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Yes or No King of cups

Summary: The king of cups is a mostly Yes card. There is a vital need to balance your heart and mind to control your emotions. This card also represents kindness and romance in your relationship. Rely on your lover to support you. There is a possibility that an older man will appear in your path to give you some valuable advice, you should take it. When the environment at work gets troubling, remember that you can create a harmonious and peaceful environment by using your diplomatic personality.

The King of Cups is potentially one of the most influential cards. This card is powerful yet sentimental. It represents the masculine and feminine energies in perfect harmony. This card is a symbol that a man might enter your life and offer you guidance, but it’s also a representation of you. The King of Cups is a positive card, mainly due to the balance between your emotions and mind, meaning that you are able to make clear and worthwhile decisions; this is a yes card.

Upright King of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

King of cups tarot card meaning yes or no

The King of Cups card shows a king sat on his throne and holding a cup that signifies his emotions and a scepter, which represents power and authority. When this card appears, it tells us that you are in control of your feelings in a way that you can find a fair balance. In the King’s neck, there is a fish necklace that symbolizes creativity. Around the King, we can see the turbulent sea, but despite that, the King seems incredibly calm, most people would react differently upon being faced with problems. Still, the King of Cups is here as a reminder that you can balance your emotions and not get affected during hard times. Your feelings seem to be bond to your mind and your unconscious, you’ve created the perfect balance. You can make fair judgments while having other people’s feelings at heart and still be honest in your decisions. You are a diplomat with a heart of gold. Your compassion and kindness is what makes you such a perfect influence to others around you,

Reversed King of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

King of cups reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The reversed side of the King of Cups card represents a lack of emotional balance. You may be feeling extremely overwhelmed and thrown back due to your emotions. You can find that balance between your mind and heart. Your feelings are bringing up the worst parts of yourself. You may be feeling a withdrawal of your emotional side, and that makes you unbalanced. There is also a chance that a man figure is causing some problems in your life, he may be controlling and possessive, and he might seem to want to punish you. If that’s the case, you should keep your distance from this person. When this card appears, it usually comes with a warning, it symbolizes that you remain thoughtful when dealing with negative energy in your life. You should deal with your emotions before making any type of decision as your judgment may be unfocused. It appears that you don’t control your emotions. Yet, instead, your emotions control you, so you need to keep this in mind to not jump into conclusions before realizing if those conclusions are realistic or if your emotions are getting the best of you.

King of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

King of cups tarot card meaning for love yes or no

As a love card, the King of Cups has an excellent meaning. When it comes to love, there isn’t a better card for you to receive in a reading than this one. The King of Cups illustrates a balanced relationship that thrives with devotion and loyalty; your partner is possibly your best friend. The person who is in love with you has a pure and loving way to love you. In times of turbulence, you know that your partner is right there beside you to give you the full support and even a shoulder to cry, followed by romantic pamperings. There is this incredible understanding between you two, that makes any fairytale jealous. If you are single, then you should know that someone is entering your love life and causing your heart to beat a little faster. This person is caring, charming, wholly devoted, and it will be an incredibly faithful lover.

Reversed King of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

King of cups reversed love yes or no

Your relationship isn’t in the best place right now. There are a lot of overwhelming emotions and a lot of drama between you two. Instead of relying on one another, you are possibly pushing the other one away due to the emotional burden that you have been putting on your relationship. There is also a possibility of abuse, betrayal or possessiveness, and damaging behaviors, and if this is the situation, you shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for help. You may be blaming it on yourself, and perhaps you can’t even understand how things got to this point, but no matter the cause, it’s not your fault nor do you deserve to remain in a relationship that causes you this much distress. It’s okay to want to fix things, but it will be necessary to combine both of your energies to find a balance. If you are single, then you should be extremely cautious about new potential lovers. There might be someone who is an artist and perhaps an influential figure that is compelling with kindness and fake love, this person will potentially become very manipulative.

