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Yes or No King of swords

The King of Swords is the card of impartiality. You treat others as equal, and any decisions made are based on those of equality and fairness. Whilst friendly, you are not the emotional shoulder to lean on, and treat each arising situation with authority. This King is a MAYBE.

Upright King of Swords – Yes or No?

King of swords tarot card meaning yes or no

Our astute King of Swords sits calmly atop of his throne. He is the face of seriousness and strong is he. He does not need to respond or react to situations, he merely walks through life with ease, knowing that exterior forces will not allow him to be demoralised or fatigued. His morals, like yours, stand firm and fair.

Adorning his throne are carvings of butterflies. Are you feeling transformed? Do you know of strong male in your life who is making a spiritual or practical difference to your life at the moment? The King of Swords is certainly here to remind you that there is strength within your circle. This is a most likely YES card.

King of Swords Reversed – Yes or No?

King of swords reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Many people come and go from our lives without thought or care. At this time, in pulling the King of Swords in reverse, you are potentially looking at a strong male figure exiting your life, perhaps even suddenly. It will likely cause pain and hurt to your soul through his careless actions and this impulsive act will set you back.

If you choose to chase this person in any way, you like likely to cause more distress to yourself in doing so. The likelihood is, that although painful, this was meant to happen. We try in life to avoid suffering, but sometimes we need it so that we can make sense of our next chapter. In reverse, the King of Swords offers a much more probable NO.

King of Swords Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

King of swords tarot card meaning for love yes or no

Your soul resembles this King, does he not? Steady and stable is he, always there for you, well enough to offer you support but retracts when emotions become high as he prefers to cruise along on one level. Your soul has the ability to pull you out of your misery as well as push you forward, out of your comfort zone and into a world of confidence.

This is no bad thing, we all need a King in our lives! Don’t mistake his assertiveness for control, this is not something he wants you to think of him. He merely seeks what you sometimes may lack the courage to. Intelligent is he, holding you up with him, and others will see you as the couple to emulate! I predict a loving and most probable YES here, especially with other Queen Cards around this in a reading.

King of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

King of swords reversed love yes or no

I don’t have anything optimistic to offer here, dear soul. In reverse, this calm King transforms into a much more negative force of nature. He offers little to love, instead creating chaos and hurt. He doesn’t think before he speaks, he is happy to offer honesty regardless of whom it may dent the heart of. If you are in a love bond with another, it may not be the card you had hoped to pull.

If you are in a relationship at the moment, do you feel as though you lack the control to decide on the most basic aspects? The colour of your walls, the places you go or the people you see? It is time to survey the damage that has possibly been done, and decide what your next steps are. I would advise putting yourself first, and learning to use your voice. In reverse for love, I do see a most probable NO here.

King of Swords Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

King of swords Advice Yes or No

The King of Swords is asking you to use your knowledge as your strength. What do you seek? Be calm, be still and be strong. The way to success is through stamina and poise, and the King is telling you that you can achieve hopeful outcomes. You are optimising personal and professional relations and you can transform the way you or others think positively if you act and think positively. Keep your emotions under control, because usually emotions can be an indication that you are allowing personal views to creep in and overtake logic. A very possible YES for you here.

King of Swords Reversed Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

King of swords reversed advice yes or no

There isn’t much to look at positively when the King of Swords is in reverse. From what you are looking for, there will be probably fault with the way you do it. It may be that you are acting impulsively, our more simply put that you haven’t thought it through properly. Is your plan in place and are you sticking to it? Don’t allow careless out forces to scupper our plans, because then you are going to be thrown off track. If you are wanting answers here, the King in reverse is offering you a most likely NO. Look out for other chaotic cards such as the Tower for a clearer indication.

King of Swords Marriage – Yes or No?

King of swords marriage yes or no

You have found a strong soul, haven’t you? He really wants to protect you. I don’t feel like you are perhaps used to this level of protection, and you can misconstrued this as control. It isn’t. You are looking at a soul who cares so deeply about you, that he will tackle any issues or fears you have with impartial clarity. His emotions will not get tangled in yours, but he wants you to do well and be the best you that you can be. Marriage needs strong hearts, and this King certainly offers that. A strong and most likely YES for you here.

King of Swords Health – Yes or No?

This is a great time for new beginnings. You are persistent in your endeavours. Perhaps a change of diet or lifestyle has been circling you for some time. Now is the time you wish to make that change, and it is a fantastic time to do so. Your logical mind will see the benefits for positive change, and this is likely to excel you in your mission. A great time to pull this card is in a health reading, and it stands as a probable YES for you, especially alongside cards such as Strength.

King of Swords Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

King of swords Yes or No Questions

Our well rounded King of Swords offers interesting insights to practical readings, and his meaning can vary widely. Here are some examples.

“I have been in a relationship with a man for just over a year now but I feel like he is trying to dictate to me. Should I confront him?”

I don’t feel like you have had many strong male characters in your life who have used their strength for your good. I sense that either you have lacked any male authoritative figure, or perhaps the male figure in your life was controlling and you may feel a little triggered by your souls intentions. Let me assure you, with a card like the King of Swords, your soul only offers love and support. He is a strong man though, isn’t he? Talk to him about your feelings, and he will give you the clarity you need.

“I have just started a new job and I already hate it. What should I do?”

There may be a male figure in your place of work who can seem overwhelming to you. He is determined for success, and he wants you to be a par of it. He tells it how it is, and it can sometimes put your gentle nose out of joint. These are not personal attacks, and are there to instead offer encouragement for you to improve in your work. If you notice, he is most likely to be that way with everybody, therefore it isn’t personal to you at all. Hold your head high and become part of the force.

“My son is due to start university and wants to become independent by moving into the halls there. I feel like I am losing my child. Can you help?”

It can feel so sudden and devastating when a child decides they want to move out and become more of their own person, can’t it? I can only empathise with the pain and loss you will feel when he goes on his own journey. Remember that you have raised a strong young man. If he wasn’t ready to move out, he wouldn’t be feeling the desire to do so. This means you have worked your parental magic and should be proud of this decision. I am certain that he will always need you in some way or another, and it doesn’t have to be goodbye. Encourage him to live the life he wants, and don’t allow your emotions to overtake his dreams.

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