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Yes or No 10 of swords

The Ten of Swords represents rock bottom. It is the end of a cycle for you, and you must acknowledge, however painful, that this part of your life is over. It is difficult to see the light in the darkness that surrounds you. This card is an ominous NO.

Upright Ten of Swords – Yes or No?

10 of swords tarot card meaning yes or no

The Ten of Swords is one of the most negative of the entire deck. Lying face down, a destitute soul has had enough. Pierced ten times, they lay emotionless, some may say the red indicates the blood draining from their body. I prefer to seek a more emotional meaning from this card and with Swords representing emotions, I see this as more mental despair, hurt and failure. These are all types of loss.

The death symbolised in this card is not necessarily that of another soul. Although we all experience grief and loss, death is more likely to mean ‘the end.’ Unlike the major Arcana ‘Death,’ the Ten of Swords denotes more negativity and does not see you bouncing back from your loss as quickly as you had hoped. This is most certainly a NO, unless you happen to draw the Ten of Cups card alongside it. This can uplift and point to the hope you desire.

Ten of Swords Reversed – Yes or No?

10 of swords reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

In reverse, you are turning disastrous force around, with a new found rejoice. Most certainly, if this is the case, you have more than earned it. To be pulled from this point in your life to another where you can smile again is something you should be proud of. The worst is finally over and you are heading towards much earned status of recovery.

When I say recovery – do not assume I mean from love or from an illness. This could be any aspect of your life where you have felt that misery and failure rain down on you like an August shower, with nothing to protect you. In reverse, the metaphorical sun is breaking through the dark skies, as we see in the image. You made it! A much more likely YES is shining through.

Ten of Swords Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

10 of swords tarot card meaning for love yes or no

The Ten of Swords is showing up to tell you that changes are ahead for you in love. Sorry to have to tell you, but this will be whether you like it or not. This could mean a break up, but can also mean situations have brought two souls hardship and as a result, your relationship could suffer. If you sense this is already happening, it will create an air of frustration for you as you are unlikely to be able to control it.

If you are without a fellow soul in love, you could be stagnating your progress forth to find one if you pay too much attention to the past. A lot can be said for shedding the skin of old, and moving on. You could end up letting your one true soul pass you by. The key here is acceptance and letting go. In love, the Ten of Swords is a probably NO, although beautiful cards of hope such as the Ace of Swords can help you heal.

Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

10 of swords reversed love yes or no

Love has been unkind to you. I feel it deep in my heart that you have been the seeker of a fresh light for some time. You will draw the Ten of Swords in reverse if you have put all your previous misfortunes behind you and your heart is now a white blank page. This is such an optimistic time for you. What is next? Where will life take you?

If you are in the arms of old, it is a good omen that you have both learned to forgive, and are forthright in your desire to succeed the second time around. There is definite improvement on the horizon, and long overdue too. In reverse, this card offers you a way out of the darkness, and a much more likely YES.

Ten of Swords Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

10 of swords Advice Yes or No

A difficult one here. If you are seeking advice for your weary soul to rest, how to do it and where to start, I would say this card tells you to start resting immediately. There is no time than the present. Any other aspect of life rings close to this as well. Be it work, love or life; put yourself first. There is no warning quite like this anywhere else in the entire deck, so the message stands very clear. If there has been a recent ending, remember, this was totally out of your control. The only way forward now, is a peaceful one. View this as a probable NO, watch out glorious moon, for if she is in a new phase, you will be aligned.

Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

10 of swords reversed advice yes or no

It is a great time presently to go for it if you pull the Ten of Swords in reverse. There may have been obstacles but they are now behind you. It’s a little like that breathtaking feeling when you climb and climb that hill or mountain. You stand at the bottom and sigh, and wonder how on earth you will make it to the top. Not only have you made it through the woods, to the top. You’ve wrestled bears along the way and now here you are. Your path ahead is clear and calm. Finding these new ways to cope has led you to a more hopeful YES.

Ten of Swords Health – Yes or No?

Suffice to say, in a health reading we are looking at a point in time where you need to stop and really focus on taking good care of yourself. It could be that you have physically overdone it in your professional or personal life, or that everything has got on top of you and you just don’t have the mental capacity to cope with it all any more. You have been doing too much, and if you carry on, things are only going to get worse for you, which means a longer period of recovery. For health a most likely NO. If you do see cards such as the Page of Wands, you might consider yourself lucky to have a quick bounce back ahead of you.

Ten of Swords Pregnancy – Yes or No?

10 of swords pregnancy yes or no

It feels to me as if you have had a tough time to get you to this point. Maybe things haven’t gone the way you planned. Loss and grief are such difficult emotions to deal with, and there is no right or wrong way. Could it be that you are mourning the break up you thought was destined to be? Has it hampered your progress to the parenthood you always saw for yourself? It’s OK. Time heals. Time allows us to process events in life, be it good or bad. Your time will come, hold onto that ray of light in the sky within this image. The sun is always shining, even behind the darkest of clouds. For now, this reads as a NO, but in time this could change.

Ten of Swords Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

10 of swords Yes or No Questions

In practical readings, the Ten of Swords reveals itself through troubled souls. Some questions I have been asked where it surfaces are here.

“I have been feeling mentally exhausted lately. What can I do to begin to feel better?”

It’s no wonder you have been exhausted. Pulling this card is all the confirmation I need to see that you have suffered so much of late. Only now are you stopping to see that, aren’t you? I think that is why you came to me today. Why is it that we only reach out for help when we are already at rock bottom? I’m unsure, but I am glad you seek better times. There of course is hope. You are going to need to put in the effort to rest, which sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? But yes, it does take effort to rest, especially if you are inclined to speed through life. Rest, rest and more rest. Take baths, walk a little, watch the sun set. Anything is a good start.

“My husband is having an emotional affair with another woman. He doesn’t know that I know. How do I deal with this?”

Well, that would be the ‘backstabbing’ aspect of this card. Sadly you have been the victim here, and it is going to be hard for a long time before it begins to feel better. What you mustn’t do is blame yourself. Too many times we look inwards when somebody else causes a fault in love. Nobody else aside from your soul was responsible for this act of cruelty and all I can say is there is a sun ready to shine one day for you. Take it one day at a time and follow your heart. You are allowed to grieve a relationship that once was, and you are allowed to be angry.

“My parents are moving quite far away and I feel so upset about it. How can I learn to live with them such a distance away?”

How exciting for your parents, although I am sure they are fairly unsure of the changes ahead as much as you are. They have chosen to move for whatever reason they have, but that doesn’t mean they won’t miss you, or that you both cannot visit each other. It has obviously hit you hard and that is fairly normal if you have a close relationship and are a regular part of each other’s lives. Keep the faith that everything happens for a reason and communicate your sadness to them, so that you can work on ways to keep in touch.

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