King of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

King of cups Advice Yes or No

The King of Cups signifies the perfect balance between your mind and your heart. The agitated sea creates waves that symbolize your inner feelings, and even though there is a lot of commotion within you, there’s this calm state that allows you to remain calm when facing disturbance. You are logical and compassionate, which makes you the perfect leader because you are able to target and achieve your goals while ensuring that everyone around you is happy. There might be a lack of drive at times due to your calmness and balance, and sometimes perhaps you don’t push as hard as you would if you were better at controlling your emotions. When you are focused on something, you put your mind, heart, and soul into it, but be careful about balancing your energy in all the aspects of your life. The fish in the water that is jumping up is a sign of your creativity, but also a sign that you are awakening one of your senses. There must be a higher need to use it, and this is telling you that you will need to use one of your senses while keeping certain emotions. It can perhaps be vision or hearing, and possibly you will need to be more observant or pay attention to someone in your life that needs guidance.

Reversed King of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

King of cups reversed advice yes or no

You lack emotional balance, which may push you to withdrawal your emotions back a bit, which is normal when there is an overwhelming feeling within ourselves. Still, there seems to be an anxious feeling causing you to retrieve your emotions. The ship in the King of Cups card signifies that there is something holding you back, now the sea is a representation of your feelings, which tells us that you are running from some kind of emotion that you are afraid of, could it be love? Vulnerability? The chance of letting your guard down to follow something that perhaps will make you feel happy? Perhaps expressing yourself is daunting, and you are pushing those feelings aside, which is making you feel overwhelmed. There is no way that you can hide those emotions for an extended period. You are craving for control of your feelings, but perhaps you need to allow yourself to feel them in order to deal with whatever is making you scared.

King of Cups, Yes or No for Contact?

King of cups contact yes or no

The sea is a symbol of your creativity and spirituality, by expressing the creative side of yourself, you will be channeling your energy and feel more connected with the universe. When you allow yourself to do what you love, there is a sign that you are achieving your full potential, and of course, you will then be able to connect with your inner self and find your purpose in life. Achieving those goals will only guide you closer to become the person that you are destined to be. You should embrace that beautiful side of yours and have the drive to follow your intuition. Another curious aspect of the King of Cups card is the fish that is jumping upwards from the water. The water resembles our emotions and spirituality, and while a fish signifies the creative side of ourselves, a fish moving upwards is a sign that your soul is evolving. This is a warning for you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself using your creativity, which will allow you to connect with your emotions and spirituality. Use that gift to connect more powerfully.

Sample of King of Cups Yes or No interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

King of cups Yes or No Questions

“I have met this man recently, and we went on a couple of dates, it might be too early to tell, but the connection is so strong that it makes me wonder if he is my soulmate?”

The person that has entered your love life seems to be caring, devoted, and loyal. He’s full of good intentions, and there’s a promising balanced relationship between the two of you. You should get to know him and allow your connection to grow, but there is strong security in your relationship at the moment. This is an excellent sign that this person has a high potential of being your soulmate.

“I’ve been having a few stresses at work, and it’s making me wonder if I should look for another job, What should I do with my career?”

You are extremely devoted to your job, and perhaps something specific is taking a lot of your attention, which can create some unwanted attention. Ensure that all parts of your career get the same or equal attention from you; there just might be a lack of balance. The King of Cups represents a person that is a natural leader. Perhaps you should use your intuition to resolve this and find a balance between work and ensuring that everyone is happy by trusting on your intuition and logical abilities.

“I’ve fallen in love with a married man, will he leave his wife?”

You might have developed feelings for this man because he offered you guidance, and you felt safe around him. You built a powerful bond, and it seems to be a greater understanding between both of you. Still, according to the King of Cups, the person that is waiting for you is loyal and faithful. There is a chance that you are allowing yourself to feel this way because that’s what you are searching for, but keeping this relationship will only lead to an overwhelming emotional unbalance.

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