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Yes or No Queen of cups

Summary: The queen of cups cards is a yes card. This card reminds you of the importance of looking after yourself. As a love omen, this card represents fulfilling and happy relationships. To be happy, you must be completely honest with your partner. You should ask yourself if your career fulfills your need emotionally. You might require a career where you can look and care for others to feel accomplished.

The Queen of Cups is a distinct description of emotional balance. This card brings steady stability of your emotions and control of how you allow yourself to show them to the world. Due to the nature of its symbol of security and kindness, this is unmistakably a yes card. The Queen of Cups can refer itself to a mature older woman in your life, but can also signify the projection of that representation towards yourself.

Upright Queen of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

Queen of cups tarot card meaning yes or no

Perhaps one of the most peculiar things in this card is how the cup in this card is presented. In all the Minor Arcana cards, the cups remain open, some are filled with things that can signify certain aspects of your life, but in this case, the cup is completely closed and quite beautifully presented. Its meaning can be controversial, the people in your life might portray you as someone emotionally balanced, but it can also mean that you are confining your own emotions. When we look at the Queen, she is seated on her throne that is beautifully decorated with creatures of the sea and angles above it. That could tell us that you are in absolute balance between all life’s elements because angels portray the 4 elements, and, curiously, the Queen of Cups card shows a total of four angels. You might be a very well-grounded and very intuitive person that is in control of emotion, and this is a clear sign that you are probably someone who has most of the answers within yourself.

Reversed Queen of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

Queen of cups reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The reversed meaning of the Queen of Cups is the instability of your emotions, the control that you had towards your feelings is now lost and you may be feeling a lot of insecurity towards yourself and the world around you. You lack that balance between stable and utterly overwhelmed. Due to this, you might be feeling the urge to pointing fingers and blaming someone else for your pain, but the answer to what you are feeling is not on other people but within yourself. You are the only one that can balance your emotions. Being overly emotional is not a good thing, but repressing those emotions inside can only lead to the worst situation, learn how to deal with your feelings. Find the balance, and instead of lashing out when you feel out of control, try to channel that frustration into something useful and positive.

Queen of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

Queen of cups tarot card meaning for love yes or no

You appear to know what to say and what to do to keep someone happy in a relationship with you. Your caring and warm love is possibly enough to make someone incredibly fulfilled, but there seems to be a lack of emotion in you. It’s not that you can’t love someone else, you can do that perfectly well, but are you enjoying yourself the same way? Are you giving yourself the same support that you so selfless offer to others? We tend to measure emotional strength to how we are seen in other people’s eyes, but what about on yours? Isn’t repressing those feelings inside a way to harm yourself in the long run? Do you emotionally feel fulfilled? When we look at the Queen, she is sitting by the water, but she is purposely not touching the water. Instead, her feet are placed on top of the colorful pebbles, which can represent that you want to keep being portrayed as this happy and confident person, but deep down, you are scared of your own emotions. The sea represents the emotional side of you that you seem to be frightened to show others. Perhaps allowing yourself to touch your feelings will make you not weak, but quite strong, or should I say stronger.

Reversed Queen of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

Queen of cups reversed love yes or no

Your emotions are perhaps taking the best of you, and you don’t seem to know how to control them, which can affect your relationship due to your insecurities and lack of trust. Those thoughts are within you and are not based on reality. You are in a state of mind where your imagination is taking control of your emotions, making everything look like a possible betrayal. Still, by allowing those fears to make you believe that something is going on, then you are giving up on your partner. This is the time to admit that you are not in control, and those doubts are making you question their commitment to the relationship. It can also mean that you might just need to look at your own needs as well, perhaps you are giving all of your remaining energy to your partner, and you may be feeling overwhelmed, which will leave you with no energy at all to look after your own needs. Communicate those concerns with the person that you love, they should know how you are feeling, a relationship is the balance of two hearts, and you can’t put all this pressure on yourself.

