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Yes or No The Magician

The Magician represents manifestation. You are limitless in your potential, and you have the drive and determination to see anything through. Your ideas become reality as you give birth to wondrous ideas that you are more than capable of turning into reality. The Magician is a YES.

Upright Magician – Yes or No?

The Magician tarot card meaning yes or no

The Magician is here to remind you of your current strength to turn your world into whatever you desire. You awake with inclination and energy to make things happen, and my goodness, are they! This isn’t a card that focuses solely on health or love, this is what I call an ‘All Rounder.’ Any area of your life where you see the need for improvement, for magic to happen, you already have it in the bag.

The Magician card holds all elements within itself. A candle held brightly up in the air symbolises fire, and a spiritual strength and balance. The cup on the table, holding water and emotions steadily. Physical energy beams from him as he stands tall with his arm confidently up and in good stature, surrounded by foliage; his place on Earth. We see the infinite sign above his head, hovering in the air. The Magician is mentally strong and able, as are you and for that, a probable YES.

Magician Reversed – Yes or No?

The Magician reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Our magnificent Magician in reverse is still as powerful, but his power here, like yours or somebody you know, is an illusion. There is confusion around you, particularly disguised as a smile or a kind gesture. It is a little like the apple in Snow White. A bright, juicy, ripe red apple is ever so tempting, but one bit and you will fall for its trick, leaving others laughing and rejoicing that they can manipulate you with something so simple and beckoning.

Reversed, he is a warning that you must take heed. Have a think about your current state of emotions, and those around you. Your best interests should remain so, with no comical distortion from outside sources. The Magician here is a likely NO.

Magician Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

The Magician tarot card meaning for love yes or no

Magician’s have the power to wow a crowd. Even now, I see them walking the streets of Avalon, stopping souls in the street with a distraction of trickery. For a moment, those souls are blind sided. It all happened so quickly, how did The Magician do it? Then off he skips to the next person, ready to do the same all over again. It can make souls feel like the most important person for a moment or two, then they are abandoned for another. A cycle that can seem painful.

It feels like a fairytale when we find that soul briefly. In a love reading, The Magician is sending us this very message. It isn’t of hope, or indeed that anything tragic will happen. But a fleeting opportunity from another to serve their own needs will likely be put above your own. Like the carpet pulled from underneath your feet, this romance can be fantastic. That is, until it ends. I want so hard to give this a yes, but my kind heart knows you deserve the truth – a most likely NO.

Magician Love Reversed – Yes or No?

The Magician reversed love yes or no

In a love reading, The Magician in reverse can indicate a relationship without layers. Perhaps you are looking for something deeper, with more emotion that you are currently unable to seek in your current soul. If single, you are focusing too much on fleeting opportunities instead of seeking what you truly desire; a loving union.

Whatever situation you are faced with, if love is what you want, then you are going about it in the wrong manner. There are many ways we can connect with others, and what works for others is great. But when it comes to The Magician in reverse, the message is clear. You want more from a love, and that is your divine right. If you seek the right person, you will find the right love. In reverse I prefer to offer a MAYBE here because you are somehow being guided to a better place.

Magician Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

The Magician Advice Yes or No

All the signs are clear – The Magician is your calling to give birth to your plans and motives. With every good idea is a plan, and with every plan comes the drive to want to see it succeed. Do you have it all ready? Are you waiting with baited breath, like in a game of Chess, to make your move? There is a strong indication here that you are likely to dive into a positive process though, and any advice you may want clarity with, is going to manifest itself the right way. I do like to add with this card a warning to always have your wits about you. Glorious is your willpower, fast the mighty fall. I will give you a likely YES, but with a sprinkle of caution, especially if this is surrounded by Swords in a reading.

Magician Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

The Magician reversed advice yes or no

The caution I warned you of in the upright position is coming in thick and fast here. When I say thick and fast, I mean you are going to really need to be prepared for anything. There may be somebody selfish around you trying to sabotage your ideas. It sadly even has the capability of being you. Do you always make the same mistakes? Do you get to a point where you think, ‘Oh I can’t be bothered any more,’ or, ‘I don’t see the point in this.’ ? Whatever it is, your progress is stagnant, and you need to think about re-evaluating your path, and potentially your habits. For this reason, The Magician in reverse is a probable NO – but there is hope if you pull the Strength card.

Magician Career – Yes or No?

The Magician career yes or no

It’s always fascinating when careers take a slump. We fail to see the hope during times of boredom or displacement. The Magician offers his most intelligent tricks now for you, and you will manifest fantastic ideas and creations. This means there is hope for you after all! This is a particular great card if you want to start your own business or invest in a new project or team. With this knowledge and power behind you, there isn’t a stone you will leave unturned in the search for more meaning and joy in your career. This is a probable YES and even more so if you also pull out an Ace or Page in this reading.

Magician Health – Yes or No?

We all wish we could slow our roll and listen to ourselves more frequently. We say, ‘Yes, I will do that tomorrow, but for today, this other thing takes precedence.’ The Magician is here to inform you that a change will soon occur. There will be that moment where it all makes sense, and you will have the fortunate power to stop and put your health first.

As a priority, you are likely to face an area of spiritual strength that guides you through life’s tricks and tapestries. You’ve perhaps neglected his for some time, but your mind and body thank you infinitely when you bow to the power of your consciousness. This is something marvellous and to be embraced! A very likely YES – especially when pulled with divine Court cards.

Magician Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

The Magician Yes or No Questions

Have you ever wondered how The Magician surfaces in a reading? Here are some questions I have recently been asked.

“Should I take a risk and set up my own business, or play it safe and stay in my 9-5?”

You’re passionate about this idea, I can tell. The mere fact that you are in a position where you can choose which direction you want to go tells me that you have given it some serious thought. The next step for you is taking a leap. Are you ready? It seems as if you are determined and at your creative best. Ensure your fortunes cover any initial period that you are attracting clientele and that perhaps you have somebody around you to offer good advice. Be open to the teething problems as well as the excitement. Smooth sailings can encounter storms from time to time, so make sure you account for that. Good luck!

“I’ve just met a fantastic man who already wants to take me on holiday. Am I moving too fast?”

Ah, love. Love is our soul purpose. Without love, we will have nothing. Love keeps the world spinning, and keeps new generations growing and taking care of our planet. When we attract somebody, if feels like nothing else. A look, a smile, a kiss. The phrase, ‘being swept off my feet’ is relevant here. Do you want your feet to be in the air? Are you prepared to be at the mercy of another so soon? My advice to anybody entering a new relationship is to go at a pace where you will not be lethargic in a months time. If you feel happy going, then do so. But ensure you are doing it with the right head on your shoulders, and do not get swept up by promises that may turn out to be empty in the future.

“Will I fall pregnant this year?”

The journey to Motherhood is a divine one. Having children is a desire for many, and I feel this is the case here. You want so much to hold that baby in your arms, and I know one day this will happen for you in some way. I do feel the need to keep you in check, because what a baby needs is a stable loving family. Ensure you have the best environment possible for that little one, and don’t feel rushed to do what everyone else seems to be doing. You will go your own way, and get to your destination, because life is different for us all.

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