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Yes or No 6 of pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles is a merchant card. This card means there is potential for investment and generosity in your life. It depicts a man holding a scale in one hand and pouring “money” out of his other hand.

6 of Pentacles Upright Meaning – Yes or No

6 of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

A positive card has fallen into your hands. You may feel as though a plan has fallen through your fingers but worry not, this card indicates that soon new plans will come into fruition. Of course, the 6 of Pentacles can take on different meanings depending on which specific cards clarify it. However, the general consensus is that the 6 of Pentacles offers a positive outcome to most Yes or No questions, usually offering a ‘yes’ as a response in an upright position.

6 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning – Yes or No

6 of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

In a reversed position, this card is more negative. Your generosity is admirable but be careful who you offer it to. There is a chance that someone may be abusing your generosity and profiting off of your prosperity. This card offers you an answer of ‘no’ in your tarot readings.

6 of Pentacles Meaning for Love Yes or No

6 of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

Open your heart, mind and soul. This card shows that you are ready to receive the love that is surrounding you. You should always give yourself the opportunity to love and be loved. Thus, you might find yourself taking someone for granted or you may find that you are being taken for granted. So, as the 6 of Pentacles appears, recognize those in your life that you are appreciative of and make space to attract more love into your life. For matters of the heart, the 6 of Pentacles is a beautiful card to receive that tells you how the flower of your romance will be sure to blossom. It provides you an answer of ‘yes’ in your tarot reading.

6 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning for Love Yes or No

6 of pentacles reversed love yes or no

Love can be blinding, make sure that you’re keeping at least one eye on your cup of life. It is easy to want to shower your partner in affection, I certainly know that I’m guilty of it. However, if you give too much they may not want to put in that same amount of effort in return. Some people fear to share their love because it may not be reciprocated. However, the 6 of Pentacles in reverse is a challenge for each person to love courageously and generously. It also encourages us to not give too much of ourselves or fill up other people’s cups while our cups are empty. This slightly more ambiguous card listens to your problems and provides a soft ‘maybe’.

6 of Pentacles as Advice Yes or No

6 of pentacles Advice Yes or No

As stated earlier, it’s important to give from a balanced place. If you don’t maintain balance then you’ll fall off the tightrope. This generous card eludes to giving back to your life and community. Perhaps by doing volunteering or charity work. The 6 of Pentacles advises people to get out of their heads and does it’s best to remind you that you know the balance that you truly need. It also suggests that certain needs aren’t being met within your personal and interpersonal life. Perhaps you need to share some words with a family member or a spouse. Selfishness and selflessness are both extremes. It’s important to find a balance. More often than not, this card will say ‘yes’.

6 of Pentacles Reversed as Advice Yes or No

6 of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

The 6 of Pentacles in reverse focuses more on the “negative” aspects of one’s life. So, you’ll likely need to look into doing subconscious work or become mindful of destructive patterns. As stated earlier, being overly selfless is not healthy. You should always prioritize your needs when it comes to your overall wellbeing and peace of mind. Ask yourself why you give more than your means. This could be a sign of overcompensating or an attempt at trying to find fulfillment in fulfilling others even if it means depleting yourself. After looking at these patterns, try to balance yourself internally just as the merchant’s scale.

6 of Pentacles as the Answer to ‘Should I Change my Career?’

Do you feel unsatisfied in your work? As though every day is the same and you feel like you aren’t contributing enough. The 6 of Pentacles suggests that you may wish to pursue a career where you give more and therefore receive more satisfaction. Perhaps you should look at joining conservation or healthcare careers. Generosity and gratitude accompany the 6 of Pentacles card and describes you as being a person who cares about others and will use your resources to help. This card gives you an answer of ‘yes’ you should definitely at least consider changing your career path.

The answer to ‘Will I always be single?’

6 of pentacles will i always be single yes or no

Are you offering your heart to every potential partner? If you give each of them a piece then you won’t have any heart left for yourself. Giving yourself away is not always good and it may be the reason why you are struggling to find love. You are being called to reevaluate how much of your time, energy, and trust you give to people. Perhaps you had or have a tendency to trust people easily and give them the benefit of the doubt only to get nothing in return.

Another interpretation is that you have issues of codependency. When people are codependent, they tend to seek fulfillment from other people. This can lead to a set of unhealthy expectations and feelings of entitlement. This card wants you to change, for your own good. But it still offers you a reassuring answer of ‘no’.

6 of Pentacles Upright Meaning for Contact – Yes or No

The 6 of Pentacles suggests that you should contact the person in question if you wish to speak with them. You may have been the beggar before, receiving from this person and not giving enough. These roles need to reverse, you should give to them and you can do that by contacting them. It may very well be your turn to give that person a call or text. You cannot force someone to contact you and waiting will only make you hurt more. However, if they choose to reciprocate their interest, they will continue make contact with you. Try being honest with yourself when identifying who you are in this scenario. It’s likely that they will contact you. 6 of Pentacles could signify the completion of some kind of exchange and gives you an answer of ‘yes’ you should contact them.

6 of Pentacles Meaning for Contact – Yes or No

If you are waiting on a response or simply someone to make the first move to contact you, the 6 of Pentacles says that your person of interest will likely contact you. Aside from the merchant, we also see two people kneeling who appear distressed. However, they are waiting to receive the gift being given to them by the merchant. You may find that you are one of the distressed individuals waiting to receive something. The “gold” that’s being poured doesn’t have to correlate directly to money. It can be a symbol of clarity, information, love, passion, and more.

The 6 of Pentacles gives you an answer of ‘no’ you should not contact them. You have been giving and are left in distress. It is time for this person to give back to you.

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