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Yes or No Justice

The Justice card represents judging a situation fairly. You may be be entering into a period of your life that involves settling a legal dispute or learning some kind of life lesson. Justice is dealt to inform you that whatever the outcome, it will be fair and balanced. This is a YES card.

Upright Justice – Yes or No?

Justice tarot card meaning yes or no

Illustrated every so eloquently, we see ‘Lady Justice’ stop of her throne, holding equally balanced scales. She, like you, is acting reasonably and without prejudice. The sword is she holds delicately is representative of the wrath faced if you make the wrong choice. What is in your hands, should be met with integrity.

If you recent world has been thrown into disarray and you have yet to see the light in a situation that has dealt you a bit of a blow, the Justice card is what you want to see. It is the card that openly informs you of a fair trial, and this doesn’t necessarily have to mean in court. You may have been wronged or treated unfairly of late, and it may have even felt as if nobody understands you or wants to see your side, but that is highly likely to change in the near future. A probable YES.

Justice Reversed – Yes or No?

Justice reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

We can often feel as if the world and its Wife have it in for us in some way. People from all directions can seemingly be wanting to poke and prod you until you snap back, then it becomes about your response as opposed to your treatment. Here, Justice is warning you of this very thing. We all make mistakes and handle things poorly sometimes, but what is often the right thing to do is step back, assess where it start to go wrong, and learn from your mistakes. By being reminded of this little blip in your life, you can be sure to move ahead and not make the same errors again. I like to offer a likely NO here, but with other Major Arcana cards such as Temperance or Death, you are likely to recover well.

Justice Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

Justice tarot card meaning for love yes or no

When you approach your mirror and look back at your reflection, do you see somebody worthy of love? Do you see somebody who deserves an equally open and loving heart? Knowing you should share your life with somebody equally as loving has led you to make some decisions, decisions without haste.

Justice is asking you to be honest with yourself. Do not settle for the first soul you meet simply because all you know are settling. Time spent searching for a heart so pure is not time wasted, and this is what you have been called to do. Act in haste, and love will be a waste. Here I can offer only a MAYBE. Focus on yourself and let love find you in the right way and right time.

Justice Love Reversed – Yes or No?

Justice reversed love yes or no

Often we damage relationships without even realising it. Negative thought patterns or action can not only bring us down, but others around us too. It hardly seems fair that somebody else suffers because of your acts, does it? Justice in reverse for any love reading calls on you to think about how you have been lately towards loved ones, and whether or not they have deserved the treatment they have received. Maybe it has been endured for too long and its about time the past was forgotten in favour of a much more blossoming future. I offer a MAYBE here too, I cannot guarantee you will thrive after your realisation, but it is totally possible, especially with reflective cards such as The Hermit.

Justice Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

Justice Advice Yes or No

The hidden meaning for Justice is karma. In seeking your desires and manifesting your dreams, Justice will give back what you put in. You see, the thing with balance is that it comes to you when you need reminding of something. So in searching unfairly, you will be reminded that you are, in essence, searching with an unpure heart. Remember, this card indicates you being proven right in some aspect. So go about your duties with kindness and harmony, and what you reap, you sow. A hidden but but likely YES here for you, especially with cards such as Strength.

Justice Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

Justice reversed advice yes or no

There is conflict here. I want to tell you better news, but for me in my heart, I see a clear image of Justice in reverse when it comes to advice. In reverse, we can sway from one meaning to another for different areas of life, but with advice, it means sheer injustice. You are not being listened to, you are being treated unfairly or there are areas of the law surrounding you, resulting in conflict. If advice is what you seek, it is to lay low and let the dust settle before making any huge decisions because they are likely to be misinterpreted if you go ahead with plans right now. I offer a NO here, although there can be hope if you also pull an Ace card.

Justice Pregnancy – Yes or No?

Justice tarot card pregnancy yes or no

Justice as a Major Arcana, stands for you directly. She has showed her beautiful face to ask of you, ‘What do you truly want?’ She is unbiased of course, she doesn’t want one particular thing for you other than to be true to yourself, and to be happy. With such a big commitment, pregnancy is something not to be taken lightly. She, like you, knows you would thrive as a parent, but what she wants you to remember, is to pace yourself and ensure you are making this decision with a sure heart and a strong mind. I prefer to offer a YES here, because I like to think those who go forth with this life changing decision are ready and filled with love and hope in their heart.

Justice Health – Yes or No?

What does health mean to you? Does it mean running regularly to keep fit? Perhaps it channels a healthy eating part of your life that you thrive on. With Justice, she wants you to think of it all; body, spirit and mind. Leave nothing to chance, and take all aspects of health into your hands, treating them fairly and equally. Justice calls for balance, wanting you to take on this task with a level head. It can be quite daunting to think about where to start, so spend some time thinking of a few things you would like to start with. Perhaps eating less sugar, or meditating. Maybe you prefer gardening. Do whatever calls to you, but leave no health leaf unturned. A YES is likely here for you.

Justice Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

Justice Yes or No Questions

Justice is a thought provoking card to pull in a practical reading. Often what we are looking for is right in front of us. Here are some great examples.

“We are in the process of moving but the contracts are taking forever to be completed. Will this happen soon?”

I wish I could magically appear them afore you so you can get on with the next stage of your life. Moving is such a huge task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Lots of money needs to be exchanged and other people are usually in some kind of chain also waiting for the ‘OK’ to pack and book a moving date. It can be so frustrating when this doesn’t happen as quickly as you wish, but be assured, no news is good news and you are well on your way. Each day that goes by, is a day closer to you moving into your dream home! Allow things to unfold fairly in their own time.

“My best friend is getting married but I have nobody to take as my guest. Should I join a dating site and find someone?”

What a wonderful event upcoming for you, a celebration of love! Of course, even better to share it with a soul of your own, but if he hasn’t reached you yet, do not replace him with a unconnected soul. You will receive more questions about him than you will be prepared for, and you will fail to truly enjoy your friends big day if you are stuck with somebody you barely know. As a footnote because I am an old fashioned romantic and believe in timing, you could end up meeting somebody special on the day. Go alone and with an open heart.

“I’m not sleeping very well. What can I do to help myself?”

Balance. Justice calls on balance. Are you being fair to yourself? Are you balancing life the way you ought to be? It’s almost as if your scale are completely out of whack and you are wondering why. What you should be asking yourself is, ‘Where do I start in creating equality?’ Your waking life is filled with stress and anxiety. Not just one issue, but possibly several. At night you are shattered from all this rumination and finally as your head hit the pillow, your mind decides to chat, chat and more chat. Your usual peace and slumber is erased and replaced with frustration and fear of an unproductive tomorrow due to this self imposed lethargy. It is self imposed. Empty your day a little, find some time to relax and clear your mind before bed.

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