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“I am Lady Avalon of The Night

A blessed being in disguise

My hair flows freely in the breeze

My guidance helps you feel at ease


I carry tarot cards with me

I shuffle, I deal, I set hearts free

I see your story afore my eyes

I answer your soul searching words of advice


You see yourself clearly when your life is layed out

I help you remove all your worries and doubt

I was born with a gift and this gift I use well

To help bid your unease a tender farewell.”

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Lady Avalon Omen


This happy card, taken in isolation, means: Serious blond man who will be your protector.
From this honest man, you will only receive excellent advice; he will be a sincere friend to you.
His loyalty will be a sure guarantee of his good intentions towards you. Listen to him in everything; he will guide you on the right path and even, if you are troubles, his kindness will not fail you.

The King of hearts having on the right a
Spade ♠: A married blond man means you well.
Heart ♥: He will help you to find someone special for you. – He will do you a great service.
Diamond ♦: Is on his way to see you.
Club ♣: Will send you money soon.

Having on the left a
Spade ♠: You will be taken care of.
Heart ♥: Guaranteed protection of your interests by a blond man.
Diamond ♦: Upcoming trip on business of interest; a loyal man will help you to carry out this business successfully.
Club ♣: Protection of a very rich blond man.

With the Queen of Hearts: Advantageous relationship or marriage. – More abundance.
Between two cards of the same value: Plans for building a close relationship with somebody.

I was lost for many years, unknowingly walking the misty hills of Avalon, a magical place I call home in the Somerset fields, with its sacred Chalice adorning the pure and healing waters. I stood beside the Tor at sunrise every morning, alarmed that so many souls needed guidance and love. I put my hand on my heart and could hear their whispers rolling through with each break of day in the sky. I knew it was my calling to answer, and guide them with the gift of tarot.


For each lost soul found, I gained the energy and strength to find new meaning to this life. I do not dance to the beat of others. I stand alone and I stand proud. I am at one with my shadow and I trust in the power of the moon and stars, for we are all made of stardust. I dance in the waxing crescent and I rest well as it wanes with each dawn. When the mood takes me, I follow the breeze to the most Northern star on Orion’s Belt and we share a joke.

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“It comes with no surprise that I awaken my senses

To help and guide you break down your defences

I’ve walked the hills and moors of time

At night is when this Lady shines


Not freely do I gift my mind to all

I possess no sage or crystal ball

But with these sacred cards, with time

I offer you this gift of mine


The sun it captures my inner pride

But the moon keeps all my secrets alive

With its promise and your word

I will not leave your questions unstirred.”

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I know not of true love. I believe in its power, but that power rushes past me, in search of others with more open hearts. For many years, I closed myself to the possibility that a love waited for a free spirit like me. I see love in others, and I share your hopes and dreams. The only love I have known is that of the beauty of nature as it surrounds me daily. The fresh grass, charging my body as I take each step, the flowers in bloom that adorn every spring. The resting of the trees, as they fell their leaves and stand dormant with each harsh winter. I walk the seasons and loyal as ever, they never fail me with their beauty.

~ Walk With Me ~

Lady Avalon

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