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Yes or No 5 of cups

Summary: The five of cups is a No card – it is plagued by grief and hurt. A bad omen for love, possible breakup. A lot of emotional baggage. You may have feelings for an ex. Look for comfort in friendships. Love will be waiting in the near future. The collapse of a business or job loss. A lot of negative emotions, nevertheless – look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

5 of Cups is possibly one of the tarot cards with more negative emotions connected to it. From sadness to guilt, this tarot card seamlessly opens the door to every possible thing that you have been blaming your self for up until now. This card is probably a pandora box for many, but finding why you are releasing all of those negative emotions, might be the solution to many of your problems. This card is a loud NO, there is no way to sugarcoat the meaning of a 5 of Cups. Still, we should deal with the reason why you got this card.

Upright 5 of Cups – is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

5 of cups tarot card meaning yes or no

Let’s not hide the truth, the 5 of Cups for most things is a no, yet you should be open in knowing why you are receiving this card and how to get something better. If we look at the 5 of cups card, you will see a man standing by a river, in front of him there are 3 cups dropped in the floor, and behind him, there are two standing. The man looks defeated, maybe due to some loss or grief. His clothes are dark and long covering up most of his body, which can lead us to think that he closed off to the world, self-absorbed by his own pitty. The overturned cups in front can represent failures and heartbreak, but he seems oblivious to the fact that there are 2 standing up cups behind him. He is too focused on those failures to notice them. That teel us that you have been through a lot and probably you are ready to quit, that’s why you are not recognizing the opportunities behind you.

Reversed 5 of Cup – is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

5 of cups reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The reversed 5 of Cups represents the ending of a bad journey for you. This card leads more to a yes, and why isn’t a definite yes? Because you have been through a lot, and you might or might not be ready for all the things that you have been missing out on, but the fact is, you did it. You went through it, and you survived it, just for that you should be feeling incredibly proud. When we look at the 5 of Cups card, we see the man mourning over his failures, behind him there is a river. This represents enlightenment, there is a french proverb that says “follow the river, and you will find the sea,” so if you are chanting for a goal, now it’s the time to follow your heart. We can also see a bridge and a castle on the 5 of Cups card, a bridge usually represents connections, and even an overcome of a bad situation. The castle is a symbol of strong foundations and an achievement of a goal. You are heading towards that castle, you just need to follow the river and cross that bridge.

5 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

5 of cups tarot card meaning for love yes or no

At times even when we love someone, we still find a way to hurt them. It’s just how it works for most of us, the question is…is love enough to forgive? That will probably be decided by many factors, but judging by the 5 of cups card is not going to be easy to overlook. And you shouldn’t beat yourself up, no matter who made your relationship standing on the edge, the 5 of cups tells us that there is no use to stare at those heartbreak fellings. You will need to forgive yourself and your lover for being able to make any type of amends. What happened isn’t irreparable, but you have a journey in front of you if you want to save this relationship, are you ready to fight for the person that you love?

Reversed 5 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

5 of cups reversed love yes or no

When this card appears, it symbolizes the overcome of a tough path and the beginning of a new chapter. You might have been through more pain than you ever thought you could ever endure, but you did it. You stood up and fought and forgave and won! Now it’s the time to re-join the world and accepting that you are right where you should be. This can mean the beginning of a love story or even the realization that you are not over an ex, so if that’s the case, you might need to re-evaluate where you stand and make a decision of reconnecting or move forward. Remember that you have just been through a lot, so it’s better to be a choice that will not lead you backwords. If you have been in a relationship, then things might be starting to feel better, but you both still need to build a stronger foundation. Work on the things that have been making you both miserable and heal together.

5 of Cups, Yes or No as Advice?

5 of cups Advice Yes or No

Sometimes to move forward, we have to embrace sadness. Accepting that you are in an unpleasant place is not a bad thing, a bad thing is to remain in that place. Life has thrown you into the deepest parts of grief, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions, but staying in that place, where will that lead you towards to? You might be feeling abandoned or lonely, but have you consider that maybe you have been sharing an unwelcoming vibe to the ones around you and induce to feeling that way? It’s okay, we all do it sometimes, pain can make us blind, but you have realized that you need to do something; otherwise, you wouldn’t be asking for advice, right? Maybe it’s the time too let go of those emotions and start seeing your failures and remorse with acceptance eyes. Forgive and learn how to accept help.