Queen of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

Queen of cups Advice Yes or No

You have this extraordinary power within you, the angels in the Queen of Cups symbolize intelligence, strength, hope. It signifies someone who is just more bond to know more, the ability that you have to listen to your intuition is just exquisite, and maybe that’s why so many people rely on your guidance when they are in trouble. You are able to make a connection between the energy around you and turn it into knowledge. You are perhaps extraordinary at helping to heal or guiding others when they’re in distress, but you are also battling your way to absorb and transmit your own emotions. Perhaps you should listen to your advice. Draw that intuition towards yourself instead of others allow it to show you the way to be able to show your feelings, without being scared of what others might think. You have the power to help others, and maybe this is the time to help yourself.

Reversed Queen of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

Queen of cups reversed advice yes or no

Vulnerability is something that you are terrified of, and the cliff in the Queen of cups symbolizes that there is something in your life that you are scared to tackle, whatever it is it’s making you feel vulnerable. You are deeply afraid to feel that way. You are unbalanced with your emotions and perhaps that is where that fear of vulnerability is coming from, the daunting feeling that you are not in control is possibly the reason why you are feeling extremely sensitive. The emotional imbalance is unsettling your ability to listen to your intuition. There is perhaps a lack of focus, and you don’t seem to be well-grounded at this moment. Gather your emotions, and carefully examine how you react to certain situations, instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by them, learn to control them. There is no good outcome in repressing feelings. You will only be covering up what’s inside, and sooner or later, you are going to have to release them, and that might be too powerful for you to handle. Finding a balance is perhaps your best option. Instead of control, you need to learn how to deal with each emotion.

Queen of Cups, Yes or No for Career and Job offer?

Queen of cups career yes or no

Are you feeling emotionally fulfilled when it comes to your career? This is a question that you should honestly ask yourself. As for what the Queen of Cups represents in terms of career, you seem to be very gifted to work in a caring environment, such as a healer or counselor. You also have a creative side that you need to explore, so art is maybe an excellent way to release some of those emotions that you keep in the depths of your heart. Art is an expression, and you might find the answers that you are searching for while expressing your creative side. You were born to help others, so take that gift and apply it in every element of your life. Follow your intuition.

Queen of Cups, Yes or No for Reconciliation?

People make connections using every aspect of their life, but when it comes to love, you absolutely need an emotional connection, there is no way around that. The Queen of Cups tells us that perhaps you never allowed your partner to connect with you in that way because you were too scared to let someone else in, which is entirely reasonable in a relationship, but just as damaging. To get that back, you will need to open yourself up and show your true colors. Just saying the right things isn’t enough when it comes to love. You must allow the other person to see your emotional side, or you will never connect, and without connection, no relationship lasts very long. Take small steps and allow them to see the real you to possibly get that relationship back.

Samples of Queen of Cups Yes or No interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

Queen of cups Yes or No Questions

“Something tells me that my husband is cheating on me, although he denies it, can I trust him?”

The voice inside of you might just be your fears and insecurities talking. If you don’t allow yourself to trust him, you might just be putting your relationship in danger. Putting all our trust in someone else can be scary for anyone. Still, you won’t be able to fully embrace your relationship if you don’t allow yourself to trust the person that you are with, so perhaps dealing with why you are feeling that way can allow those fears to fade.

“I don’t seem to be able to connect with anyone that I am interested in, no matter how much I try. Why am I still single?”

There’s a lack of emotional connection around you; it’s like you are holding back your essence in order to protect yourself from dangers that aren’t even there yet. The fear of allowing someone else to really love you is possibly the reason why you can’t connect. Anyone can love us, but for things to work out, you need to let them really love you, and by that, you will need to open yourself up to the idea that someone else can love you for who you are, including those emotions that you try to contain so hard.

“I have been feeling needy and moody, and in a spur of the moment I broke up with my boyfriend, will he forgive me?”

You will need to forgive yourself first for that to happen, and when you are able to do that then recognizing why you were feeling that way will perhaps tell you what you were craving for when you were feeling needy. It seems that you were overwhelmed by something and pushed him away so you wouldn’t have to share what you were feeling. The love is still there. You have the power to allow him to realize why you acted the way you did. Still, there are some things that you need to address first before taking that step, deal with those emotions before you dive into the relationship again, and allow him to understand how you are feeling.

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