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The Five of Swords stands as a caution. You may have enemies whom act like friends, and conflict is likely to be surrounding your current life. A battle lies ahead, and you need to prepare for it. There are many interpretations that could fit your situation, so with the strong Five of Swords, I offer you a MAYBE.

Upright Five of Swords – Yes or No?

5 of swords tarot card meaning yes or no

The Five of Swords is a siren. Perhaps it is sounding right next to you, or maybe you hear it in the distance, as it roars closer. What you may not want to hear, is that it won’t whiz past you, on its way to somebody else. It is heading straight for you. Can you see the soul gathering his swords for battle? He doesn’t have enough hands to carry them all, which means he may be biting off more than he can chew. Of course he looks around for help, but backs are turned and he is on his own. How will he choose to commence?

Like most sword cards, water is present, this time a ripple effect, meaning emotions may be stirred but with the blue sky cutting through the dark clouds, there is hope that your battle will pay of in your favour. Emotions also cut through communication, so upright, the Five of Swords is giving you the chance to explore your feelings and talk about them, in the hope this helps you along your way. I like to personally look at this card as the card of determination. You take a negative situation, and you work hard to make it positive. Upright, this is still a MAYBE – with the onus on you to take charge and deal with this problem as best as you can.

Five of Swords Reversed – Yes or No?

5 of swords reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The Five of Swords in reverse is waving its white flag your way,calling for peace from conflict. ‘This has gone on long enough, your energy is wasted here and no longer serves you. Forgive and forget.’ Interestingly, this calm message is showing you how much better your life could be, if you star to relax and let go of negativity.

Here, the Five of Swords is your friend, not your foe. Do you agree with its sentiment? Hold your ego long enough to consider the quiet and serenity that comes with acceptance. Smile, as your shoulder drop, and you balance your inner peace to neutral. How good will it feel? There is no other feeling like it. I call this CARD a conditional YES – it is really your choice whether or not you choose to be your own worst enemy, or not.

Five of Swords Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

5 of swords tarot card meaning for love yes or no 01

Much good does it do a person, to walk away with your head held high. Where love lives, do does the possibility that communication can cause havoc and wreck happiness. It matters not if this energy comes from your own soul, or theirs. The importance lies within the ability to put yourself first and knowing that you don’t have to have the last word in order to be superior.

The Five of Swords also wants you to explore the ways in which you deal with sadness or pain. Do you put up with the bad habits or treatment of others? Do you smile and nod and tell yourself, ‘It’s alright, nobody is perfect.’ In you heart of hearts, this detrimental act of self sabotage is likely to cause long term pain until you address it. Be inspire. A YES card, but look out for fellow swords as a more negative omen.

Five of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

5 of swords reversed love yes or no

Love has battle with you for some time. You have tried to conquer the conflict and you are now at a compromise with yourself. You are in the midst of experiencing a brand new chapter, one that frees your mind from its previous arguments, and you feel balanced. Love has reached your heart, and this does not have to be from another. Could you finally love yourself enough to know what is unhealthy for you?

The Five of Swords in reverse is an open door for reconciliation. If you want to start again in love, this is going to work in your favour. If you want to start learning how to love yourself, you are already halfway there. You are most certainly feeling stronger, and the energy I get from this card is that is likely a YES, and will continue.

Five of Swords Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

5 of swords Advice Yes or No

Have you bitten off more than you can chew? Have you stumbled along, fighting whatever is thrown your way, continuing to do so out of habit, even when there is no longer a threat? Hold your horses. People will begin to lose faith in you if you keep putting yourself on the perimeters of defence instead of letting your walls down and feeling free.

If you want to make a real change, start with yourself. Put down your weapons of defence and work to compromise, and most importantly, talk. Talking is underrated these days, especially calmly and logically. Be the better person, the potential is already there, you just need to find it. The is is served as a MAYBE – because you decide which way is going to serve your soul and not your ego.

Five of Swords Reversed Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

5 of swords reversed advice yes or no

Drama is behind you, but if you stop walking away from it, it will likely catch you up. The good thing about drama, is that it walks slower than you, so now is your chance to get a head start, so you can rest later. You might worry that history may repeat itself, but only you have the power to prevent that from happening. Are you going to do the right thing?

Hang back and gather your thoughts. It is never advisable to jump in head first and alarm those around you. Enter wisely, with a smile. You are still ridding yourself of negative emotions, and you do not want them to lodge and grow inside you again. Keep moving forward, and use this card in reverse as a likely NO – with your focus on ensuring that you time your actions with a brand new moon.

Five of Swords Career – Yes or No?

5 of swords career yes or no

Wow. It’s been tough, hasn’t it? I can sense all the conflict and I am trying to visualise what your life would be like if you just put yourself out there and admitted to yourself that you are knee deep in conflict. I get a sense that you are unhappy with something at work. What is causing you so much turmoil?

Do you feel like this career is for you, or do you have it in your heart to change direction? Either would be fine, but you have to be happy and not take this problem with you into the new chapter in your life. Sometimes we can fail to see the bigger picture until we step back, and in doing so, can you see yourself in the problem? It is a cal for reflection and withdrawal. A most likely NO – on the premise that you are unlikely to see an end in sight to your problem.

Five of Swords Health – Yes or No?

You put all your healthy ingredients in a blender, and you press blend until smooth. You get a healthy soup or smoothie. What happens if you cannot take your finger off the button? Sure, you will still get a smooth mix, but you will cause your motor to burn out. It’s very hard to fix, and will likely result in your needing a new blender which costs time and money. Instead of investing in something that you had but damaged, try investing in what’s yours now. It’s far less hassle, is it not?

If there is one message to take away with you, it is to look after yourself. If you feel a loss of energy, pause. If you keep fighting on and losing strength along the way, what will you have left for yourself? It’s looking like an uphill climb for you, but you focus should be on your recover, be it mental or physical. You can do this. For those reasons, I cannot see clearer than a MAYBE, the responsibility lies with you. Which answer calls most to you?

Five of Swords Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

5 of swords Yes or No Questions

The Five of Swords shows up in the strangest of places. Some questions asked to me in the past can give you an idea of how to interpret this card in a reading.

“I think I might be falling for somebody, but I don’t love easily. I’m scared I could be rejected. What should I do?”

You’ve struggled to get here. The pain we carry from the past can be constructive or destructive. Do you want to use it as a reminder that you can conquer heartache, or to repel any future potential souls coming your way? A closed heart is one that has fought hard and lost, but the battle now needs to come to an end. There is encouragement to move forward, take a risk, and keep opening your life to new experiences. This is of course, how we grow.

“Should I go for that new job, even though it is in a brand new sector of work?”

That scary, unknown job that you fear but also sought an interest in? What brought you to fin the job? I assume you took the initiative to search for something new and exciting and now it is before you, you feel unsure. We all want to feel safe, but what happens when safe becomes a room that is too big for us? We push the ceiling and walls until they accommodate us, we do not struggle to keep contained. If this new job is what you seek, then raise your roof.

“I’ve been dealing with a sore back for a few months now, and it is preventing me from doing what I love; running. How can I improve my fitness?”

Pain is an indication that something isn’t right, the scales are off balance. Do you feel it? Of course you do. When we push ourselves, we can achieve pure magic. When we push too much, it is like running down a steep hill, we gather momentum and it feels good briefly, then we cannot stop and we end up falling down and causing more damage. You need to do the right thing, rest your back, find somebody who can help you build your strength and erase that pain. It is hard to give up something you love, but if briefly to work on a problem, you will be back in no time.

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