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Yes or No 4 of cups

The 4 of Cups is what I like to call the mirror of the soul, a card that symbolizes soul searching. The reason why? Because it profoundly expresses your inner feelings and thoughts. We all know how challenging it is to connect with our inner selves, so this card can help you to make a connection. The 4 of Cups is as mystifying as your inner self. The meaning of this card is not a yes or a no, and its answer is completely uncertain. Why? Because when it comes to the 4 of Cups, the answer is not on the card but within yourself.

Upright 4 of Cups – is it a Yes or a No Tarot Card?

4 of cups tarot card meaning yes or no

The challenges of finding the answers that you are searching for on this card are just as meaningful as the deepest parts of yourself. To help you with some guidance, we need to understand what this card is trying to tell us. If you look at it, you will see a man sitting under a tree. Now a tree in tarot symbolizes extensive knowledge, but it equally represents immeasurable endurance of strength. The man is lost in thought, so he doesn’t appear to acknowledge the cup that is being offered to him; neither does he seem to recognize the other 3 cups right in front of him. When it comes to the hand that is holding the cup, a cloud is attached to it. Clouds have a lot of meaning, but usually, they symbolize the elements of air, this can mean elevated thinking that leaves you trapped in thoughts. If we dig deeper, then we also find other meanings, such as the representation of shielding that clouds have, that feeling of protecting yourself from the dangers of the world. Although that can also mean that you are not only preventing the outside world from reaching you, but you can also be suppressing your feelings. This is why the answer for the 4 of Cups is uncertain.

Reversed 4 of Cups – is it a Yes or a No Tarot Card?

4 of cups reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

When we unveil the reversed side of the 4 of Cups, the meaning is not as daunting as you might think. You can look at it as a sign to let go. Let go of the pain that you have kept inside. Let go of all those emotions that are preventing you from living the life that you want. If we go back to the meaning of the 4 of Cups, the clouds symbolize a shield, but clouds are also a sign of short-living, which can give you the warning to stop living in the past. It’s time to move on and make new memories. If we look at the man in the card, he’s not accepting the cup that is being offered to him, but he isn’t refusing it either. He is not acknowledging the cups at all. Those cups represent opportunities, so it’s not the wisest choice to take it right now. So the answer for the reversed 4 of Cups is mostly no. You should heal before you accept that cup.

4 of Cups Yes or No for a Love Question?

4 of cups tarot card meaning for love yes or no

It seems as if you are in a relationship, but you are not truly there, and it’s not because you don’t love the person that you are in a relationship with but is more to do with your mindset at this point. You might have a different type of fantasy that resembles what you would like your relationship to feel and look like but have you wondered what would happen if you transferred all of that energy that you so dearly hold on to of what-ifs and invested it into your relationship. What would that creat? Happiness, right? You need to stop living the dream life inside your mind and project that into your real life. If you are not in a relationship, then you might be creating all of those walls around your heart. It’s time to tear those walls down.

Reversed 4 of Cups Yes or No for a Love Question?

4 of cups reversed love yes or no

When encountering the reversed 4 of Cups, although the meaning is more reassuring in terms of your journey at finding yourself, the answer is still not definite. You should allow yourself to truly learn how to accept your past and let go of anything that has been holding you back in your relationship. Appreciate your lover and rebuild the connections that you once had. If you are single, then you might have been feeling that love just isn’t for you, or maybe it is. Things seem like they are changing, and you will most likely feel ready to be open to love again. Allow that heart of yours to love, because whatever has been preventing you from accepting love is now slowly disappearing. Take it slow and don’t jump before you can walk. Take your time.

4 of Cups Yes or No for Advice?

4 of cups Advice Yes or No

You may have been feeling stuck lately, and things are not as bright as they once were. The feeling of turning off all of your emotions must be appealing, but that will only make you more uncertain of what your purpose is, and it’s not very healthy to just repress all of those feelings. Although you might have been oblivious to the world around you, you haven’t been easy on yourself, and that should stop because you are a beam of light, and you need to shine. It’s alright if you need a little soul searching and truly find yourself, so, at this point, you have to be comfortable with any decision that you might take. Consider the pros and cons, and it’s okay if you want to refuse opportunities that don’t feel right.

