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Yes or No Strength

The Strength card represents more than just strength. It, like you, is guided by compassion and calm thinking. You are the anchor in any storm, acting with sincerity and grace. You gain control of situations with courage and patience. The Strength card is a YES.

Upright Strength – Yes or No?

Strength tarot card meaning yes or no

The image of the Strength card portrays a woman seemingly taming a lion. As lions are known for their wild and ferocious behaviour, the woman is kind and gentle in her act, and confidently caresses it. The lion equally looks up to her in almost awe, as he bows to her grace and compassion. She is the image of patience in her abilities.

She instinctively, like you, knows how to gain control over obstacles. This about more than just ‘strength’ – this is the gift to bring peace and harmony to situations that others deal with less willingly or persuasively. You are calm in a crisis, choosing to use your logic rather than walking away. You want to understand rather than criticise and your energy is used for good. Strength is most likely YES.

Strength Reversed – Yes or No?

Strength reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Stop what you are doing and count to ten. I bet you only managed to get to four before your anger began rising again. This is why Strength in reverse will show its face to you. Where is your strength to pursue difficulty with tact and wisdom? Your patience is non existent and you are too busy saying things you are likely to regret to possibly see the good in your circumstance.

If you carry on this way, you are going to see life in a drained manner. Your battery will run itself empty before you have even had a chance to leave the house, and your attention will so much be on comparing yourself with others that you will lose focus on what truly matters to you. Take some time to look for your mojo once more, it hasn’t disappeared, you’ve just buried it deep under needless expectations. In reverse, Strength is a probable NO.

Strength Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

Strength tarot card meaning for love yes or no

You have have circled yourself with the attitude that things aren’t going the way you had hoped. Is there trouble in paradise, silly arguments or petty behaviours? It is a true test of strength to see through it, weed out the negative moments and try to work on more good. It is possible though, with a little patience and empathy, you could find yourself in a happier place.

There are many ways to unblock your heart chakra and breathe in love once more. I believe it is something you require immediately, even just a few minutes a day. Practise what it is to love and be loved. Use your heart to show others what they mean to you, and be more assertive with honesty. You will be rewarded for this. For love I offer a MAYBE – with the true strength lying with you. I hope for Cups to be drawn around you here.

Strength Love Reversed – Yes or No?

Strength reversed love yes or no

Have you ever done something without your heart and soul being involved? A smile, a kiss, an, ‘I love you.’ So flippant, like a roll of the eyes or a sniff. What happened to feeling your actions? There is disconnect in the air, and I imagine this is through no fault of your own. Sometimes we just lose the ability to attach meaning to precious moments. You know that though, because you feel like these are fading away, when in fact, they are still there.

Strength in reverse shows up in a love reading when you are needed to find and regain that energy you once had. Do you think you could do it? I am also encouraging you here because disconnect leads to a great deal of sadness and regret and before you get to that point, it is far easier to fix your mind and body now rather than create more work for later. A offer a MAYBE here too. I cannot control how you respond, I can only offer you the relieving news that you have options.

Strength Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

Strength Advice Yes or No

All signs offer good news as you seem attracted to approaching your problems with perseverance and maturity. You know what you need to do, and you are promising a committed tone to it. You are using your voice for good, people are listening and are almost hypnotised by your sheer ability to get everybody else on board and on the same page. You do it without even breaking into a small sweat! This is a clear and positively promising card for advice, with a most likely YES on offer. Just be mindful that cards such as The Devil can leave you a little too big for your boots.

Strength Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

Strength reversed advice yes or no

Step away from everything, because now is not the time to make your move. You are unlikely to be in the right frame of mind to either control your emotions, which are pretty flammable, or control how others respond to you (my guess is that won’t be peachy either). Nobody ever got anywhere by screaming, shouting or sulking if something goes wrong. Your power to turn this around and breathe deeply for a period of time before you begin your endeavour is still there and encouraged by both the Strength card in reverse and me. Look at this as a likely NO.

Strength Reconciliation – Yes or No?

Strength reconciliation yes or no

Events have led to disarray, and you have perhaps fallen off the path you were gliding along happily. It can happen to all of us from time to time and is nothing that life and the angels haven’t seen before. Here you are wanting to reconcile with a soul and as the Strength card shows up for you, the possibility that this will occur is strong. Your focus is back, you have worked on yourself and you will be a welcome surprise. I think if you continue to voice your desires, as well as prove your patience and understanding, you are likely to assume a previous unity. A probable YES is on the cards, but focus on your reading as a whole for advice for the future.

Strength Career – Yes or No?

In a career reading, the Strength card is akin to a recipe card. It has everything you need on it in order to make the best cake or dinner for you and your team. I say ‘your team,’ because I believe this card represents a certain form of leadership role. If you aren’t there now, you will be likely heading that way very soon. People naturally look up to you at work and you find that a blessing. You offer a positive role model to others and in return, your team is likely to be strong. This is a great card to pull for a career, with a probable YES waiting for you.

Strength Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

Strength Yes or No Questions

The Strength card is one of the most beautiful to find in a practical reading. Here are some popular questions souls have asked.

“Will I pass my exams?”

Exams are so important, notable those who determine out future. We spend weeks, if not months, preparing for them and then we await, with nervousness, the outcome. I’ve no doubt that you have tried your best and regardless of the wait, you are confident deep down that your hard work will pay off. What you should do, is ensure that your exams are not rushed. Take your time with the answers, read the questions a few times and breathe through the thoughts that enter your mind. You have time to write, so allow the answers form themselves structurally inside before applying pen to paper. Best of luck!

“Will I ever find my soulmate?”

Past hurts have got you to a point where you feel that true love simply doesn’t exist. You want a deeper love and you want it to be returned, that much is true. It doesn’t have to be something that you pine for, it can be the journey you take to finding yourself and in turn, your soulmate arrives. When we are fully in tune with our own inner soul, we can match it perfectly with another. Don’t feel the pressure. You have the courage and kindness to love another, but make sure you love yourself first. I have every faith!

“I’ve had a tough year and I am going though a grieving process. When will things start feeling better again?”

Grief has no time cap. For some, it can be a smooth ride to healing and for others, a bumpier, more unexpected road. Neither is right or wrong, and for you it’s almost as if you aren’t allowing yourself to do what your body and soul need to do, without the feeling of guilt or, ‘I should be over this by now.’ There isn’t a grief rule book. What you may benefit from, is taking a time aside each day to sit in your grief and connect with your inner self, and think about how it makes you feel to lose that person. Alongside that, you should do one thing every day that makes you smile or laugh, or remember the same person in a positive way, like a celebration. Time does help, but you have to allow for it.

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