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Yes or No The Star

The Star is a card that will bring you hope and positivity. It is a sign that you should act on any inspiration that has come your way and shows you that you are blessed. This card is often depicted with a woman either standing or kneeling by a pond.

Upright Meaning – Yes or No

The Star tarot card meaning yes or no

If this card has appeared to you in an upright position, then you should feel lucky as it is a message to say that you are blessed. Have faith in everything you’re doing, the world has got your back. This card almost always means ‘yes’ in response to questions, though it doesn’t always seem like it. Sometimes, it can follow The Tower card in a reading due to a negative experience that has recently occurred. The Star is there to tell you to have faith that despite this trauma, you can be strong and carry on. This card may appear in your readings if you have asked questions akin to ‘will I be happy again’ or ‘am I being watched over’ and it is a clear answer of yes.

Reversed Meaning – Yes or No

The Star reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

This card is likely to appear in a reversed position if you’ve lost sense of yourself and your confidence is dwindling. There can be lots of reasons for this, but The Star is here to tell you that you need to have faith in yourself. It’s difficult moving forward when you don’t believe in yourself but you really need to try, take a look at why you are feeling this way, is there anything you can do to change it? If you are asking questions along the lines of ‘should I trust myself’ or ‘do I deserve to keep going’ then this card is an answer of ‘yes’. It knows that you’ve been through troubling times that have knocked you off your feet, but it also knows that you can get back up.

Upright Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The Star tarot card meaning for love yes or no

When doing your tarot reading for romance, have you asked questions similar to ‘should I have hope in this relationship’ or ‘will I ever be able to move on’? If so, then this card is one of the clearest answers of ‘yes’ that you can receive. Romantic endeavours can greatly affect your confidence, in both good ways and bad ways. This card symbolises that your hope and optimism surrounding your current relationship is very healthy and beneficial and that if you have recently been through a difficult break up then you are well on your way to healing and getting your confidence back.

Reversed Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The Star reversed love yes or no

If you’ve been feeling very cynical about romance, then it is no surprise that this card has appeared. This card is all about your sense of self and your confidence and whilst you may not realise it, this can negatively impact your romantic relations. Sometimes people can tell that you’re cynical about romance and that you’re subconsciously pushing them away. Have you asked the cards ‘will I be single forever’ or ‘am I undeserving of love’ then the answer this card gives is a very firm no. You may need to change your actions sometimes; it will help build your confidence and improve your relationships. Just because you’ve had some negative experiences, it doesn’t mean you are undeserving of love. You’ll find that someone, this card tells you to have confidence that you will.

Upright Meaning for Advice – Yes or No

The Star Advice Yes or No

Having confidence in yourself and the things you are doing is a great feeling. But having someone give you some advice that doesn’t seem to share your confidence, well, that can be a bit of a bummer. However difficult it may be, please don’t let your confidence dwindle. Perhaps you’ve asked the cards whether you should listen to the advice that you’ve been given, more often than not this card gives you an answer of no. If you believe in yourself and are confident, then don’t let anyone else push you back and make you feel like you need to change. Chances are they’re just looking out for you, but sometimes you do know what’s best for yourself.

Reversed Meaning for Advice – Yes or No

The Star reversed advice yes or no

In a reversed position, this card is a little more ambiguous in its response and comes much closer to giving an answer of ‘maybe’ to your question. Usually this reversed card means that it’s clear that you’re lacking confidence in yourself. If you lack this confidence, then you may question your abilities to either give people advice or whether you should take the advice someone else has given you. This card refrains from giving you a direct answer of what you should do and instead invites you to look at why you are feeling downtrodden and which path is most likely to bring you the sense of confidence and fulfilment in yourself that you deserve to have.

Upright Meaning for Career – Yes or No

First of all, I want to tell you that you’ve done brilliantly, and you deserve a break! This card is here to tell you to keep your hopes high and stay confident. Have you been thinking ‘am I going to get fired’ or ‘am I bad at this job’ then you don’t need to worry, this card says NO. You have clearly been working hard if this card has appeared and you should be proud of what you’ve done. Keep up your confident attitude in the workplace, it helps other people whether you can see it or not.

Reversed Meaning for Career – Yes or No

The Star tarot card reversed meaning for career yes or no

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your career? Do you feel like your creativity has been drained and you feel pitiful about your work? That’s not surprising if this card has appeared in your reading. It is likely that this card has appeared if you’ve been asking ‘should I make a change’ and this card is here to tell you yes. What that change is, well, you probably know better than I do. It isn’t always something drastic such as completely changing your career, it might simply be to look at your work with a new attitude and try to make little changes in the workplace that can help improve your experiences.

The Answer to ‘Should I Trust Them?’

Whether this card has appeared in an upright or a reversed position, you are probably asking the wrong question. Instead you should be asking ‘should I trust myself’ and the answer is yes. If this card is upright, it’s possible that you’ve been confident in yourself and are starting to doubt certain things. The Star is here to tell you to keep that confidence up! You’re allowed to be proud of what you’ve done, and you should show it. In a reversed position, perhaps you’ve been having a slump in your relationship which is making you doubt if you can trust your partner. Once again, this card answers yes, you can trust them, but more importantly, trust yourself. You know what’s right for you, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, and you should trust in yourself and your instincts.

The Answer to ‘Are they the one?’

In an upright position, this card is usually going to give you an answer of yes. If it appears, then it shows that there is a lot of faith and hope in your relationship, from both you and your partner. That confidence is there for a reason and that reason might just be that they are that one special person you need in your life. In a reversed position, this card is a little more ambiguous. It doesn’t give a direct answer of ‘no’, in fact it’s closer to an answer of ‘not likely’. When it is reversed, this card shows that you’ve lost confidence in both yourself and in the relationship. This could be due to your partner or maybe external circumstances that you can’t control, but this card does advise you to take a look at your relationship and see if there are any ways in which you can improve your faith in it.

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