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Yes or No 8 of cups

Summary: The eight of cups symbolize drifting apart from someone or a situation. This is a clear No card. A symbol of loneliness, but also courage. Possible travel. A journey of self-discovery and recognizing the true meaning of life. Not a good omen for love as it seems you are letting go of your relationship due to a lack of emotional fulfillment. Feeling like you are in the wrong career.

The 8 of cups is a dark trail and one that you may feel particularly alone. The feeling that no one knows or understands the real you can be devastation. The emotions associated with this card are overwhelming, so you might be feeling fearful to take the next step. The answer attached to the 8 of Cups is a very likely no, but not in all senses. There are paths that you must embark on, even if the journey seems a little daunting.

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Upright 8 of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

When we look at the 8 of cups, we see 8 cups carefully placed on top of each other, but there is an odd gap between them, just as if it was one missing. This tells us that you are missing something from your life and you might be feeling an emotional withdrawal. It seems like the man in the card has given up on reaching the cups, and instead is taking a more intense route. He seems to be having trouble walking because he relying on the support of a stick to take another step, that might represent fatigue; you might be tired of the life that you are currently leading at this moment. The path ahead might not be clear, and there are many obstacles. The river is a symbol of life moving on, transactions and transformations are in your way. You might already know that it’s not going to be a comfortable trip. The trail that you are embarking on is not going to be pleasant, but at this point, you might have no choice, right? There are situations where you won’t be able to avoid that trap, but for most of those decisions, you should stop and think about what are you willing to lose in order to take another step? And it’s not materialist, the ting that you are risking is far more precious than anything else in the world. You are endangering yourself. You need to analyze if this is the best for you.

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Reversed 8 of Cups, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

It seems that you are running from something, but not moving out of place, and it’s not because you are trapped. Does it rather seem like is it’s a choice that you made because you think you deserve to feel like this, but do you? Mountains symbolize obstacles, and instead of climbing, you are clinging to your comfort zone. You aren’t making that journey because you seem to have accepted that you don’t deserve happiness. Instead of listening to your heart, you are paying more attention to what others might think or how they will react. This is your life, and it might seem that the path in front of you is a little blurry and uncertain, but if you listen to what your heart is saying, then everything will make more sense. Its time to listen to your instincts and to follow your heart. The moon in the 8 of cups symbolizes intuition, that little that guides us through the darkness, you should listen to what is trying to tell you.

8 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

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The 8 of Cups holds a lot of meanings, and one of those meaning is leaving a bad situation. You might be ending a relationship, or someone broke your heart and left, either way, it’s reasonable to have that feeling of abandonment, the end of a relationship is never easy. Still, you must know that you have the courage within you. When it comes to love the 8 of Cups represent abandoning and walking away, you are likely to feel that there are no more solutions for your relationship, and the only way out is to move on from that situation. Loving someone sometimes isn’t enough, and walking away is the only way for you to save yourself. You hold a powerful emotional strength, and you are courageous, is okay to want more, to chase what’s missing in your heart. Your intuition will be your guide. If you are single then this card represents the tiredness that you hold towards new relationships, you might be feeling that you no longer have the willingness to open yourself for love, perhaps some abandoning issues are bothering you?

Reversed 8 of Cups, Yes or No for Love?

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Fear is holding you back, the fear of being alone is speaking louder, and you are afraid to take the next step. Imagine if a building was on fire, and your only way out is to jump out of the window, but you are scared of heights, so what do you do? Do you face your fears and jump or stay in an unsafe situation? Sometimes we don’t give enough credit to ourselves, we accept that this is how things are and we allow ourselves to remain in a bad situation. You are perhaps allowing someone to take advantage of you, to treat you less than you deserve. The fear is holding you back, just because the way out seems too daunting. It doesn’t mean that you are not strong enough to make it. You shouldn’t let anyone take the right of being happy away from you. It’s your right to be satisfied, so find the strength within you and allow yourself to be happy, even if you have to head towards a storm, you are stronger than you make yourself believe. If you are single, then the fear of commitment seems to be holding you back. It seems like every time that things have a chance to get serious, you walk away. The reason why you fear to allow someone in and love you needs to be dealt with, or else you are allowing yourself to experience perhaps something magical. Face whatever is frightening you and avoid projecting that into every relationship.

