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Yes or No 4 of pentacles

This card largely relates to matters of finance. The 4 of Pentacles sends a message that money is not the same as freedom. This card is often depicted with a man clutching four different pentacles close to his body. No one can touch these pentacles, but the man is also unable to move.

4 of Pentacles Upright – Yes or No

4 of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

I applaud you if you have worked hard. You’ve climbed up the tree and reached the luscious fruit dangling from the branches. However, just because you’ve had the fruit from this tall, tall tree. Make sure that you don’t devalue the other types of fruit from smaller trees. I am not saying that you don’t deserve to be happy with what you have achieved, you definitely do. Just make sure that you don’t let it affect your balance of material and spiritual gain.

If you have asked the tarot cards a question such as ‘am I better than them’ or ‘does money increase my value’, this card gives you a secure answer of ‘no’. You deserve the rewards you have gained, but don’t think that this is an excuse to boast or judge yourself as superior to other people.

4 of Pentacles Reversed – Yes or No

4 of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

If you’ve lived you, life in fear of poverty, the money that you have gained is likely to be precious to you. But you’re changing as a person as that person if someone you have feared becoming. Hoarding your money when you don’t need to can make you toxic. Don’t lose your soul because you’re simply wanting to increase a material number. However, there is another meaning for this card. Have you perhaps been spending large amounts of money that you either don’t need to or don’t have?

This card is likely to appear in response to questions such as ‘am I being too frugal’ or ‘am I spending too much’. It will give you a clear answer of ‘yes’. You need to remember that money isn’t everything before you lose yourself as a person.

4 of Pentacles Upright Meaning for Love – Yes or No

4 of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

Having arms wrapped around you is comforting, but if they are too tight then you can struggle to breathe. Space is important in a relationship, both you and your partner need to allow each other to breathe. You may not want to give your partner space due to hang ups from past romances, this is understandable, but let them walk. They’ll come back to you or walk alongside you. But they won’t move anywhere with you if you grip them too tight.

This same idea occurs if you are single. Gripping onto past loves is stopping you from moving and you won’t let yourself walk with anyone else. Have you asked questions such as ‘do I need to trust them more’ or ‘can I relax and find love’? If you have then this card appears with an encouraging answer of ‘yes’.

4 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning for Love – Yes or No

4 of pentacles reversed love yes or no

You’ve been very brave. A ladder is resting against the wall you’ve built and you’re allowing your partner to climb over it. It’s a very scary thing, but you have allowed yourself to let go of your hang-ups and commit to this relationship fully. After this move, your romantic life is about to flourish, and you’ll have the love that you want and deserve. If you have asked the cards questions such as ‘can I be happy now’ then the 4 of Pentacles with give you a calming ‘yes’.

4 of Pentacles Upright as Advice – Yes or No

4 of pentacles Advice Yes or No

If you’ve lost yourself, wandering off the road of your life path, some well intentioned advice may be needed. Have you asked the cards for some advice, or perhaps you’ve asked them about some advice which you have been given? You should listen to what the cards say and take their advice. If you do then you’ll be able to find your way back to your life path much quicker. You might be scared, but it’s safer than sitting in a cold swamp and not being able to move. This card is a little more ambiguous, but it usually gives you an answer of ‘yes’ in a reading.

4 of Pentacles Reversed as Advice – Yes or No

4 of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

You are unlikely to receive this card as an answer for advice, unless this advice is about finances. It is possible that you have been spending too much and are coming out of a stable financial situation. Whilst finances are not everything, you should still be careful. Making bad financial decisions can impact other aspects of your life more greatly than you may think. Whatever advice you have asked for, ultimately in your subconscious, you know what is best. Therefore, this ambiguous card gives you an answer of ‘maybe’.

4 of Pentacles Upright Meaning for Finances – Yes or No

4 of pentacles finances yes or no

Don’t trap yourself in with your money. Enjoy it, share the fruits of your labour. But don’t let the sin of greed overcome you and change you as a person. You are more than your money, whether the amount you have is big or small. Have you asked the cards a question such as ‘should I spend a little on myself’ or ‘should I save some for a big change in life’? You have been granted with an answer of ‘yes’.

These two questions may seem contradictory. However, the card is saying that you are allowed to spend some money on yourself. At the same time, you should also be sensible and maybe keep some savings for a big event or big change that may come into your life soon.

4 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning for Finances – Yes or No

Have you been stuck for a long time? Perhaps grabbing that money has made you feel like you’ll gain freedom. But truthfully, the chains around your wrists have simply tightened, haven’t they? But you’re starting to learn so worry not. Letting go of small amounts of money is loosening your chains and letting you move forward.

You are likely to receive this card in response to questions about your generosity with money. Maybe you have asked ‘should I donate more to charity’ or ‘should I treat my loved ones’. If you have, then you have received an answer of ‘yes’. Learning to be more generous with your money will not only help you move forward. It will help you open your heart and soul more.

4 of Pentacles, the Answer to – Am I on the Right Path?

4 of pentacles Yes or No Questions

If you have received this card upright, then you are likely to have been given an answer of ‘no’. You are starting to wander off the path that you were previously on. Distracted by the glowing promise of coins and riches. Don’t worry, you can still make your way back to the right path if you let go.

In a reversed position, this card gives you a more specific answer of ‘not quite yet’. You have strayed from the path, but you’re making your way back to it. Keep going as you are, commit to the changes you’ve made, and you’ll be on the path in no time.

4 of Pentacles, the Answer to – Will I be Rich?

Whether you have received this card upright or reversed, it does give you an omen that you may be rich. Whilst this may seem like a great answer, but it is not actually a positive card. You may have all the riches you want, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy. If you grip your money close to you in every attempt to be rich, then you’ll never move forward and enjoy everything that life has to offer. This card is a major reminder than money isn’t everything.

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