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Yes or No Knight of pentacles

The Knight Of Pentacles represents slow and steady progress being made. Relevant in all areas of life, you may feel as if something is not manifesting as it should be. Be assured that you are moving in the right direction, but patience is a virtue. A YES card.

Upright Knight Of Pentacles – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

The Knight Of Pentacles likes to take his time. For those who lead a faster pace of life, this can leave us feeling baffled and confused. Why should I slow down? Why, Knight, have you stopped in your tracks? Keep going because I need, I need, I need! He knows what you need too, but he is also aware that dashing forward and tripping over isn’t the way to get there.

You are in a powerful position, although you may have feelings to the contrary. No, you have not reached your destination yet, but the slow train that is the Knight Of Pentacles will get you there, just like your own willpower and ambition. He wants to remind you not to get lost in the process of making huge decisions, because the consequences can be detrimental to your journey. Even though you may not be feeling it, he is indeed a most likely YES.

Knight Of Pentacles Reversed – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

In reverse, the Knight Of Pentacles is warning you that you have become lazy in your progress. You are still stationary, like the upright Knight, but instead of pausing to reflect and make sure your timing is of the essence, you are simply stationary, with no real ambition to rive ahead. That isn’t going to make you look committed to anything at all, especially to outsiders looking in.

It’s all very well and good contemplating where things may have gone wrong, and sitting on your regrets to try and contain them, but what now? Don’t you want to be moving again, is it not time to see what comes next? Be that reliable person you used to be, and allow others to instil their faith back into you. A probable NO here, unless you find the energy to restart your engine.

Knight Of Pentacles Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

This is most definitely your slow burner card. There is no opportunity here for a fast paced love, one that whisks you off your feet and sets your heart a flutter within the first week of knowing each other. This soul is gentle, loving and loyal. Maybe one or both of you have recently been hurt and you aren’t quite ready to jump in head first yet, and the Knight Of Pentacles is here to tell you that’s OK.

Find the lost art of getting to know each other, and be comfortable in the company of each soul. This is not a moment where you either will get bored waiting either because the pace you go is going to be right for both of you. What happens here though, is that you gain trust along the way and build something beautiful over time. Cherish it. A likely YES here.

Knight Of Pentacles Love Reversed – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles reversed love yes or no

Love is still. It has been this way for quite a while, am I right? Intimacy may have disappeared, or potentially the art of loving and caring conversation is longer present. You forget to make your soul the morning coffee you usually do, or you don’t pick up those flowers to say I love you any more. Why is that?

When you leave love to laziness, laziness isn’t going to want to do anything. Why? Because you didn’t give it to spontaneity. Instead, the days roll into weeks, the weeks roll into months and you both cruise along with it, knowing your lives at out of sync and completely off balance. There is a calling here for decisions to be made. Do you want this, or did it die a long time ago? Time to start talking. I offer a MAYBE here. Sometimes we get into bad habits but the love remains. You both need to decide which is which.

Knight Of Pentacles For Advice – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles Advice Yes or No

What sets you apart from the Page Of Pentacles who showed up afore you, dear Knight, you have grown in wisdom and experience. You take with you a deeper plan, a more determined force to be reckoned with and the calm confidence that you are heading towards prosperity. This keeps you balanced, even when you pause for those important moments of reflection. You stature is not one to collect dust, it is merely to absorb what is coming your way and prepare for success. You carry the coin with virtue and love for your goals. You are well grounded in a crisis. A strikingly likely YES here.

Knight Of Pentacles Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

I don’t want you to go out on a limb and create unreliable opportunities for yourself. By this I mean in the form of financial instability. You have to ensure that whatever you are doing, you are making enough money to pay your bills and live your life. You aren’t going to do that by, well, not doing anything at all. We work so we can enjoy the finer things in life, and without that sort of stability, it can be easy to slip into harder times. Have the Knight Of Pentacles in reverse be your message to leap you into action and not let your pessimism get in the way of what you could otherwise improve. I offer a MAYBE here, because the ball, or rather the coin, is in your hands.

Knight Of Pentacles Health – Yes or No?

You value yourself, yet you have neglected your health. I struggle to figure out why, because usually you hold your mind and body with more importance than that. What you lack is a solid routine to keep you going every day. Work isn’t a way to de stress, just like sleep isn’t the sole way to unwind. What do you do between time? You might read here, or walk there, but regular taming of the issues you hold are not happening. Do something to make you feel more stable, plan ahead or see your spare time as a way to do something mindful. I think you need it. A MAYBE for health.

Knight Of Pentacles Reconciliation – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles reconciliation yes or no

Any relationship you wish to see be born again is going to take some time. I don’t know what may have happened in the first instance, for your souls to part, but this isn’t going to be an overnight fix. I’ve a feeling apologies need to be made, perhaps from you, perhaps from them. Either way, once you begin to form your remorse, you are going to need to back it up with promising actions and a slow burning flame. It is time to prove your love and when the time is right, I do have the urge to say this has the potential to be a YES for you, but pay attention to other cards in your reading for more clarity.

Knight Of Pentacles Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

Knight of pentacles Yes or No Questions

Our Knight patiently strides through practical readings from time to time and his insight is always worth sharing. Here are some examples.

“Why hasn’t my boyfriend asked me to marry him yet?”

Because you are trying to control destiny with your own version of time. If you love each other, live and enjoy your lived. Marriage could well be on the cards one day for you, but for you now, I see two souls who love deeply and aren’t going to head towards the future in harmony if one is pushing the other for a proposal. Your soul is loyal and committed, and you know that. His lack of popping the question has nothing to do with how he feels, so sit tight and enjoy your lives together.

“My work hours seem to be getting longer and longer. How can I find balance?”

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, and stubborn as you can be sometimes, you have subconsciously allowed this to happen with your giving nature. It hasn’t got you very far, because now you are stuck in a rut of very little time to yourself and probably higher than usual stress levels which is something you are going to want to reassess, sooner rather than later. It is time to be more stubborn with your personal life, and dig your heels in where they matter. Maybe you could speak to your boss about delegating some of your newly acquired work elsewhere, just to ease the strain.

“How can I find the courage to change career paths?”

Courage isn’t found, it is merely sourced from within. You own it already, but utilising it when timing requires, is what you need to get the ball rolling. Changing careers can be perceived in one of two ways. Number one, absolutely terrifying and has the potential to fill you with nerves. Number two, incredibly exciting and you cannot wait to go forth. Both offer butterflies and sweaty palms. Both offer racing hearts and a little doubt. With such similar emotions, why not pick the latter and work patiently towards such a desirable outcome? We all know you can do it.

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