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Yes or No 2 of pentacles

The two of Pentacles is a card that is representative of the ups and downs in life. This card can elude to the user struggling to find balance between different aspects of life. The two of pentacles is a minor arcana card that tells the user they are resourceful and flexible.

2 of pentacles upright, Yes or No?

2 of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

The 2 of pentacles is often depicted with a young man juggling 2 pentacles, with the positions of the pentacles surrounded by an infinity loop. When upright, the card very rarely represents a singular answer of yes or no. The best way to describe the meaning is with the phrase “not yet”. So, it is a mostly positive and yes card, but you should not be expecting the answer to your question to come into fruition for a while.

When you see this card upright in one of your readings you should evaluate the different aspects of your life which are important to you. Make sure that you are not trying to juggle too many things and are giving enough time to the things that really matter to you. For example, if you were to ask a question such as “Should I redecorate?” and you receive an upright 2 of pentacles that is essentially an answer of “yes, but not yet,”. Have a look at why you may be being told not yet, have you got too many projects which you’ve not yet finished? Make sure not to overload yourself with work.

2 of pentacles reversed Yes or No

2 of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

When reversed, the 2 of pentacles is largely a ‘no’ card. A reversed 2 of pentacles means that you are dealing with too much right now and you wouldn’t be able to balance it. As someone who is very excitable and loves to start new things, I can tell you, this card has come up in my readings more frequently than I would like to admit and I am glad that I’ve listened to it. The no can also be because of how this new activity, project or idea may affect your current handling of your commitments. This isn’t just about time though; it is about how your feelings towards your current commitment may change. It doesn’t necessarily mean no for eternity, but it definitely means no for the near future.

2 of pentacles meaning for Love Yes or No

2 of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

Readings concerning romance are often complicated, and the 2 of pentacles can represent a complicated relationship. It is mostly a yes card but usually it has a meaning of ‘yes, but with caution’. For example, if you are single and ask if you should try to look for a partner an upright 2 of pentacles would mean that yes, you should look for a partner, but be careful not to let it interfere or alter with other important aspects in your life that you don’t wish to change.

2 of pentacles reversed meaning for Love Yes or No

2 of pentacles reversed love yes or no

A reversed 2 of pentacles is largely a no card when it comes to romance readings. When looking at love, this reversed card indicates a lack of time or sometimes even a lack of care for the relationship and possibly the individuals involved. For example, one question you may ask is ‘should I give them a second chance?’ then a reversed 2 of pentacles would definitely sway towards a ‘no’ response. Perhaps it indicates that they don’t have the time or focus for you or maybe that you don’t have the time for them. Either way, this card is a message for you to hold back and make sure to evaluate the full situation.

2 of pentacles as Advice Yes or No

2 of pentacles Advice Yes or No

As with most of the topics, an upright 2 of pentacles with regards to advice is not a simple yes or no. It is usually positive so would gear towards a mostly ‘yes’ response. The most common yes or no questions asked about advice are ‘should I listen to their advice’ or ‘should I give them some advice’. In these cases, the answer is almost always going to be yes. This card does mean that you are in a good position to give advice, often spiritually, because you have balance in the aspects of your life. Just be sure not to upset that balance.

2 of pentacles reversed as Advice Yes or No

2 of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

When reversed with regards to advice, the 2 of pentacles is a very strong ‘no’ card. With its meaning of disorganisation and bad time management, it can be a sign of some very bad advice. You may be talking about advice that you are planning to give, or perhaps some advice you re receiving. Almost always, if you pull a reversed 2 of pentacles you should take it as a ‘no’ or at least a sign to consider your options thoroughly.

2 of pentacles Yes or No Career

Much like its general upright meaning, when regarding career the 2 of pentacles provides an almost crystal-clear message of ‘yes, but not yet’. Perhaps you’re wondering if you should take on a new work project, or perhaps you want to see if you should look for a new career altogether. What about that job offer you’ve been sent, should you take it?

The upright 2 of pentacles is usually a clear yes, but it often means that you should take a little time before making the leap. Make sure everything that you need to be in order, is in order. If I had left my retail job at the wrong time, then there is a possibility that I wouldn’t be writing this article for you at all. In part I have this card to thank for that. You don’t want to juggle too many projects or leave your job if your finances aren’t in a suitable state. This card does encourage you to take your jump, it just reminds you to calculate the landing as well.

2 of pentacles reversed Yes or No Career

It is not surprising that reversed, it opposes its upright meaning and provides a firm answer of ‘no’. There can be a variety of reasons for this response, it can be because it’s not the right time, because you aren’t emotionally ready or simply because it isn’t a good decision. Making career decisions are very important and have a big and obvious impact on your life. More than anything this card is a reminder to hold off and make sure that this decision is the best thing for you. After all, you do know yourself and your situation better than anyone else.

2 of pentacles Yes or No Finance

2 of pentacles finance yes or no

The 2 of pentacles is largely associated with balance and this is the same when it comes to questions of finance. There is not a definitive yes or no with this card, but it is more commonly a yes. There are a lot of questions you can ask about finance, these may include ‘should I lend someone that money’ or ‘should I invest money in this’. An upright 2 of pentacles is an encouraging one that leans towards a yes, but this is only as long as you’ve analysed everything and know that you have the balance in your life and finances to do it.

2 of pentacles reversed Yes or No Finance

Whilst it is not always a definitive no, a reversed 2 of pentacles is almost always a negative answer. Finances are a tricky subject and they can often become complicated and disorganised. Common yes or no questions surrounding finance, such as ‘can I afford this’ or ‘should I trust them with a loan’ will be met with an answer of no upon drawing this card. It is not to discourage you from buying things that you enjoy, but it is to prevent you from losing control of your finances or making any irrational decisions.

2 of pentacles Yes or No Health

When an upright 2 of pentacles represents itself in regard to health, it is usually a yes. This card promotes balance with all things, including health, and it is important to maintain both your physical and your mental health. Some questions you may ask might be as simple as ‘am I healthy’ or a little more in depth like ‘am I giving my mental health enough attention’. If you receive an upright 2 of pentacles in response to these questions, then the answer is usually a yes. As I mentioned, this card promotes balance, so it is a good indicator that you are paying enough attention to all aspects of your health.

2 of pentacles reversed Yes or No Health

Opposing its upright counterpart, the reversed 2 of pentacles is usually a no or negative answer in relation to questions about health. Health concerns both your physical and mental well-being so you may ask questions such as ‘is this good for my health’ or ‘am I taking care of all of me’. A reversed 2 of pentacles will indicate a negative answer to these questions, with the card’s concern of balance the message is most likely that you are not balancing the amount of care that goes into all aspects of your health.

A few questions related to two of pentacles:

2 of pentacles Yes or No Questions

The Answer to ‘Am I cursed?’

If you ask this question and a two of pentacles appears upright then no, you are not cursed. You may simply be having a spell of bad luck, no pun intended, but there isn’t anyone who has tried to put a curse on you with malicious intent. However, if it appears reversed there is a possibility that there is a curse upon you. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone is trying to sabotage you, but it could mean that your actions have come back to bite you and may cause you to struggle with different areas of your life.

The Answer to ‘Will I be rich?’

As mentioned earlier, the 2 of pentacles is a card about balance in relation to finances. If this card appears upright in response to your question that it shows a good likelihood that if you continue to monitor and maintain balance of your finances, then you may come into prosperity. If it is reversed, then it shows that if you continue your spending habits and handling of money the way you are then you are likely to struggle gaining extensive money.

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