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“I am Lady Avalon of The Night

A blessed being in disguise

My hair flows freely in the breeze

My guidance helps you feel at ease


I carry tarot cards with me

I shuffle, I deal, I set hearts free

I see your story afore my eyes

I answer your soul searching words of advice


You see yourself clearly when your life is layed out

I help you remove all your worries and doubt

I was born with a gift and this gift I use well

To help bid your unease a tender farewell.”

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Lady Avalon Omen


Lawman, widower, a divorced man, man of bad faith, envious person who seeks to harm, a man who wants only sex and does not care a tiny bit about you, evil dark man; here comes the King of Spades. This is one of the worst, if not the worst card in the deck.
You might be better off by not looking into omens that it brings.

Taken in isolation, this King announces:
To a married man: Conflict, law officer, trial.
To a married woman: Temporary, but serious extramarital love affair and interference in your family or relationship. Even though you know that the King of spades is bad for you, you still want him and are unable to resist the temptation. A charming lover will soon turn into a brutal tyrant, who will put an enormous strain on your emotions. If it does not last too long, you might succeed to keep this affair private.
To a single man: Rivalry.
To a young girl: Unfaithful lover.
To a divorced person: Upcoming marriage with another divorced person.
To a widowed person: failure of a relationship that looked like a promising new start.

The King of Spades having on the right a
Spade ♠: Terrible omen. Bad dark man who wants to hurt you and abuse you. The omen is worse if the consultant is represented by a positive and happy card. In the worst it can mean a rape or daily physical and emotional abuse in a relationship.
Heart ♥: Sorrow caused by a divorced man. – Rejection of love, refusal to marry.
Diamond ♦: A lawyer will set a trap for you.
Club ♣: You will be sued soon, and you will lose the case.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: A greedy and stingy man is trying to fool you.
Heart ♥: Sorrow caused by a divorced man. – Refusal to marry.
Diamond ♦: A lawyer will set a trap for you.
Club ♣: You will soon be prosecuted and you will lose your trial.

Between two cards of the same value: Sickness.
Next to the Queen of Spades: Marriage; the other card touching the king becomes a silent; it does not speak. This is a positive card combination, surprisingly.
Between aces: You’ll go to jail.
Between two Aces, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED or PREVIOUS by a number of other Spades:
This is the most terrible sign that can be revealed by cards.
The King of Spades, so surrounded, is the man of law and devil of hell who announces to you that you will pass through the hands of justice and you will be completely destroyed. Your death will follow. It will be painful and violent.

I was lost for many years, unknowingly walking the misty hills of Avalon, a magical place I call home in the Somerset fields, with its sacred Chalice adorning the pure and healing waters. I stood beside the Tor at sunrise every morning, alarmed that so many souls needed guidance and love. I put my hand on my heart and could hear their whispers rolling through with each break of day in the sky. I knew it was my calling to answer, and guide them with the gift of tarot.


For each lost soul found, I gained the energy and strength to find new meaning to this life. I do not dance to the beat of others. I stand alone and I stand proud. I am at one with my shadow and I trust in the power of the moon and stars, for we are all made of stardust. I dance in the waxing crescent and I rest well as it wanes with each dawn. When the mood takes me, I follow the breeze to the most Northern star on Orion’s Belt and we share a joke.

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“It comes with no surprise that I awaken my senses

To help and guide you break down your defences

I’ve walked the hills and moors of time

At night is when this Lady shines


Not freely do I gift my mind to all

I possess no sage or crystal ball

But with these sacred cards, with time

I offer you this gift of mine


The sun it captures my inner pride

But the moon keeps all my secrets alive

With its promise and your word

I will not leave your questions unstirred.”

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I know not of true love. I believe in its power, but that power rushes past me, in search of others with more open hearts. For many years, I closed myself to the possibility that a love waited for a free spirit like me. I see love in others, and I share your hopes and dreams. The only love I have known is that of the beauty of nature as it surrounds me daily. The fresh grass, charging my body as I take each step, the flowers in bloom that adorn every spring. The resting of the trees, as they fell their leaves and stand dormant with each harsh winter. I walk the seasons and loyal as ever, they never fail me with their beauty.

~ Walk With Me ~

Lady Avalon

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