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Yes or No 7 of wands

The 7 of Wands signifies bravery. This is a yes card. The 7 of Wands represents conflicts and arguments that will challenge your beliefs. This card implies the courage within you, the same courageous approach that will guide you to win every battle. In love, the 7 of Wands expresses disagreements. At work, you will have to stand your ground. This card symbolizes challenges that you can win if you stand for what you believe in.

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”


Upright 7 of Wands, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

7 of wands tarot card meaning yes or no

The 7 of Wands is a yes card. However, when you see this card in a reading, you need to be aware that you will encounter many challenges up ahead. Your strong will and determination will help you to win each battle. The 7 of Wands signifies success and victory, but not without a fight. You will have to channel your beliefs and bravery to overcome every challenge that life will throw at you. However, this card also evokes that you are capable enough to become a winner when facing any adversity in life.

Reversed 7 of Wands, is it a Yes or No Tarot Card?

7 of wands reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

The reversed 7 of Wands is mostly a no card. However, this card implies that you should wake up to reality and avoid dwelling on bad situations for most situations. Adopting a beaten attitude when problems arise will not only cause you to envision a larger problem than what it is but will also invite a negative outcome. A lack of courage might be related to the feeling of anxiety, which can be justified by some repressed fears barred inside. To possess a different attitude, you should solve what’s the origin of those fears.

Upright 7 of Wands, Yes or No for Love?

7 of wands tarot card meaning for love yes or no

The 7 of Wands is a yes card. However, this is a card with strings attached. The answer might be yes, but you will have to work for the outcome that you desire. Your relationship will be put on the test, not only by the both of you when acknowledging each other’s beliefs, but there is also a chance that outside influences will try to destroy your strong bond. If this relationship is important to you, then it’s time to put on your big pants and get ready to fight for what you want. If you are single, there’s a big chance that the person that you are interested in is also a love interest of someone else. Don’t be shy; this is the time to back down, show him how much you care about him, and ensure that you are a part of his life or others might take your place.

Reversed 7 of Wands, Yes or No for Love?

7 of wands reversed love yes or no

The reversed 7 of Wands is a no card and not an excellent omen for love. Even though things might seem hopeless right now, there is no excuse to give up. Self-doubt might be knocking at the door, but you don’t have to answer it. Instead, work within yourself and fight for the ones that you love. Your realtionship needs your attention and your partner needs your understanding. If you have been arguing a lot lately, then this card can also imply that you will both find a solution for your problems by relying on compromising. If you are single, then the 7 of Wands symbolizes the need to step out of your comfort zone and be courageous in love. The person that you are into will never know how you truly feel if you keep yourself in the shadow. It’s time to step in and win their heart.

Upright 7 of Wands, Yes or No as Advice?

7 of wands Advice Yes or No

When you encounter the 7 of Wands during a reading, the answer to your question is a clear yes. When in the face of conflict and arguments, you will survive as a winner. The key is standing for what you believe in. Use your heart like a sword and your soul as a shield. Hold on to your beliefs with courage and bravery. Stand your ground and fight for what you think is right. You may face some kind of harassment, but you should never take the blame for something that you didn’t do. Life will become hectic and demanding at times; however, this is not the time to settle for any less than what you think you deserve. So take the high road and overcome every challenge to achieve what you want out of life.

Reversed 7 of Wands, Yes or No as Advice?

7 of wands reversed advice yes or no

The 7 of Wands is a no card. Meaning that whatever you are dealing with, you should not give up. When you see adversity, you immediately take a step back and let your fears take the better of you. Your lack of courage mixed with the unwelcoming feeling of indecision will set you to failure even before you try. Are your fears more frightening than losing the chance to be happy? Is surrendering your dreams a fair outcome? Compromise is a tool to resolve arguments more calmly, but can also kill dreams and goals. The 7 of Wands implies that you should fight for what you believe in instead of being afraid and give up.

Upright 7 of Wands, Yes or No for Reconciliation?

