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Yes or No The Moon

This card may appear because there is something in your life that isn’t how it seems to be. The Moon represents deception, illusion and may mean that you are confused or lying to yourself. It is often depicted by showing a moon between two towers with wolves surrounding it.

Upright Meaning – Yes or No

The Moon tarot card meaning yes or no

Have you been feeling anxious without knowing why, have you found yourself lost in daydreams of wonder and also worry? That’s not surprising if this card has been pulled in your reading. If you feel the waves of negativity coming over you then you need to let it go, let the moon guide you forward in your life. It can be hard to do but The Moon is here to offer you an answer of YES. Maybe you’ve found yourself asking ‘can I get through this’ or ‘will I find happiness’ and the answer is yes, you simply need to take these negative energies and use them to power you forward, not hold you back.

Reversed Meaning – Yes or No

The Moon reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

If this card is in reverse, then my dear you need to try and reign yourself in. You’ve gone through some tough and confusing times and are hopefully starting to understand how you may have misinterpreted your thoughts and feelings. However, do not lose hope, for you are slowly starting to gain the control which you once had. If this card appears in your reading then I would be sceptical giving a firm yes or no as an answer, it is closer to a MAYBE. Did you ask, ‘was I incorrect earlier’ or ‘should I be looking at this in a different way’? Then this card is still a maybe but gears closer towards and answer of ‘yes’.

Upright Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The Moon tarot card meaning for love yes or no

The appearance of this card could mean you think that lately navigating your relationship has been like navigating an obstacle course. Emotions are very complex things and can easily make you feel like that. The best thing for you to do at this time is to take some time and organise your emotions. There are a lot of thoughts you may be having that can influence both your current relationship and your thoughts about relationships and romance in general. Maybe you asked something such as ‘should I give up on this relationship’ or perhaps ‘will I be single forever’ and this card is here to give you a reassuring ‘no’. Giving up and giving in is not what needs to be done here. You simply need to evaluate why you are feeling these doubtful things and what can be done to change them.

Reversed Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The Moon reversed love yes or no

First of all, you need to ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself and your partner in this relationship. The Moon has appeared in a reversed position if there is deception in the air, you need to make sure that this deception is not a product of your own actions before interpreting the cards. You needn’t panic though, deception does not always come from malicious intent, but it is something that should be discussed. Have you asked yourself ‘should I talk to them about this’ or ‘do I need to be more honest’? This card has appeared in response to these questions to give you a confident ‘yes’.

Upright Meaning for Advice – Yes or No

The Moon Advice Yes or No

I’m sorry if there is confusion clouding your mind and you’re wondering how best to proceed forward. But I also have to congratulate you, you’re figuring out why this confusion is there and identifying these anxieties is the first step to moving forward. This card, more often than not, offers you a YES. You need to keep following the path that you are on, one foot in front of the other, that’s all that you need to do. And if someone has offered you some advice that you don’t agree with, then you shouldn’t take it. Right now, you’re figuring out how to deal with your negative emotions and you’re doing really well with it, don’t let someone pull you back through the swamp.

Reversed Meaning for Advice – Yes or No

The Moon reversed advice yes or no

Do you feel as though you’re walking through a maze with no exit? Is every step forward making you feel like you’re moving back? I’m sorry to hear this, but The Moon knows you are going through this too and offers you an answer of NO to the question you have posed. But there is positivity in this message, you will find this period of liberation and clarity if you believe in yourself. If someone has offered you a piece of advice then maybe you should take it, if people are trying to help you then you need to follow them positive emotions.

Upright Meaning for Career – Yes or No

In your career, you may be standing at a fork in the road. If you don’t know which path to take that is understandable, but you shouldn’t guess your path. You can stand still in the road and even sit down for a while, just make sure that your destination is clear in your mind before travelling down that one single path. With this card’s ambiguity, it gives you an answer of ‘maybe’ in response to questions such as ‘should I change my career path’ or ‘should I stay in this job’. The whole point if this card is to make sure that you have figured things out for yourself rather than blindly listened to an answer placed in front of you.

Reversed Meaning for Career – Yes or No

In a reversed position, it is very difficult to give a gleam a clear answer from the card although my personal interpretation is that this card usually answers ‘yes’. If this card has appeared then it is likely that one of two things have occurred, or are about to occur, in your workplace. The first thing is that you may have clarity in your job now, misunderstandings have been cleared up and you can clearly see the road that you’re walking on. Alternatively, there may be lying and sabotaging that is seeping into your workplace. This is likely to play on your anxieties that may surround work and it is crucial that you not only protect yourself but also make sure that you do not contribute to these negative actions.

Upright Meaning for Finance – Yes or No

If you are struggling to make a big financial decision, then both this card and I please ask you to hold off. Money is sometimes difficult to manage, especially if you don’t have the full information and that’s what this card is telling you. In answer to your questions, perhaps one such as ‘should I loan this money’, this card gives you a firm answer of NO. Please take your time to look into the financial situations put before you and don’t be afraid to ask questions, just make sure you have all the information before making a decision.

Reversed Meaning for Finance – Yes or No

When in comes to money, sometimes the best thing that you can do is listen to your instincts. And if this card has appeared before you then listening to your instincts has paid off. The situations regarding your finances will become much clearer in a very short amount of time. However, you should be wary, as this card can also mean that someone is trying to deceive you with regards to your money. This card is here to answer your questions with a quiet ‘yes’.

The Answer to ‘Should I trust them?’

The Moon should I trust them yes or no

If this card appears, either upright or in reverse, then you are given an answer of ‘maybe’. If this card is upright, then I think you know the answer to this yourself. Things are becoming clearer and whilst it is hard, you may need to accept your newfound decisions about trusting this person. In reverse, the answer of ‘maybe’ still stands, but with deception rife in the air, you may need to look at other people around you. Perhaps it is someone else whom you shouldn’t trust after all, make sure the information is clear to you before you make yourself vulnerable.

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