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The Seven Of Pentacles represents perseverance. You have been working hard towards completion of a project or endeavour and you may be feeling weary. You are closer than you think to success, so you should keep going. Your hard work is about to be paid off! A YES card.

Upright Seven Of Pentacles – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles tarot card meaning yes or no

The the Seven Of Pentacles, I see a most spectacular worker standing and staring at fortune that could be his. He is resting, almost fed up with not earning what he desires, or being in the place of affluence he wishes. That’s where you come in, dear soul, because you feel this too. You feel desolate and almost frustrated that you are not where you want to be right now.

What do you see below him? A huge coin, right at his feet. He may not have all the riches, but they are and will soon be available to him. He is too busy staring at what he wants to notice his riches already laying afore him. Yes, he still has work to do, and that is precisely why he shouldn’t give up now. A likely YES is here for you, you just need to believe in yourself.

Seven Of Pentacles Reversed – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Poor planning leads to failure, or at the very least a long road ahead to success. Why should we plan less and encounter more issues along the way rather than put our minds to the task and give way to a clearer road ahead? I ask of you today, is becoming complacent something you are naturally good at, or are you this way because you are afraid of success?

It is time to ask yourself what you can do to improve things here. How can you be more efficient and in what ways are you likely to stand up and take action? I say stand up, because I have an image of you relaxing on a chair, being blissfully unaware of the world awaiting your presence. Don’t let time slip away without anything to show for it. A probable NO here for you, unless you pull out other hard working Pentacles upright.

Seven Of Pentacles Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles tarot card meaning for love yes or no

The Seven Of Pentacles rises in a reading of love when changes need to be made. This isn’t a negative thought, with more of a lean towards taking the next step in your lives, or making a big decision that creates news of fortune. Do you feel blessed in this love, and you want to share it with others? People may be in line for some good news.

Afore any huge change, it’s worth noting a moment in time where we pause and reflect on what has been. We acknowledge the present moment by gathering our thoughts and how we got to that moment, often looking at considerations needed for those exciting changes. This is a hopeful card in love, and reads well with a most likely YES.

Seven Of Pentacles Love Reversed – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles reversed love yes or no

You’ve become lazy in love. Thee may be a bright and shining soul at home awaiting you company, but they don’t sense that with you, for you are too busy to connect. Complacency is the biggest threat to any love, and when we begin to forget what matters, what matters begins to fade. Of course this is all in your control, and you already know you need to make improvements.

Might I suggest a rather splendid idea of ‘getting to know you’ with your soul if you want to salvage this love? Pardon me for seeming patronising, but there is something you are currently lacking, and that is the ability to grasp your priorities before they slip away entirely. I foresee a likely NO here – but this can be turned around to a more positive reading if you look around this card in a reading.

Seven Of Pentacles For Advice – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles Advice Yes or No

Do not give up. The message is evident in the image, you are resting because you have had quite enough for now but that is not what is being asked of you. Keep going through to a glorious time in your life that you have actually already begun your journey on. This doesn’t always have to do with money either. The coins can indicate family members, or passion of yours that you are trying to set the balance on, so ensure you know that as in the image, they are still there, they haven’t gone anywhere. All you need to do now, is revert your attention back to the job and do the right thing. A likely YES here because I have every faith in you.

Seven Of Pentacles Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles reversed advice yes or no

We go to the supermarket with a list as long as our arm. We need to buy food for the week, and we need it now. We set off on our journey with just one bag. We forget our list and we leave our purse at home. We get to the shop, frustrated that this happened and mutter under our breaths what a wasted trip that was. Why was it a waste? Because you forgot to plan. You were too busy focusing on getting to the shop that you forgot everything else needed. You did not manage your time or your organisation well and this has resulted in a delay to your day and left you feeling rather impatient. Rather than throw it all in the air and give up, ask yourself what you could do better next time. A likely NO is here for you.

Seven Of Pentacles Career – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles career decsion yes or no

It’s exciting planting seeds, isn’t it? On a sunny spring morning, we enrich the soil with nutrients, we sow the seeds and we water them. Every day, we check in. Have they sprouted? Are they germinating? It can seem like months pass without any developments and then one day in passing, there it is. That little green sprout of life. You did that, you made it happen. When it comes to jobs, or career decisions, your job is the seed and you are the soil. Without skills and intelligence, you are not going to grow but with your hard work and determination, you will see the results you desire, even if it is slow and steady. That’s exactly what wins the race. A probable YES for you here.

Seven Of Pentacles Health – Yes or No?

Nothing happens overnight. By some miracle if you woke up the next morning and were your optimum self, with no ailments or injuries to tend to, you would find no joy in the hard work and grit that got you there. A lot of people are deterred by such, so the journey itself never gets a chance to take off, but with the Seven Of Pentacles, you are being reminded that the journey is just as important as the destination. If you seek a healthier lifestyle, you are being told to ignore the time in takes to get there, and know the end game results in success. If you allow yourself to focus on that, you are going to be in a position of great health. It’s all in the planning. A likely YES here.

Seven Of Pentacles Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

7 of pentacles Yes or No Questions

I love how the Seven Of Pentacles reminds us all to keep going. Here are some of my favourite questions asked.

“My husband and I are working through an affair, and he really wants it to work. Some days are incredibly tough for me to see the light. How can I find the strength to push through?”

Affairs can leave us devastated. We think we know our partner and something happens out of the blue to remind us of how fragile our hearts can be and what incredulous mistakes we have the ability to make. It seems as though your husband is aware of his, and this has left him pained. Yes, he does have a right to feel pain at the damage he has created, as well as the feeling of guilt but that in no way can come close to the shock and sadness of a betrayal. There is work to be done here. Trust needs to be earned and he is making slow progress, but don’t focus on what you need to yet do, instead focus on the fact that you are still together and you have one common goal: to remain so.

“I hate my job. Should I look for another?”

It can feel crushing to be in a job you hate. We change and evolve constantly in life, yet we are expected to remain in jobs for as long as possible in order to progress or work in a suitable and consistent environment. This is not for everybody and sometimes we outgrow even the best jobs. You have worked hard in your current position and should be proud of that, but there is more work ahead of you. Whether that is in the same role or another remains to be seen, but it is likely you will spread your wings for another opportunity you feel is a good fit.

“Should I enter a writing competition? I am so scared of failure.”

Why do you write? Is it a therapeutic endeavour? Are you writing such personal pearls of wisdom for your eyes only or do you seek a career from this? There are many reasons we choose to work on a craft and now you are considering your options professionally. This can appear daunting, especially if you are new to your craft. I want to offer you the desire to submit to an opportunity as exciting as a competition. Have a think about how many other writers are in your position and if everybody backed away from it, then there would be no competition in the first place! Few win and many lose out, but it is all experience gained, and should be treated as fun. Good luck!

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