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Yes or No The Chariot

The Chariot represents fast pace. This is a time to seek what you desire and through the obstacles, go forth in a determined manner. You are in control, you have the willpower you need to see you through, and you are ready for anything. The Chariot is a YES.

Upright Chariot – Yes or No?

The Chariot tarot card meaning yes or no

In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet stands at her balcony, excited for her wedding to Romeo. She delivers the line, ‘Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds,’ which reminds me so much of The Chariot. The card is fiery and fast, and is like an incoming mass of change. Make no mistake, the Chariot on first glance is a man standing afore people in a city. When you look deeper, you will see he is in a chariot, waiting for his journey to begin. He announces this to many, with so much willpower that he will succeed in his mission that he isn’t afraid for the world to know.

He is, like you, ready for victory. His star crown is something you too are likely to be walking around with inside your heart and remember that only one path is optional, without the distraction of attempting two paths in unison. If you have been still for a time, this is the card of encouragement. Lead the way and lead yourself to a place of victory. The Chariot upright is a likely YES

The Chariot Reversed – Yes or No?

The Chariot reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Why do you no longer believe in yourself? Your determination has gone to sleep and you lack the drive to even take a step forward. You were doing so well. I won’t say I am disappointed, just I had more faith in you here. We all face stumbling blocks, or blips as I like to call them. The Chariot in reverse is calling upon you to make peace with hardship and accept that it is a part of life. Most of all it happens to us all.

If you give up whenever the going gets tough, you are unlikely to complete any journey or goal, and this will only lead to a life of ‘what ifs.’ It is far better to look back and say, ‘Boy that got tough, but it felt so good to finally get there.’ Let this be the moment you need to pause and reflect on the present time and look forward once more with renewed faith. I offer a MAYBE here. Whenever a soul is stuck in a rut, I like to show a glimpse of hope for them.

The Chariot Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

The Chariot tarot card meaning for love yes or no

I could pair The Chariot up with the most amorous cards in the entire deck and it still wouldn’t indicate a great view of love. That probably isn’t what you want to hear but I have a feeling it may be what you expected. There feels like an element of pressure coming from somewhere. I can’t decide if it is you or them, but wherever it’s coming from, it is putting a spanner in the works. If you break a circuit, it just isn’t going to work. The question is, do you want to fix the circuit and if so, how are you going to do so? Communication is of course, one of your strongest options.

I don’t want you to feel like you lack any control in this relationship either. You have as much right to a happy life as your soul, and if that is being dampened by criticism or unwarranted bouts of negativity, then you need to withdraw and love yourself a little. Once you get that feeling of, ‘I deserve to be happy and have a voice,’ you will indeed decide on where you go from here. I offer a likely NO on this instance, even with the hearts and flowers around it.

The Chariot Love Reversed – Yes or No?

The Chariot reversed love yes or no

I am sensing a level of inconsideration here. Because it is a Major Arcana card, this directly represents you, dear soul. There may be a slowing down of a relationship that is based on you being too busy with your own thoughts, mind or needs. The Chariot in reverse is showing up here as a warning that you need to perhaps rein in and find your feet next to your soul again, so you can continue to walk side by side. He is seeing you racing off ahead, too focused on your own self to give him any attention and actually, right now, he may just need it. Check in with your soul. A MAYBE is likely here, just notice yourself slipping and bring yourself back to the present moment.

The Chariot Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

The Chariot Advice Yes or No

You have got it all figured out, haven’t you?You lucky so and so! You have sat and rigorously checked it all through, you’ve probably even made lists because that is the type of organisation that will get you from point A to point B. I firmly believe you are going to succeed here, and even on the tougher days, your energy reserves are going to kick in and carry you the rest of the way. I want to say, because what is life without a little check in, make sure you stick to your path. If you see another on the way and decide to travel down it, your journey will take longer. Don’t lose tract! I see a likely YES here for you, especially with other ‘racing ahead’ cards such as the Knight of Wands.

The Chariot Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

The Chariot reversed advice yes or no

Do not enter anything with blind ambition. You are not opposed to knocking over people as you climb your mountain of success. Maybe a part of me should admire your ambition but I’m afraid I don’t. Being ambitious itself isn’t a fault, but how we get there will forever be etched on our name. Don’t be that person who stands proud awaiting recognition and applause if you have pushed and poked your way through crowds of honest, caring people. You won’t get it. I offer a likely NO here, unless you pull out more gentle court cards, such as the Queen of Wands to guide you with more grace and wisdom.

The Chariot Health – Yes or No?

When people take part in a running race, often the streets are lined with supporters, cheering them on. ‘You can do it!’ ‘Keep going!’ The runners smile and wave and it gives them a little gumption to run that last few miles with passion and pride. Well, in a health reading, The Chariot wants you to know that you are your own supporter. You are feeling vitalised, your energy is soaring and the best part is, you are creating your own enthusiasm along the way! You are fully in control of your expectations and aren’t allowing anybody else to stand in your way when it comes to prime health. A strong card to receive here and a likely YES for you.

The Chariot Marriage – Yes or No?

tarot card The Chariot meaning for marriage yes or no

Marriage is the loving union between two souls. They come together and celebrate their love for each other, perhaps in front of loved ones, and declare their love a life long partnership. It is a had occasion, and a joyous time for all. If you draw The Chariot in a marriage reading, all of the above will likely not apply. The Chariot here represents pressure, or an element of control. Are you wanting to get married, or being told by outsiders that it is the right or ‘noble’ thing to do? We unite as one, we do not allow ourselves to be pushed toward another because it is necessary. It’s time to have a think about your true intentions for marriage. If love exists it is possible that this could be a wondrous time for you. Afraid as I am, I have to offer a most likely NO here.

The Chariot Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

The Chariot Yes or No Questions

The Chariot speeds head first into many practical readings. Here are some of my favourites.

“I am falling in love with one of my friends, we are both single. How do I tell him?”

Something tells me you have been talking yourself out of honesty for some time now. Are you afraid of rejection? I think we all are, and putting ourselves out there for love is a scary thing to do, especially with a friend. I don’t think you want to risk jeopardising that friendship,but equally, there is a small part of you that wonders, ‘Could this be real?’ if you took the chance. Don’t be afraid of love, it is out there for us all. Take your time with this, and see if you can spend more time together. Communication will carry you through here. It may all fall into place very naturally!

“We have just put our house on the market. Will we sell and move before the end of the year?”

As you know with That Chariot, things like to move at the speed of light! Putting your house on the market, hoping somebody will buy it, and also buying a new house for you are huge things to happen, and it takes a miracle for it all to come together at such a rapid pace. I have a feeling though, that this actually could work for you. It’s all about timing, is it not? Take each day as it comes, ensure you are searching for your new home as much as others will be searching for yours, and this is likely to come together nicely for you. Think positive!

“Will I enjoy my new job?”

You have been stuck in a stagnant job for too many moon cycles. I sense there may have been some sort of window you stared wistfully out of, wondering if there would ever be more exciting times ahead for you. Well, here you are! You went out and you took a risk, you got lucky and you are about to embark on something much more focused and thrilling. Your days are going to be busy and fly by now, and you will feel alive again. Remember to balance out these new and fuller days with some self care, don’t run yourself ragged too soon. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck!

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