Reversed 5 of Cups, Yes or No as Advice?

5 of cups reversed advice yes or no

After going through so much, there should be a pot of gold waiting for you, but the reality isn’t that generous at times. Maybe because you haven’t looked closely enough. Where you are right now, could be potentially worse, so much worse, but you are not in that place. So isn’t that a reason to celebrate? The gift of forgiveness and acceptance is just as powerful as the value of gold, if not more. Your heart can do so much more than the most precious metal on earth ever could. Use your heart to get to the place where you want to be. Now is the time to move forward. You are stronger than you believe, so let that fear of failing from stopping you. You are in the process of healing, and you are ready to give back to the ones you love. Your goals are closer than you might think.

5 of Cups, Yes or No for Reconciliation?

5 of cups reconciliation yes or no

The art of healing a broken heart isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that you must consider right now. Is there a point to fight for that person that once was your world? Are you ready for redemption? Are you prepared to forgive or ask for forgiveness? The 5 of cups represent the remorse of guilt over spilled feelings. You have the option to fix that, but to achieve it, you will need to face all those heartbreak feelings. If your past relationship is important to you, then you can’t ignore all the trauma that comes with that reconciliation. Its time to reflect and weigh the pros and cons of embarking on a journey like this, because you will need to open your heart once again.

5 of Cups, Yes or No for Cheating?

It may be a betrayal in your relationship. Maybe even unclaimed feelings for a past lover? Cheating happens for so many reasons, but mainly is because you are not happy in your current situation, so you start trying to relive a time when you did. Very often, we come back to a previous relationship. But you can’t fix a problem by finding refuge on someone else. You need to focus on the present and face what’s happening right now, no matter how painful that will be because the more you linger, the more it will hurt.

5 of Cups, Yes or No for Business Decision?

The 5 of Cups is not a very positive card for your business or finances, but there is hope, so don’t settle for less. This card represents loss at work, either a key person left or your business collapse. What this card tells us is to accept that whatever lead you here, and after you have done that, no good will come from you to grieve your loss. You will need to adjust, re-evaluate your priorities, and keep ongoing. It is to easy to dwell on failure, but that will not bring your business or job back, you need to approach the situation from a different perspective.

Samples of 5 of Cups Yes or No Question interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

5 of cups Yes or No Questions

“My husband has cheated on me. It was incredibly humiliating and painful, but I decided to give our marriage a second chance. Will I ever be able to trust him again?”

Forgiving a betrayal can be extremely challenging. So my question prevails, have you forgiven him? It is ok if the answer is no because healing from something like that can take time. But there is something that you must do before you reach that point, you need to forgive yourself first. This is not on you. So forgive yourself first and then accept what happened. And if you want to be able to be in this relationship, you will have to let go of those feelings and fears and trust him. Because if you are not prepared, then it’s not fair on both of you. There is a reason why you kept your relationship alive, maybe centering your emotions on that reason will help you to let go of the fear.

“I’ve just been told that I no longer have a job… What should I do with my career?”

A loss of a job can be a stressful situation, losing your income is never a good thing, but do not submerge yourself into that pitty feeling of rejection. There are opportunities around you. You are probably not open to see them because you are overpowered by the loss of your job. Explore your options, and don’t let loss take over you.

“I cheated on my boyfriend with one of my exes, I realize now that was a big mistake. Will he ever forgive me?”

Getting hurt by the person that we love the most isn’t exactly the easiest thing to forgive. When you betrayed his trust, you took that part of him who believed in you away. The journey to forgiveness and reconciliation is not a bump-free one, so be ready for turbulence. You need to put your ego aside and really fix your damage. The closure is actually a symbol of new beginnings. You both need to let of that chapter in order to turn the page. It’s you who needs to help him doing that by listening and understanding his point of view. Its time for you to make amends.

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