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Yes or No The Fool

The Fool is a positive tarot card, representing new beginnings and luck. This card is often a message to have faith in the future. Reversed it can mean that naivety may lead to poor decisions in the future.

The Fool Upright – Yes or No?

The Fool tarot card meaning yes or no

The Fool is an arcana card that never fails to put a smile on my face when it appears in readings. It reminds you to have that bright outlook on the world like a new-born baby and usually indicates an answer of ‘yes’. Since this card is heavily associated with new beginnings and new starts, as depicted by a jester carrying a stick and duffel bag, this card is likely to appear when asking questions about a new venture or situation. You may have asked ‘should I look at moving away’ or maybe ‘should I start this new project’ and the appearance of the Fool is very much a yes in response to those kinds of questions. However, be careful if this card appears in a reading alongside The Devil. The combination of these cards can mean that someone is holding you back and either preventing or spoiling your new beginning and taking advantage of your naivety. However, the meaning of the Fool will still mostly be a ‘yes’ even next to the Devil.

The Fool Reversed – Yes or No?

The Fool reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Whilst upright, this card praises beginners’ luck and a freedom of direction, when reversed it can indicate a possibly harmful naivety and chaos that comes from a lack of direction. Once again, this card is very likely to come up in readings that explore new ideas and new endeavours and in this case the answer is almost always a ‘no’. Perhaps you’ve asked ‘should I go on vacation alone’ or something along those lines. Don’t be discouraged by the no that comes from The Fool, it is merely there to tell you that it is not the right time. There are a few different reasons why it may be The Fool who is telling you that. It could be that your ideas are plans are a little naïve and not quite in the phase that they need to be to pursue. Or maybe you simply need to work out a more solid plan of action, if you wander off down a path without a map you may slip down a cliff. The card is simply trying to warn you of this.

The Fool Upright for Love – Yes or No?

The Fool tarot card meaning for love yes or no

Just because this card appears doesn’t mean that you’re simply a fool for love, although maybe you are, who am I to say? When appearing in a romance reading, The Fool is a really positive card for you to pull but it more often than not means ‘no’. The Fool is all about new and exciting times, remember the rush of your first kiss or perhaps the first time you realised you had a crush on someone? That’s what this card is representing. A lot of questions that get asked during tarot readings are things such as ‘am I in a bad relationship’ or ‘am I taking too big of a risk with them’ and in these kinds of cases The Fool is definitely an answer of no. You should take those big risks and allow yourself to be surrounded in the excitement of newfound love. If you don’t let yourself get whisked away on an adventure, then you aren’t ever going to move anywhere.

The Fool Reversed for Love – Yes or No?

The Fool reversed love yes or no

Unfortunately, in romance readings, this card can have some negative connotations. It can mean several things, such as the fact that you may be being naïve about the state of your relationship or that there is no foundation between you and your partner. And with its often-negative meanings, it usually poses a response of ‘yes’ to your questions. This reversed card may appear in response to questions of ‘am I in an unhealthy relationship’ or ‘should I move on’. These answers can often seem mean and may be things that you don’t want to hear, but it might just be what is best for you. If you ignore the card’s words, then you may lead yourself into a risky and chaotic relationship that might not be good for you.

The Fool Upright for Advice – Yes or No?

The Fool Advice Yes or No

As we’ve discussed, when The Fool is upright it is representative of exciting new journeys and beginners’ luck. When listening to this card for advice, you should usually take it a little more ambiguously than a simple yes or no. However, more often than not it does lead to affirming your answers. If someone has given you some advice that seems risky, or maybe you’re the one giving risky advice, then you may ask ‘should I listen to/give this advice’ and The Fool says, yes. No matter what advice you’re given, you simply can’t tell what the future is going to hold so The Fool tells you to take that advice and embrace it. Whatever comes at you in life, you should try your best to approach it with joy.

The Fool Reversed for Advice – Yes or No?

The Fool reversed advice yes or no

Since the upright fool often gives an answer of yes when discussing advice, you may assume that the reversed fool gives an answer of no. In most cases, your assumption would be right, but when it comes to The Fool it actually gives an answer much closer to that of ‘yes, with caution’. When reversed, the card gives you warnings about naivety and misdirection, but the core meaning of the card, about how you should take risks and approach life with joy, is still the same. You are likely to see this card when it relates to risk taking. For example, your friend may have given you some advice that keeps you safe but miserable and you may want to ask, ‘should I ignore their advice’. If this card appears then it is most definitely an answer of ‘yes with caution’, there may be a reason that you should keep some aspects of the advice in mind, but you definitely shouldn’t hold yourself back because of someone’s suggestions.

The Fool yes or no advice reversed

The Fool Upright for Career – Yes or No?

A lot of people don’t want to make any big career decisions based on a tarot card reading, and that is very understandable. In fact, this card is here to remind you of what you need to consider when thinking about making career changes. Would you be a complete beginner in your new career? Is the prospect rather naïve? These are some questions that the card wants you to think about. But when answering a simple yes or no questions associated with career this card usually means a response of ‘yes’. Taking big risks is scary, especially with something as big as your career. But after my partner made me realise how miserable I was at my dead-end job, The Fool also encouraged me to take the risk and pursue becoming a writer. I think that is likely why I feel such a strong connection with this card and why I listen to its advice carefully.

The Fool Reversed for Career – Yes or No?

When reversed, The Fool is usually a negative response to a question posed about careers. It isn’t nice and can unfortunately feel as though you are being put down, but it might just be the case. Maybe you’re wondering if you should stick with that stable job you know, or perhaps you’re deciding to take that job you weren’t really passionate about, but it had a good pay grade. If you pull The Fool reversed in response to questions like this then the answer is usually a ‘no’. Maybe you’re in a state of naivety about the career you’re in or want. Or alternatively you may be staying in a career that simply isn’t good for you. Sometimes it can feel like The Fool is trying to put you down, but this card is about finding joy in life. Maybe the joy simply doesn’t lay where you originally thought.

The Fool Yes or No – Can I trust them?

Whilst this card represents naivety on a large scale, seeing it upright in response to this question is a yes. It may be a naïve and innocent to trust them, but you aren’t going to go anywhere forward if your worries are holding you back. In reverse, the answer to this question is most likely a no. However, if it is paired with a 2 of Cups then it means that you can trust them and likely in a romantic sense. The meaning of The Fool in this case is along the lines of, ‘let go of your innocence and commit to something long term’ after all romance isn’t just about the beginnings.

The Fool Yes or No – Am I on the right path?

With a literal path being drawn into the card, The Fool is a common card that answers this question. It is also, in my mind, one of the clearest answers you can get. If it is upright, then yes you are on the right path. It may be new and scary; you may need to take risks and tumble a couple of times but you are definitely on the right path. If it is reversed, then you are not on the right path. This could be a career path, a romantic path or something else entirely. But this card reminds you to evaluate your choices and see if there is something you want to believe in but deep down you know it just isn’t right.

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