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Yes or No 2 of wands

The 2 of Wands embodies two choices, this card is most likely a yes but with a slight twist… A decision. When you see this card on your reading, the question that you are asking will be answered with a puzzling dilemma. Are you ready to take risks, or will you play safe?

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – William Shedd

Upright 2 of Wands, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

2 of wands tarot card meaning yes or no

Looking at the 2 of Wands card, we can see a man with a red cape gazing deeply at the scene before him. As he stands on his castle he holds a globe of the world in one hand but without letting go of his castle. The red cape reminds us of superheroes, the super strength behind a disguise, but in reality, superheroes are powerful because of who they are within, so this tells us that you already have your superpower within you, you might call it talent. You might find yourself looking at the opportunities in front of you. The world in your hands signifies endless opportunities, it also gives a hint of a potential overseas exploit, the question that you have to ask yourself is if you are ready to let go of the safety of your castle. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone? The 2 of Wands is a positive sign of that enigma. You have it in you, you are capable of holding the world in your hands.

Reversed 2 of Wands, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

2 of wands reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The man in the 2 of Wands card is holding the symbol of his two choices in his hands while contemplating the view which is made of hills and the sea. The sea can represent the meaning of life and transformation, and the hills are a sign of obstacles in your path, it also symbolizes your fear of fighting for what you crave. Fear is holding you back from the life that you really desire, but when you face your fear of climbing there might be an inner elevation and an unquestionable consciousness state of mind. Instead of fearing the unknown, invest in your personal goals, and invest in your inwards strength so you can be ready to face the forthcoming hurdles ahead of you.

Upright 2 of Wands, Yes or No For Love?

2 of wands tarot card meaning for love yes or no

You are in the middle of a road with two ways out, and when it comes to love, this might be a very unsettling place to find yourself in. There is a choice that you might have to make between two love interests. One might be reliable and a safer choice and the other might bring the adventurous spirit within you. Remember that the grass is always greener on the other side. The decision that you make right now is not a temporary one, so you must ensure that you make your decision for the right motives. There is also the possibility of a trip of two very soon.

Reversed 2 of Wands, Yes or No For Love?

2 of wands reversed love yes or no

Sometimes we stay in bad relationships because we are afraid of the consequences of being alone, so we keep a relationship that might not make us happy but it feels comfortable and safe. There is a disconnection between you and your lover, you might want different things or/and see the picture of your future from a different light. It seems that there is a willingness to moving overseas, but only one of you desires that, which might cause some tension to your realtionship. You will see yourself gazing at the picture before you and be left questioning what’s the right thing to do. Is the safer choice better than your happiness? This is a question that only you have the answer to, but remember that the comfort zone tends to hold people back from something extraordinary.

Upright 2 of Wands, Yes or No as Advice?

2 of wands Advice Yes or No

The 2 of Wands card signifies two choices in your path but not without a compromise. You will have to leave your comfort zone and adventure yourself in a new adventure. If you choose to take risks, then this will be a very good self-discovery path for you. Still, it’s when we take the bigger risks that we allow ourselves to progress and evolve into the best version of ourselves. There is also a chance that the decision that you make now will be a long term experience. The world is full of possibilities and opportunities, in the 2 of Wands, the world seems very small which can give you a sense of superiority and that you shouldn’t let anything hold you back from the high-minded scene in front of you.

Reversed 2 of Wands, Yes or No as Advice?

2 of wands reversed advice yes or no

You are letting the fear take over your decisions. Change can be daunting, so choosing to stay in a safe and reliable place sounds more reassuring, even if a possible change promises a happier future. The risk of taking that chance is terrorizing for you, but have you thought of the consequences of not following your heart? There is a quote from J.R. Rim, that says “It’s not about making the right choice. It’s about making a choice and making it right.” You are focusing on the decision rather than what that choice might bring you. It’s okay to analyze and perhaps wait for the right moment but if you hold on to the possibility of waiting for the right moment, then you might be risking waiting forever. This is the time to look within yourself and develop your superpower.

Upright 2 of Wands, Yes or No For Business Decision?

It’s very likely that you will find yourself having to choose between two different job opportunities or perhaps picking between two different positions within your current place of work. If you are your own boss then there might be the option of growing your own business, which might involve extending your company overseas. The 2 of Wands is a very good card when it comes to your career and business decisions.

Reversed 2 of Wands, Yes or No For Business Decision?

You might have been experiencing a feeling of disappointment, due to having chosen the safest option when it came to your career path. You are lacking excitement and you might be feeling stuck. This might be a time of realization for you, and investing in a career change might just be what you need to explore your alternatives. If you are a business owner, there is a possibility of a deal going wrong, and a change of plans, this might not be the perfect time to take big risks financially.

Upright 2 of Wands, Yes or No For Break Up Or Divorce?

2 of wands divorce yes or no

When the 2 of Wands card appears in a reading, it means that you will have a choice between two love interests to make. Maybe you have the difficult choice of whether you should go ahead with a breakup. There might be the possibility of the start of a new relationship with someone else.

Although the 2 of Wands doesn’t necessarily present you with much insight of how to make the decision, it does give you the advice to not hold back and make a decision no matter what it is, just make sure to listen to your heart and not allow yourself to be held back.

Reversed 2 of Wands, Yes or No For Break Up Or Divorce?

There is a lack of connection between you and your partner. However, you are choosing to stay in that relationship because you feel like it’s the safest option. Still staying in a bad relationship is not always the better option. You might be missing other options because you are keeping yourself in a comfortable situation and choosing the safety net instead of taking a risk of that will perhaps make you happy and chase what your heart desires.

Samples of 2 of Wands Yes or No interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

2 of wands Yes or No Questions

“I was offered my dream job, but if I accept it I need to move cities. I’m thinking of declining. Am I choosing the right path?”

– John

Getting out of your comfort zone can be daunting. However, a choice must be done, the upright 2 of Wands portrays a dilemma with two paths, if you never let go of your comfort zone, you will never find out the mysteries that the world has to offer you. This perhaps means that you shouldn’t let fear hold you back from following your dreams.

“I have dated my beau for some time yet recently I just don’t think I love him in spite of the fact that I care very much about him, I feel that I’m into another person, would it be a good idea for me to part ways with my sweetheart?” – Leah

It’s clear that you have a choice in hands by the upright 2 of Wands. Although this card isn’t very specific on which path to take, the obvious message is that a choice must be done. Being in a relationship that brings you no happiness is not fair on any of you. However, you should ponder well if this is only based on temporary feelings or if it’s a long term decision.

“I have chosen the career that my parents picked for me, but now I feel unhappy, What should I do with my career?” – Brianna

Listening to other people’s desires is not a promise of a happy ending, but a sign that you will never meet your heart’s desires. The reversed 2 of Wands symbolizes a safer choice that you made which you are likely to regret. By pleasing others, you will be confining yourself of the feeling of accomplishment. You should make a decision that allows you to have the feeling of having the world in your hands.

“Should I get back to my ex?” – Andrea

The reversed 2 of Wands emphasizes a choice between a safe option or a daring one that will force you out of your comfort zone. You might be only seeing the safer option, but perhaps your ex is an ex for a reason. Ensure that there are no other better options and consider the consequences of your choice before jumping into a relationship that broke already once before.

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