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Yes or No Temperance

Temperance is a tarot card which represents balance and moderation in life. It is the 14th card in the major arcana and is shown with an angel wearing a light blue robe. This card means that you can find peace and happiness through balance.

Temperance Upright – Yes or No

Temperance tarot card meaning yes or no

I advise you to not panic, lie back down in the sand and let the ocean wash over your feet as you have been. This card is a good omen. You have had times of stress surrounding you, but you are coping well and remaining calm. This energy that you have is helping you to overcome any situations that will come your way. You are on your way to achieving happiness and balance in your life, but you may need to revaluate what you think you want. Have you asked the cards something like ‘do I need to pay more attention to this’ or ‘do I need to relax more’? If you have the answer is undoubtedly a ‘yes’.

Temperance Reversed – Yes or No

Temperance reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Allow yourself some time, relax. Get that cup of tea and get in your comfy clothes. If this card has appeared, then your stress may be overwhelming. But this card brings you a positive message, if you find balance your stress will leave you. When you’re in a calm state of mind you can look at what needs to be changed.

There are several ways you can achieve balance, by evaluating your life path and current commitments. If you have asked the cards ‘should things stay the same’ or ‘will I always be this stressed’, then Temperance gives you a reassuring answer of ‘no’.

Temperance Upright Meaning for Love – Yes or No

Temperance tarot card meaning for love yes or no

You might feel as though walking down the same path is too safe. But if you stray away, you’ll realise you’re surrounded by quicksand and pitfalls. Taking extremes in a relationship can damage the foundations and skew the balance. You should take some time to evaluate the aspects of your love life.

You may have asked the cards something like ‘am I being to pushy’. Or perhaps, ‘am I being too reserved’. If you have, then temperance offers you a possibly harsh but necessary ‘yes’.

Temperance Reversed Meaning for Love – Yes or No

Temperance reversed love yes or no

It’s very easy to try and put everything into categories. It is even easier to class these categories as black or white. The grey may blend in and you might not be able to see it. However, romance is filled with grey areas. It is important to know what you want, but wanting perfection is wanting something more than human.

Sit down and take a look at what it is you want from romance. Are your wants reasonable? Is there something that you may be willing to compromise on? If so, you should try and remember this before making any rash decisions concerning your love life. Temperance also sits in the grey area of romance and offers an answer of ‘maybe’ to your questions.

Temperance Upright as Advice – Yes or No

Temperance Advice Yes or No

You have found that balance. You are stood on the shining gold scales and keeping the arms completely parallel to one another. This is a great position for you to be in, but you also have to be very careful. One false move and you could be tipped to the ground.

This card is a very common one to appear when concerning matters of advice. Whether that is asking for advice or asking about advice you have been given. Right now, you know what is keeping you balanced. Temperance trusts you and it often gives you an answer of ‘yes’.

Temperance Reversed as Advice – Yes or No

Temperance reversed advice yes or no

Unlike this upright card, you are sat on one end of the scales. Your feet are dangling high in the air and you could very easily be dropped to the ground. It might seem scary to walk to the centre of the scales, but you can do it. Both this card and I believe in you.

You should follow that advice that you have been given. And you should also follow the card’s advice. It will give you a promising ‘yes’ to try and urge you forward.

Temperance Upright Meaning for Career – Yes or No

If every day in your job drones on and on, I don’t blame you for wanting a drastic change. But making this drastic change may not be the best idea. Be patient, your efforts will be reward. If you work towards making smaller changes in your career, it will make your life easier and also be much less risky for you.

An upright Temperance card gives you an answer of ‘no’. You may have asked something like ‘should I change career’ or something else drastic. This card is trying to tell you that making small changes is the way to go.

Temperance Reversed Meaning for Career – Yes or No

Are you bringing the office home every night? It’s not healthy for you. Falling into the trap of constant work is something that most people have done at one point in their lives. However, you need balance in your life that you don’t currently have. Take a long bath, go for a walk or pick up that book you haven’t finished yet.

Did you ask something like ‘should I take a break’ or ‘am I overworking’? Temperance gives you a clear answer of ‘yes’. You need to take a break before you have no balance whatsoever.

Temperance Upright Meaning for Finances – Yes or No

Having a large number in the bank account is something that is definitely comforting. However, it isn’t always about having that number. Being frugal is good but never treating yourself also indicates a lack of balance. This card says ‘yes’, bring that balance back and treat yourself.

Temperance Reversed Meaning for Finances – Yes or No

There is a comfortable middle ground in your finances, and you are able to find it. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Take some time to yourself and think about your future goals. Whether it is how much money you want or things you’ll need to make big investments on. This card tells you in response to your questions, ‘no’. Don’t make any drastic decisions concerning your finances right now. You need to figure out your situation and your wants first.

Temperance an Answer to – Am I Cursed?

Temperance tarot card am I cursed yes or no

No, you are not cursed. Whether this card is upright or reversed it tells you that you are not cursed. If it is upright, you may feel as though the stressful events surrounding you are the result of a curse. But keep calm. You are finding the balance that you need, and this is going to help you get through these stressful times.

In a reversed position, your lack of balance is causing this worry. Going from one extreme to the other can have various impacts across all aspects of your life. It is no surprise you feel cursed. However, if you work on yourself and find that balance you will be fine. Take everything in moderation and don’t make any drastic decisions. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it.

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