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Yes or No The Lovers

The Lovers is your card of life changing choice. Two paths lay afore you, and both are tempting. For some this may be love, but mostly this is two opposing forces ahead, with one decision to be made, so They ask you to think wisely. The Lovers is a MAYBE.

Upright Lovers – Yes or No?

The Lovers tarot card meaning yes or no

What an enriching image The Lovers offers us. A naked man and woman resembling Adam and Eve show us a blend of fiery passion and sensuality. Balancing are their temperaments, they offer two ways to think about what matters currently to you, with a mountain in the middle that you must climb regardless. They are guided by a healing angel from above, lightened by the glorious sun, indicating a positive outcome.

You have come to a point where you must make a life altering decision. Uncertainty surrounds you, and it comes as no real surprise when you see this image – it is a lot to take in! The Lovers are waiting for you, and neither option will be terrible, but you must think carefully about what truly matters to your own heart and soul, and be led to all things beautiful. The Lovers offer a most likely YES here, but be aware of hard working cards such as the Eight of Pentacles.

The Lovers Reversed – Yes or No?

The Lovers reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The Lovers in reverse is akin to a broken telephone line, or a power cut. Connections are lost, it gets dark and we have no idea when normality will resume. We take for granted all the things we did before this damage, but wishing for it to be fixed is simply not enough. We need engineers out now to correct the fault and repair the line so that harmony can be restored.

Well dear one, your relationships are the telephone line, and you are the engineer. If you don’t want to sit in darkness, pick up your tools and mend your broken wires. This does not start and finish with passionate love, this also symbolises friendships or family as well. We are all accountable for our telephone lines. I offer a MAYBE here for you. The answer lies with how big your tool kit is.

The Lovers Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

The Lovers tarot card meaning for love yes or no

What an attractive card to pull in a love reading, dear soul! If you have connected with your soul already, you are in a harmonious and balanced house. You honour each other, you thrive on equality and you bring forth joy and hope for your future. Those souls who seek another are very likely to find a beautiful new romance coming our way thick and fast!

These loves travel the levels of emotion that it takes to create a long lasting connection. This is romance, this is physical attraction and this is absolute compatibility in its highest form. You should look to The Loves as a a strong sign that positivity is flooding your house of love, with a most likely YES.

The Lovers Love Reversed – Yes or No?

The Lovers reversed love yes or no

Heart pumping connections in reverse can only go one way, dear soul and for you there is a possibility that missed connections or breakups could be likely. Being in a relationship through good and bad times can drain us of our energy. Have you reached a point of no return? Have arguments led you to this destination of sadness? There are missing links in your connections and you may feel some what unloved or neglected. As humans though, we grow every day. But growing doesn’t have to mean growing apart. The Lovers in reverse is the, ‘How did I get here?’ card. It can be a struggle when so much goes on and throws us off track but if you can both be held accountable for the mistakes you have made, there is a possibility that fractures can heal. All the while you deal The Lovers, you deal the angel and that sparkly sun. There is hope. I offer here a MAYBE for you.

The Lovers Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

The Lovers Advice Yes or No

You can look at a choice one of two ways. Option A is exciting, you re fully on board with both options and see this is a growing experience for you. Option B is that you focus on your choices as a dilemma. ‘What am I supposed to do now?’ ‘How can I possibly know which way to go?’ One means your glass is half empty, and the other means your glass is half full. Which one are you? Once you have made our mind up, allows that to correspond with your decision. For this, you will need time and patience. I offer a probable YES here. Options are good, so treat them that way.

The Lovers Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

The Lovers reversed advice yes or no

The focus of The Lovers in reverse here is to learn from your mistakes. On reflection, you can probably see where it went wrong or perhaps how you managed to get your wires crossed. It never hurts to be brave enough to raise your hand and say, ‘Oh yes, I think that was me.’ You could teach others a thing or two with your humble honesty and in return, you are sure to move forward with a lesson learned. Running away from errors only magnify the problem and say to others, ‘She obviously isn’t sorry.’ Be sorry, and tread with care. A probable NO here, but there is hope if you draw The Empress alongside it.

The Lovers Advice reversed yes or no

The Lovers Health – Yes or No?

Old pattern of thought or habits have got you right to this point, today, where you are wondering how to make the necessary improvements to your health and well being. Knowing we are all different, respond in contrasting ways and react varyingly according to our beliefs and personalities, now is the time to set up your own regime of health and principles that suit you. They say the universe is within us all, so to start, we need to look inwards and find peace. I do believe you have the desire as well as the ability to do this. Decide for you what matters, and go from there. I offer a likely YES here, just make sure you do things the right way, not the fast way.

The Lovers Career – Yes or No?

You have been lucky enough to be in a position of choice here. You have a chance to step out of your comfort zone and head towards a place of real fulfilment. The offer is incredibly tempting and you may start to talk yourself out of it, retreating to your place of safety, but The Lovers are asking you, ‘Is that what you really want to do?’ They see no loss from taking a risk, only the chance to learn and grow as a person. Think carefully before you make your mind up, because a life with regrets is a heavy life. An exciting and most likely YES is in store here, especially around energised times such as the full moon. Ensure your finances are safe either way, before you rush into any decisions.

The Lovers Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

The Lovers Yes or No Questions

The Lovers offer life changing opportunity for many souls who come to me for practical readings. Here are a few popular questions.

“Should I go for that promotion at work?”

The Empress is a very fertile card, so it is no surprise you are preparing to bring life into this world. You ask if it will go smoothly, but really that is in your hands. Take time to practice caring for yourself. You will note changes within yourself as you progress towards the birth, both physically and mentally with those hormones, but you are in a good position to have a great time preparing for this new life. Take it slowly, remember to eat well and enjoy this exciting time.

“An old lover has returned, asking to meet me. Should I go and keep it to myself?”

Temptation rears its head from time to time to keep our Ego in check, doesn’t it? You can look at a face from the past and see your life however many moons ago, but the truth is, you aren’t there now. Your past is behind you and here you are sitting in your present with this information that your past wants to knock on the door. So what do you do? Why is this old soul wanting to be revived by your energy? I think you know what the right answer is, and feelings of old are no longer what serve your present day character.

“I want to move for an exciting job in the city, but my parents don’t seem keen. What should I do?”

I imagine it being a scary concept to let go of a child. We nurture them well, and build them up to be the bright, grounded young adults they are. Watching them fly away must be daunting. Will they be alright? Will they eat well? Will they look after themselves? I am certain here that your parents have raised you with good morals and they want you to succeed, but they are most likely feeling a little fazed at the notion you are wanting to go. Reassure them that they are loved, thank them for all they do and insist that a move does not constitute a goodbye.

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