Reversed 4 of Cups Yes or No for Advice?

4 of cups reversed advice yes or no

You are probably starting to feel more alleviated, so naturally, you would think that it’s the right time to say yes, but you should highly consider it. Pulling on the brakes on any rushing decision is probably the best thing you could do right now. You have just been through a tough journey. So it’s in your best interest that you heal and let go of any regret or guilt before you permit yourself to adventure in a change or take up new challenges. The dangers of drifting into another abysm of depression are still highly possible, so take this time to be proactive in taking care of your self-esteem, self-confidence and just be grateful for being alive and in a better place. You got this, remember that.

4 of Cups Yes or No for a Career and a Job offer?

Do you think that you have what it takes to take that opportunity? The answer is yes, you do have what it takes, but should you take it? That’s the mystery, and there isn’t a right or wrong answer. The only thing that you should do right now is to consider the reasons why you should take it and why you shouldn’t. The answer is within you. You have what it takes, you can do it, but your mind and soul need to be aligned for this to work in your favor. Don’t ignore the opportunity just because you think you are unworthy, life surprises us in every corner, but in the end, it has to feel right, and if it does, then you should go for it, but if it doesn’t, then it’s okay to turn down.

4 of Cups Yes or No for a Potential Break-up or Divorce?

4 of cups Divorce yes or no

What you might be feeling right now, it’s not entirely true. There is this cloud blurring your perspective. And what you might think that you can’t handle any longer is just a result of that blockage. Repressing your feeling works both ways, you might not be showing any emotions, which will lead to the same response from the ones around you, so how can you blame them? But blaming yourself isn’t the answer either. Until you are out of that zone of apathy and remorse or depression, you will not make a fair decision. So if there is anything in your relationship that is bothering you, it might be wise to try to work out what it is before ending something that could perhaps be your happy ending. Just reconsider, re-evaluate before you break your own heart.

4 of Cups Yes or No for Divine Contact?

The answer to that is very unclear. Although you are very aware of your negative feelings, your awareness of receiving divine energy isn’t, so that will most likely make you feel like you are alone, which isn’t true. The funny thing about energy is that it is magnetic, but also transferrable, so you might just be receiving what you are sending to the universe. So if you think about what you are receiving right now, it is only a reflection of how you feel on the inside, and if you are frustrated with the energy that you are receiving, won’t it make sense to change how you are generating your energy from the inside? You know the answer to this. You just have to stop hearing the sound of your mind and let your heart talk.

Samples of 4 of Cups Yes or No Question Interpretation in a Practical Tarot Reading

4 of cups Yes or No Questions

How does a tarot reading look like? Here are some of the examples of readings in connection with the 4 of Cups.

“Why am I bringing so much pain into my life and everyone around me? Am I cursed?”

No, you are not cursed. There is a wall trapping you from seeing the bigger picture. What you are feeling right now is just a tiny piece of sand compared to what you have yet to offer. Your mind is trapping you inside of that cage of bricks. You can only hear yourself thinking, and there seems to be complete silence from the outside. But, you are not alone. Concentrate on the things around you, break that wall. Allow yourself to be loved and accepted because you are a blessing.

“I have taken my dream job, but things are going so wrong, that is making me question if I’m on the right path. Am I?”

You will not be able to answer that question before letting go of all those doubts that you have been putting into your mind. You chose this job because it was your dream; just because we aren’t perfect doesn’t mean that it is not intended to be. Failure will be a part of your life. Learn from it and let go. Remorse will strain your judgment.

“I have been feeling like life is already done with me…how and when will I die?”

There is no way that a tarot card will tell you when or how you will die; there are so many factors that prevent anyone from answering this. What I can tell you is that, why focus on the end, when the present is still waiting to be written? The 4 of Cups is a symbol that you are missing what is right in front of you. Instead of looking for the answer to this question from the inside, look around you. There are enough reasons to live and be grateful you just have to pay attention to them.

“Will I ever find love? Will I ever be happy and make someone else happy?”

You will not be able to receive love if you don’t allow yourself to receive it. You have to allow the person that you love in, or else you won’t be able to recognize the signs. The answer might be even closer than you think. But there’s a big chance that the person who is meant to make you happy is already in your life, but you haven’t allowed yourself to see it yet.

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