7 of wands reconciliation yes or no

The answer that you are seeking on the 7 of Wands is a yes. However, there has been some conflict and disagreement in your relationship. There is a very likely chance that you will both come out of this battle in victory. Just remember to make sure that your beliefs and feelings are being heard and accepted by your partner. Of course, you shall retrieve with the same compassion and hear them out. It’s also okay to take the blame if you were at fault, but remember that actions speak louder than words, so make amends and fight for the one you love. The battle isn’t over just yet. You can still win their heart back.

Reversed 7 of Wands, Yes or No for Reconciliation?

The 7 of Wands is a no card, but this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to agree in love. However, you are focusing in the wrong place to get the results that you desire. It’s time to stop focusing on what goes on the outside and focus more on what goes on, on the inside. A lack of self-belief in yourself created many of your relationship problems. Let go of your fears and embrace the courage of going after what you want. Fighting for what you want will lead you to happy and beautiful destinations, including the person you love. Don’t quit on love because of your fears; instead use fears to break barriers and fight harder.

Upright 7 of Wands, Yes or No for Business Decision?

The answer to your question is yes, the 7 of Wands is a positive card, although you will have to prove yourself at work to receive the respect that you so hard worked for until now. Someone might be placing your reliability at risk, and you will have to prove that you still have what it takes to be successful. There might be people after your work position. If you want to maintain your job, you need to stand up for your ground and ensure that you are on top of your game at work. You have the talent, knowledge, and stamina to succeed and prove yourself to others. Don’t stay quiet, take action.

Reversed 7 of Wands, Yes or No for Business Decision?

The reversed 7 of Wands is not a good omen for business. This is a no card. You might be exhausted and feeling burned out, which will reflect on your productivity. The 7 of Wands implies that someone took your current position at work due to your lack of drive. Due to this, you might have jeopardized your ambition at work and allowed others to take over your responsibility. This is a reflection of your lack of confidence and belief in your skills. If you want your career status back, you need to follow your beliefs instead of allowing others to walk all over you. Stand for what you want and put up with the work to achieve it.

Samples of 7 of Wands Yes or No interpretation in a practical Tarot reading

7 of wands Yes or No Questions

Here are some samples specially selected as an example of how to interpret the 7 of Wands during a yes or no reading.

“I have been seeing him for some time, but we haven’t yet kissed. Does he want me?” – Rose

The 7 of Wands is a winning card, so your answer is, of course, a yes. This is also a card that calls for action to assure that he is sure about how you feel about him; you should stand for your feelings and fight for what you want. The 7 of Wands is a symbol that success is waiting on the other side of your actions. This card also represents competition, so there might be someone else that wants his attention. It’s time for you to guarantee that he knows about your intentions.

“How and when will I die?” – Simon

Even though the 7 of Wands can’t answer that question in full detail, there are answers within this card that can help you to understand your path with clarity. The 7 of Wands implies success that will be achievable when you act upon your beliefs. This can tell us that your life is in your hands. Your path is full of undiscovered paths that lead to mysterious destinations. There is so much for you to conquer. So instead of questioning your time on this earth, use that curiosity into what you can do to turn the journey that you still have ahead of you more enjoyable instead.

“I’m interested in this guy, but I think he is seeing someone else, is that true?” – Sammy

The 7 of Wands is a yes card, so while there are other people interested in him, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he feels the same way, the way he sees you will depend a lot on how you pursue a relationship with him. Don’t let other people’s thoughts and craving for his attention create self-doubts about his feelings for you. Instead, focus that energy in making sure that he knows how you feel about him. Gather your bravery and tell him how you genuinely feel.

“I lost a promotion at work, and I’m feeling unmotivated. What should I do with my career?” – Alyssa

When the reversed 7 of Wands appears in a reading it signifies a lack of self belief and defeat. This is a no card. Now is the time to ask yourself what you want out of your career without relying on your doubts. Exhaustion might be blinding your clarity, which can lead to a lack of commitment at work. This, of course, will be seen as a weakness at work. To ensure that you maintain your reputation, you must stand for what you want without hesitation or self-doubts.

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