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Yes or No 9 of pentacles

The Nine Of Pentacles represents self reliance. You have reached a point of financial comfort and you are taking action towards improving your surroundings. You have earned the money and you are living a good life, without the approval of others. A YES card.

Upright Nine Of Pentacles – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

The Nine Of Pentacles is an independent woman. Earned her riches she has, with little help or need of support from others, she is leading a comfortable life which has provided security for itself. That’s not to say she hasn’t got there with ease, oh no. Hard work and grit have led to her financial harvest as she walks her fruitful garden with grace and dignity.

She, like you, is now able to take life at a slightly slower pace, knowing you don’t have to rush around looking for when your next pay check will arrive. You are relaxed in the notion that you can enjoy life and be somewhat carefree as your intelligence has led you to water. In the image we see coins around her, and she knows this, but her focus is on her gentle ways rather than the materialistic side of her amounts. She is a grounded woman! A most likely YES here.

Nine Of Pentacles Reversed – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

What happens when we try to live outside our means? Do we not think it will catch up with us eventually? Be sure to know that it will. The trouble with the Nine Of Pentacles in reverse is that she doesn’t seem to care. She wants a lifestyle that her job or finances are not set up to fulfil, but she continues anyhow – knowing she is likely to fall deeper into unsustainable times.

Is this you? Perhaps there is an area of your life where you are struggling but you don’t really want to admit it. Are your bills being paid on time or are you holding off because something irresistible caught your eye in the shops and you need to wait until that final reminder before you commit your money to essential living? Time to think about what truly matters in the long run and create a plan of action to be more responsible. A probable NO here.

Nine Of Pentacles Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

As much as some of us yearn to share our souls with another, those who draw the Nine Of Pentacles don’t necessarily strike that feeling. That isn’t to say sometimes they get lonely, but what is likely to happen are carefree, short lived rendezvous’s rather than anything with true meaning. You are far more interested in having yourself to rely on as opposed to anybody else.

This can sometimes backfire, because when very real chances of love show up to you, you dismiss it as yet another brief encounter. Is there a part of you scared to take the next step with someone? Don’t you want to share your fruits with another? If you have earned them it could be likely you are seeing a protective hand wrapped around your hard work,not admitting those who did not contribute. Be cautious here, dear soul, because nobody wants to end up alone. A MAYBE is offered here – other cards in your reading will offer more clarity.

Nine Of Pentacles Love Reversed – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles reversed love yes or no

Loving for the sake of loving, is not love. You don’t need somebody to share your life with, unless of course you choose to. If all your friends are seemingly settling down, getting married or having children with their own souls, this does not mean you have to mirror them in order to keep up with the times. The times are different for us all.

The wrong reasons can haunt us for years to come. Once we make a commitment with the soul not meant for us, things can get complicated and that rosy image you are so desperate to portray to others will be come very distorted, not just to them but to you as well. Don’t find yourself stuck and instead take your time to seek your soulmate. They show up just when they need to. A NO is likely here.

Nine Of Pentacles For Advice – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles Advice Yes or No

Our lady here is strongly urging you to manifest whatever you desire, because the outcome is highly likely to be positive. If you have been waiting for the perfect moment to start a project, spend time with family or even make improvements to your property, all the stars align in response to your dreams. This is a very good time for moving ahead with confidence and ease because the life you have built for yourself is going to be the security you need in order to keep you safe. A likely YES here, especially when drawn with the Ten Of Cups.

Nine Of Pentacles Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

Of course there are options for you to achieve your goals in a way that matches the morals of those highest esteemed. What you seek, is yours for the taking, but I don’t feel this is conducive to your current ways. You are putting a show of sorts on, aren’t you? I can do this, I can do that, leave it with me. Then you walk off and forget what you promised. Before long, people will notice and have you pegged. What truly matters to you, dear soul? What, in all honesty, do you want? Remember, we can do anything we desire, as long as we lead ourselves there with a true heart. I offer a likely NO here for you, unless you pull out a caring Queen’s love.

Nine Of Pentacles Health – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles health yes or no

It is time to take stress out to the trash. Put it all in a big black bag and turf it out to the bins. Once outside, do not reconsider keeping a little for yourself for a rainy day, it is not required. Instead turn your attention to how you can live better. You have earned it and your mind and body will most certainly appreciate it. We can sometimes be guilty of neglecting our true self, in favour of whom we feel we must pretend to be for others. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that those people are real, but in actual fact who we are truly is buried deep underneath. Lady Pentacles is asking you to find your true self, and live her fully. A YES is likely here.

Nine Of Pentacles Career – Yes or No?

You have had quite the journey to get here to day, haven’t you, dear soul? You spent so much time grafting and earning your wage, so that you can one day be in a position where you don’t need to check your bank balance every other day to ensure you can cover what you need. What a wonderfully comforting position to be in, and here you are! You realise the importance of hard work, because this money didn’t just land at your feet, you worked so hard for it. Now you have a more secure life, you are thankful for what got you there – your blossoming career and the opportunities you snapped up over recent times. A probable YES here for you.

Nine Of Pentacles Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

9 of pentacles Yes or No Questions

I love the Nine Of Pentacles. She always glows when I pull her in a practical reading. Here are some examples.

“My husband and I are divorcing. Can I afford to live alone?”

If anything can be salvaged from this marriage, it is the notion that you can survive alone. In fact, you are more than capable of being that person. Perhaps this marriage has allowed you to falsely believe you are only a success when half of a whole, but this is not the case. By contrast, you are in a place of comfort. You are able to move forward now, putting this behind you and having money in your pocket either from the divorce or through your current work or the qualifications you hold in order to bag yourself a brand new job and be that high flying woman you always envisaged!

“Will I find love soon?”

I am surprised you are on the search for love at this time. Could it be that you have finally got to a place of self completion and you are ready to share it with another? This is a lot of growing you have done lately, dear one. With cards like this you are often wanting solitude and the ability to relish in your own independence but for you, you have done the work, yo have sent the time alone and now you are wanting to share it with another. You are in a promising position to create a true karmic response to this, and a good one at that. When we fully open our hearts, we receive love in its most finite form, and that is going to happen for you very soon.

“I wish I earned more money. How can I make this possible?”

I think you are selling yourself short here. Are you not already in a comfortable position, or does your heart keep yearning for more and more money in the bank? You are more than capable of covering your bills as well as living securely in your current situation, but sometimes we can get carried away with wanting to stretch our living means more and more. With that though, comes more stress and less time for yourself as you actually end up working more. Remember that fine balance in life, where yin and yang live happily side by side. Be content with what you have.

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