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Yes or No The Sun

The Sun is a very positive tarot card, commonly meaning joy and vitality. It is number xix in the major arcana and the card is often depicted by a rider on a white horse. This card symbolises the forces in the world coming together to create something great in the near future.

Upright, Yes or No

The Sun tarot card meaning yes or no

If this card is upright in your reading, then it is almost always an utterly positive message. However, if it is in the past position of the reading, you may want to consider that the positivity has happened and something about it may change or be over. This card will usually be a clear yes in answer to a lot of different questions. These questions may be along the lines of ‘will I find joy’ or perhaps ‘do I deserve to be happy’. Not only is this card a yes in answer to these questions, but it is a reminder that the world works in mysterious ways and it will come together to bring you the happiness you deserve.

Reversed, Yes or No

The Sun reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

In reverse, this card’s meaning is sadly also reversed. It eludes to the loss of happiness and a lack of clarity. If this card appears in the past or present position of a reading then it is likely a reminder of the fact that whilst you may be feeling these negative things, the world will help you overcome them. When asking yes or no questions this card is often a no and will appear in an answer to a question such as ‘is this situation making me happy’ or ‘will leaving make me happy’. This card is directly related to your happiness so it is important to look at all the things it could be trying to tell you.

The Sun Upright for Love, Yes or No

The Sun tarot card meaning for love yes or no

This card often appears in romance readings when looking at the state of a relationship. If it is upright, it indicates that the romance is a positive thing and is making you happy. However, be warned if it is paired with the 3 of Swords as the meaning may change to a state of false happiness. When concerning yes or no romantic questions this card is almost always a clear yes. You may have asked a question like ‘are they the one’ or ‘do I have a chance with them’ and this card is telling you ‘absolutely’, you need to allow yourself to be happy in love.

The Sun Reversed for Love, Yes or No

The Sun reversed love yes or no

This card isn’t one that you want reversed when doing a romantic reading as it can unfortunately mean a heartbreak is on the way. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone will break your heart directly, it may mean that you’re in a relationship that isn’t making you happy and you may need to evaluate why. This card is a little more ambiguous when it comes to answering yes or no questions but more commonly appears as an answer of yes. Some common questions it may appear in response to are ‘should I leave them’ and ‘is this relationship wrong’. It’s something that is hard to hear, without a doubt, but sometimes this card appears in this situation because you simply need to hear it to work towards your happiness.

The Sun Upright for Advice, Yes or No

The Sun Advice Yes or No

When giving advice, The Sun card focuses a lot more on what would bring you happiness. So, if you are asking for advice about finances, whilst this card can give that it may conflict with advice for your happiness. When concerning advice, this card does usually give an answer of yes, but it is closer to ‘yes, in the future’. For example, you may have asked a question such as ‘is this advice going to help me’ and the card can give a clear answer. You are likely to have this card drawn if you have been given some advice that seems cruel, you may not want to listen to it, but this card is a clear message that listening to it will indeed help you in the future.

The Sun Reversed for Advice, Yes or No

The Sun reversed advice yes or no

When reversed, this card is less ambiguous in response to questions about advice and is almost always a ‘no’. Its likely that you have been given bad advice or perhaps are about to give someone bad advice, and this card is a clear indicator that this advice will impact a person’s happiness in a negative way. So, if you’re wondering about taking that advice and pull this card in a reading, it is a pretty clear sign that no, you shouldn’t take that advice.

The Sun Upright for Career, Yes or No

Career is something that relates directly to your happiness, which is where The Sun comes into play. This card is very positive when relating to your career and indicates great successes both in the present and in your future. Are you thinking about taking that new job, or perhaps you’re wondering about starting a new and exciting career altogether? Well, if you pull this card that it is a one giant yes screaming in your face. If it’s going to make you happy you absolutely need to go for it. A career is a big aspect of your life and its something that you can’t be miserable doing.

The Sun Reversed for Career, Yes or No

This card in a reversed position is not likely to appear in readings concerning careers, but when it does it is very often there to give an answer of ‘no’. The likelihood is that your career is not helping your happiness if this card is to appear. Have you asked something along the lines of, should I stay in this career, is this making me happy? Then this card shows you that a change of career may very well be needed. It is a clear answer of no and one that you should listen to.

The Answer to ‘Can I trust them?’

If this card is in an upright position in response to this question then yes, you can trust them. If you couldn’t trust them then you couldn’t truly be happy. This card is a sign that you should open yourself up, let someone in and trust them. Believe me, that can make you happier than you think. However, if this card is reversed then you may want to be more cautious. Its answer is a ‘no’ because for one reason or another, opening yourself up to trust may make you unhappy. Make sure that it is truly something that you want to do before laying yourself bare.

The Answer to ‘Am I on the right path?’

The Sun tarot card am I on the right path

Sometimes, knowing if you’re going down the right path is really difficult, and it can make you easily confused and question everything. But if you’ve asked this question and received The Sun in an upright position then you my friend are one lucky duck. This is probably the most reassuring card you can get after asking this question and it is a definitive answer of ‘yes’. Sometimes it seems like you’re struggling but if you keep following the path that you are walking then the energies of the world will come together to bring you happiness. You just need to trust in yourself that you are doing the right thing. If it is in a reversed position, then it doesn’t necessarily mean you are on the wrong path. It might mean that you are worried about your decisions and thus it is affecting your happiness, try to let them worries go.

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