn’t down to sheer luck, it is because you hold all the tools within you already in order to make it happen. If it is eating better, or getting fitter, or tuning into your inner spirituality, you are going to succeed because it’s ready and waiting. Make sure that any plan you create for yourself (a King always prepares), to follow it to the point. If you write it, this means you are capable, so remind yourself of that every day. A likely YES for you here, just be mindful of Swords placed around you, this can indicate you are burning out too quickly.

King Of Pentacles Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

King of pentacles Yes or No Questions

The King Of Pentacles promises great times ahead when he appears. Here are some of my most recent questions where he has surfaced.

“My boss is going to promote somebody in our team. Will it be me?”

Your boss is very encouraging. He or she has been rooting for you for a while and I’ve a feeling your rapport is impressive. The best way to attempt this promotion is to put your reasons across for wanting the job, be sincere and have the company’s best interest at heart. What your boss needs is somebody who is going to be the best for the job, and this isn’t just about making money or delegating orders. Your boss wants a soul like you on board who can weather storms and positively impact the company’s good name. Time to prove yourself!

“My husband wants to move for a job opportunity in the city. Will this be a good idea with children?”

This move for him is about more than just this new job, it is about providing a life for you all that he wants, to make you all happy, safe and secure. The bigger picture here is that he will be in a much better position, therefore you all will. Is your life OK now? It has the potential to be even better. I would sit with him and go through your concerns together. Communication is key for being on the same page, and make sure you have covered all possibilities including schools and living situations. I do feel he is wanting this through love and not greed.

“Will I succeed at nursing school?”

Not only will you succeed if you work your hardest, you are going to meet people in this sector of work who will become almost mentors for you. I think you are aiming for a very empathic and noble job, and you deserve a huge amount of respect for that. You are grounded, yet your ambition is soaring. You are totally focused on your future and you are using your skills for good and not power, which is very admirable. Good luck with your studies!

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