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“I am Lady Avalon of The Night

A blessed being in disguise

My hair flows freely in the breeze

My guidance helps you feel at ease


I carry tarot cards with me

I shuffle, I deal, I set hearts free

I see your story afore my eyes

I answer your soul searching words of advice


You see yourself clearly when your life is layed out

I help you remove all your worries and doubt

I was born with a gift and this gift I use well

To help bid your unease a tender farewell.”

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Lady Avalon Omen
card back with omen
9 of spades card reading


This Nine of spades is the worst card of the whole deck.
It is the sign of death.

Its meanings are very varied.
Isolated, this card says: News at night that will tell you about the death of a person. The card is cruel. It does not make any distinction: it can be death of a relative, a friend, an enemy, of an indifferent person, or in the worst – death of your parents or spouse.
According to the accompanying cards its meaning changes a lot.
You will be the judge of that.

Having on the right a
Spade ♠: Sadness for you. – Long illness of a friend.
Heart ♥: Break-up between friends.
Diamond ♦: Bad news.
Club ♣: Death of an man who is just your acquaintance.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: Dangerous, but not fatal, accident, very slow to heal.
Heart ♥: Death of a close relative you do not love and will inherit.
Diamond ♦: Death of a sincere friend.
Club ♣: Death of an enemy.

Near the Ten of Spades: Deadly Disease; the other card that touches the Nine of Spades is null; it does not count.
Between two cards of the same value: Infections disease.
With a heart or diamond face card: A relationship ruined due to illness or addiction.
With an Ace, Seven or the King of clubs, the Nine of Spades has no value; it must then be considered as not drawn from the deck of cards.
Placed between two Club or spade figures, it destroys everything that the other cards have announced and forces the consultant to repeat the consultation.

I was lost for many years, unknowingly walking the misty hills of Avalon, a magical place I call home in the Somerset fields, with its sacred Chalice adorning the pure and healing waters. I stood beside the Tor at sunrise every morning, alarmed that so many souls needed guidance and love. I put my hand on my heart and could hear their whispers rolling through with each break of day in the sky. I knew it was my calling to answer, and guide them with the gift of tarot.


For each lost soul found, I gained the energy and strength to find new meaning to this life. I do not dance to the beat of others. I stand alone and I stand proud. I am at one with my shadow and I trust in the power of the moon and stars, for we are all made of stardust. I dance in the waxing crescent and I rest well as it wanes with each dawn. When the mood takes me, I follow the breeze to the most Northern star on Orion’s Belt and we share a joke.

royal ornament 5

“It comes with no surprise that I awaken my senses

To help and guide you break down your defences

I’ve walked the hills and moors of time

At night is when this Lady shines


Not freely do I gift my mind to all

I possess no sage or crystal ball

But with these sacred cards, with time

I offer you this gift of mine


The sun it captures my inner pride

But the moon keeps all my secrets alive

With its promise and your word

I will not leave your questions unstirred.”

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royal ornament 3

I know not of true love. I believe in its power, but that power rushes past me, in search of others with more open hearts. For many years, I closed myself to the possibility that a love waited for a free spirit like me. I see love in others, and I share your hopes and dreams. The only love I have known is that of the beauty of nature as it surrounds me daily. The fresh grass, charging my body as I take each step, the flowers in bloom that adorn every spring. The resting of the trees, as they fell their leaves and stand dormant with each harsh winter. I walk the seasons and loyal as ever, they never fail me with their beauty.

~ Walk With Me ~

Lady Avalon

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