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Yes or No 6 of cups

Summary: The six of cups is a yes card. Possible unfinished businesses with an ex-lover that is now causing some conflict in your current relationship. The possibility of becoming romantically involved with a childhood friend. A symbol of children in your life, either pregnancy or working with children. A good omen for your career; you should consider merging creativity into your work. Allow the ones that you love to help you.

The 6 of Cups is an open door to your past. Unleashing all of those warming memories, joyful moments, and cherished bonds. Commemorate those times where everything seemed so much more simple? The 6 of Cups is a representation of that moment in time. When looking for guidance in the 6 of Cups, the answer couldn’t be more straightforward. This card is a yes. An undoubtedly yes. The 6 of Cups makes a connection with you and your faithful younger self.

Upright 6 of Cups – is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

6 of cups tarot card meaning yes or no

The 6 of Cups allows you to go back to the time where being happy was not a skill, but a part of who you were. Hope was your first language, and life seemed so painless. This card reminds you of how much you grew but telling you at the same time to remember how courageously happy you used to be in your past. When we look at the 6 of Cups card, we see two young-looking figures standing on what resembles a courtyard, which can signify a place where you once felt safe and comfortable. The cups are being used as flower pots, which reminds us of innocent childhood playtimes. The cups are holding white flowers, which symbolizes peace and purity. The 6 of Cups card represents your past and your happy memories, it can be a sign that you need to remember how hopeful and courageous you used to be and what you have been through to become the person that you are today. When you are looking for an answer and encounter the 6 of Cups, perhaps you should answer it with the same bravery as your younger self would. This card is a positive answer.

Reversed 6 of Cups – is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

6 of cups reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The reversed 6 of Cups still reconnects you to your past, but it’s warning you that you should let go. Perhaps you have been living more in the past than the present, most likely because you feel like you left unfinished business behind. Sometimes it is okay to look back and deal with things that caused us harm, but you have to move on at some point. Living in the past will only take your attention away from the present, which is where you are supposed to be right now. You need to be very careful to not miss what is going on around you, it’s possible that you are abstaining from current opportunities, so make sure that you stay focused on the present. Still, if you are dealing with trauma that might be affecting you, it might be worth looking for professional help, so you can overcome the past and move on towards a happier future.

6 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

6 of cups tarot card meaning for love yes or no

The 6 of Cups represents the kind of love that you encountered in your past. You might be in a relationship with someone from your childhood, but be cautious because it also can mean that you are dealing with your relationship with some immaturity. Reliving that child within you is a good thing, but when in a relationship, there’s times that you need to face things with maturity even if you are scared of the outcomes. If you are single, then this might mean that someone from your past will have a special place in your present heart, be ready to reopen an old treasure box, and share a love interest with someone that you already know so well.

Reversed 6 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

6 of cups reversed love yes or no

Happy memories might be a good thing, and it might remind you of what happiness feels like, but that’s how you felt, not a present feeling. Too many times when we are sad or disappointed, we go back to our hearts and search for a moment that echoes the opposite of what we currently feel because we need comfort and we need confirmation that we deserve to feel that way again. That’s merely a metaphor of what happiness should feel like, yet you are not in that place anymore. You are not that person anymore, either. You grew, and although that evokes how happy you used to be, it doesn’t mean that it would make you happy right now. Look for answers at this moment in time, make new memories. Reliving might be a beautiful thing, but staying in that place is tragic, so allow yourself to change the future by living in the present. Your current relationship deserves that, and so do you. If you are single, the temptation of ex-lovers might be too hard to resist but recognize why they are a part of your past.

6 of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

6 of cups Advice Yes or No

The 6 of Cups brings that magical feeling that we all experienced as children. The world was a magical land, and you were unstoppable. Then life happened, and you forgot about what you used to believe in. The 6 of Cups expresses that same feeling that used to make you feel so happy and free. You might have been experiencing some of those feelings lately. Or perhaps someone from your past will be likely to remind you of that same belief. Embrace your life choices with the same bravery and courage. Be open to happy endings and epic moments.

Reversed 6 of Cups, Yes or No Advice?

6 of cups reversed advice yes or no

Bad things happened for a reason. That’s what we are told to believe in, but it isn’t that simple. What happened to you is not your fault nor did you deserve to go through those bad experiences. Things happen, and we are supposed to keep going and live life as if it didn’t affect us, but here’s the thing, whatever happened, made you who you are today, and your pain doesn’t define the person that you are, but how you decide to react to it, does. So, let the past be in the past, you can’t change it. What you can do is to arise and allow yourself to become stronger, because if you made it this far, then doesn’t that already make you a fighter? Deal with how that event affected you, but let go. Don’t stay stuck because there’s still so much joy ahead of you. For now, close that door and breathe and then build up again, you have what it takes!

6 of Cups, Yes or No Business Decision?

The 6 of Cups holds an excellent meaning when it comes to your career. We are incredibly creative in our childhood, and as life goes on, we tend to cover that creativity with other things. Still, the 6 of Cups confirms that creative side that you always had within you is resurfacing, and you should be ready for a lot of creativity at work and achieve excellent results. Embrace that side of you that once made you believe that anything was possible because it might be more accurate than you think. It might be the perfect time to pursue and explore your dreams.

6 of Cups, Yes or No Pregnancy?

The 6 of Cups emphasizes our childhood, and children are the main thing of childhood. With that in mind, children may be in your path. A potential pregnancy is very likely. Children will most positively be a part of your journey very soon. It can also mean that you perhaps will be working with children or near children? There are undoubtedly little humans entering your life.

6 of Cups, Yes or No Cheating?

6 of cups cheating yes or no

It isn’t clear if there is deception in your relationship. Yet there are feelings connected to your past to someone that meant a lot to you. Maybe something has triggered those memories or emotions? It’s a possibility that something is missing in your current relationship, or you just don’t feel as sure about it as you once did. Either way, you should investigate what exactly you are feeling and how to repair your relationship. Diving into past feelings isn’t always a good idea, especially when you are in a relationship with someone already. Sometimes we want to compensate ourselves using something or someone who has the potential to makes us happy, but hurting someone else in the process is not going to bring you happiness. Work out those feelings and the root of why you are feeling this way.

Examples of 6 of Cups Yes or No Question interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

6 of cups Yes or No Questions

“I love my boyfriend, but I can’t stop comparing him to my ex-boyfriend. Should I break up with him?”

The ending of a relationship is a major event and taking that decision over feelings from the past, may not be right for you. First, you should deal with the reasons why you are feeling that way and validate them before you take that step. Memories are not a promise of a happy future but a reminder of what used to make us satisfied.

“I have been single for a year, and after all this time, I still have feelings for my ex-boyfriend. Will I get him back? “

Feeling that way for such a long time, may mean that you still have a significant bond with your ex, and it won’t go away until you resolve the situation. Evaluate why you are feeling this way, and if there is no doubt that the reason why you are feeling that way is that you are going through a vulnerable situation, then make contact and see if his feelings are just as strong as yours. There is a strong possibility that you are starting a relationship with someone from your past. Still moving towards that situation should be taken with caution and certainty.

“Will I find love? Why am I still single?”

You seemed to be closing yourself to new opportunities of being happy because you are still clinging on to emotions from the past. Just because someone broke your heart, doesn’t mean that everyone will do it too. You need to let go of those traumas and embrace love again. You are ready for a relationship. It would be best if you cut ties with whatever is holding you back.

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