8 of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

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Sometimes to be truly happy, you need to find yourself. The 8 of cups symbolize leaving bad situations and walking away. Still, it also represents finding yourself, so there might be some soul searching in your journey to find happiness. Perhaps there are some traveling in your plans? You might be on a treasure hunt in the search to find the truth of why you are not happy, why you are not feeling fulfilled yet. Self discover is a beautiful thing, and incredibly helpful when you are looking for answers to questions that you have no answer to, enjoy this time to connect with who you are and to find your purpose. The journey that you are about to embark it might hold the answers that you have been asking for but being unable to answer. This is the time to dig deeper and truly connect with yourself.

Reversed 8 of Cups, Yes or No for Advice?

8 of cups reversed advice yes or no

The 8 of Cups is like a mirror to what is hidden within you. Right now, the people in your life might see you as happy and accomplished from the outside, but that is far from the truth, isn’t it? What you are projecting to the world is the complete opposite of how you are feeling from the inside, for how long will you be able to keep the illusion? For how long will you be able to lie to yourself about your true feelings? It might be easier to put on a mask and pretend that you are smiling every second of every day when all you want is to cry, but things don’t have to be this way, there are other options. You deserve more than this, and you know it. You just need to take action and fight for your own happiness. It’s time to let yourself to be happier, to feel that you are worth it. Don’t allow yourself to settle for any less than you deserve, only because you accepted that this is your life. It doesn’t have to be this way.

8 of Cups, Yes or No for Break-up or Divorce?

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The wounds left in your heart are deep and still unhealed, so walking away and allowing yourself a chance to heal and become stronger, it might be for your best interest. Unfortunately, situations can lead us to feel exhausted, and that leads to emotional withdrawal, which is not a good thing. Your feelings matter, and you have the power within you to fix things and find happiness. To walk away, you need courage and self-motivation and the answers to that are already withing you. Let your intuition guide you, allow it to embrace you with the answers that you so desperately wish to know. Open the door for possibilities. You have the answers within you, and you can do this!

8 of Cups, Yes or No for Business Decision?

8 of cups business yes or no

It might be the right time to walk away from a business that no longer has the viability or brings you passion. There is a possibility of traveling for work, and that might be a self-discovery for the new chapter in your career. When you no longer feel fulfilled, a change is in order. Be smart about your future decisions, and with your money as well. If you aren’t happy about how things are being administered it’s okay to change things.

Samples of 8 of Cups Yes or No interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

8 of cups Yes or No Questions

At the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend was charming and caring, but now he mistreats me. It makes me feel worthless, should I break up with him?

You shouldn’t allow anyone else to make you feel that way. It’s not okay to stay in a relationship that makes you feel unworthy. It’s certainly not okay to allow someone that is supposed to love you to treat you that way. The 8 of Cups represents leaving a bad situation. Even if the fear of being alone is in your mind, You should consider the right thing for you. If you were to be happy, what would you do? Let your heart answer this question and follow its guidance.

I feel stuck in my job. Things dort feel as exciting as they used to, and I’m afraid that my performance is not as productive due to my lack of interest. What should I do with my career?

Feeling unmotivated due to the lack of fulfillment is normal, and the 8 of Cups tells us that the journey ahead might be daunting and challenging. Still, it also represents the courage and bravery within you. A career change might be the next chapter for you. Be aware of your options, and look for the answers around you.

I want to be in a relationship, but for some reason, every time that I allow myself to be loved by someone, all I want is to run. Why can’t I make things work? Why am I single?

Demons of the past seem to be holding you back. You are putting your own fears into everyone that you allow yourself to love. You need to realize that they are not why you are feeing this way. You might need to face your demons before allowing yourself to love someone else, or you will be hurting both of you. Forgive whatever has hurt you in the past and move on, let yourself free from that pain and embrace the possibilities of being happy. You will find the answers and the courage to resolve this within yourself.

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