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The Nine of Swords represents overwhelming thoughts. You are focusing on the worst case scenario and your mind is not allowing you to switch back from this rumination. You are anguished and you cannot seem to shake it. The Nine of Swords is perceived as a NO.

Upright Nine of Swords – Yes or No?

9 of swords tarot card meaning yes or no

Heavy are the thoughts that encapsulate us unnecessarily. The Nine of Swords is a powerful card, as emotions pour out of its image. We see a person, sat up in bed, restless and unable to clear their mind, with their head in their hands, swords weighing heavily above them and some piercing, they are anguished.

The darkened skies in the image suggests that you may not be sleeping well at the moment, and that racing thoughts are preventing you from leading the peaceful life you desire. It may be time to take a look at what is causing this, because nothing is impossible, even the notion of healing. The Nine of Swords is most certainly a NO card, but it does bode well to pay attention to surrounding cards in readings for hope of a quick recovery.

Nine of Swords Reversed – Yes or No?

9 of swords reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

In a reversed position, the Nine of Swords offers more of a positive outlook for you, dear soul. Being your own worst enemy can be like being stuck in quick sand, sinking lower and lower until you feel powerless. What this card in reverse offers you is a hand to pull yourself out of troublesome times. You take that hand, and move up into the fresh air once more.

Have you started to work with new coping strategies? Are you recognising the changes that are necessary in order for you to jump to the next chapter in your life with joy and vigour? I hope so, because what a promising card to see. All your heavy emotions, turned upside down and you are ready and raring to go. This card in reverse offers a more hopeful YES.

Nine of Swords Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

9 of swords tarot card meaning for love yes or no

What the Eight of Swords is screaming to us, is that love gets stuck in the mud from time to time. Life can shift our focus to other projects or matters, and we become complacent in our relationships. This could be you, it could be your soul, or it could be the both of you. Your relationship is still held together by love, but has been rattled by stagnation.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and a break up certainly doesn’t need to be on the cards. Reaching a place of harmony, where you both feel listened to, will help encourage hopeful steps forward together, in the direction of resolve. Getting to that root problem will help maintain healthier connections in the future. Although it seems negative, what the Eight of Swords is asking of you, is to become unstuck. This is therefore a MAYBE card in love – the power lies with you.

Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

9 of swords reversed love yes or no

When I see the Nine of Swords in a love reading, I almost always feel my heart sink. Things are not going well in some aspect, are they? Has there been stress or anxiety surrounding the two souls in question? You want to retreat and ignore the issues, but you know deep in your heart that in doing so, you are avoiding that make or break situation.

Your next step now should be for communication. It seems disastrous, especially when your mind may have conjured up worst case scenarios, but a good talk is being asked of you. Things may not be as bad as they seem, and if they can be fixed, then ignoring them may ruin that altogether. Take the leap, open up your heart, and discuss whatever problems you are currently in. This card is a most likely NO for you, but what it does offer, is the opportunity to change that.

Nine of Swords Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

9 of swords Advice Yes or No

The age of worry is upon you, and you are living and breathing in its centre. What you want, you are cautiously pacing the perimeters of. The worry within you could be because you are afraid of knowing the answer, but in knowing, you will have that reassurance which is lacking and currently preventing you from sleeping well and having a clear mind.

What you need is a plan of action. Sitting on your hands and telling yourself that you ‘cannot’ deal with it, won’t work forever. Release yourself from this self burden and work towards making it better for yourself. If you were to see the wood from the trees, you could turn this card into a yes, but for now, with your self criticism, it is a MAYBE.

Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

9 of swords reversed advice yes or no

When searching yourself for answers, you really want the Nine of Swords in reverse to come out for you. It offers you, on a sparkly new plate, the ability to overcome difficulties and walk the clear waters once more. The hardest part of stepping away from that inner voice of doubt, is having the courage to realise that you create the voice, and then you listen to it as if it has the last word. It doesn’t; you do. In reverse, the Nine of Swords is a most likely YES.

Nine of Swords Marriage – Yes or No?

9 of swords marriage yes or no

The windscreen we look through when we are driving is huge in comparison to our rear view mirror. This is because we need to focus on our future, whilst briefly reflecting on our past. Don’t get the two muddled. Our past is important, but what matters is the way we are going. With marriage, if you have been hurt before, or if events have gone significantly against the rhythm your heart beats, it is time to put it all behind you and focus on what is pure and good. For marriage, I offer a MAYBE. You have the power to focus on what matters no, and not then. If you can do that, you are in luck.

Nine of Swords Career – Yes or No?

You want chance and development, but you seem afraid. Why is that? I mean, really. Why? Have you asked yourself what caused this? I am asking you now. We grow when we are watered, and you have allowed yourself, and in particular your mind, to run dry. Is it a change of job you seek, or a change of career? There is a huge difference.

If you feel like you are stuck in the middle of hopelessness, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your life can change course whenever you wish, and that includes your career. To begin a new chapter, we must say good bye to the current. So ensure that you are not blaming yourself for things that go wrong. When it comes to career, a NO is probable here.

Nine of Swords Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

9 of swords Yes or No Questions

In practical readings, the Nine of Swords shows its face often. Some questions I have been asked where it surfaces are here.

“I can’t shake the voice of self doubt every time I try something new. How can I begin to make improvements?”

It starts with us, every single time. What has got you to this place where you feel you can no longer talk yourself into positivity? We wake each morning with energy, and we can choose where we apply it. You can either put it into further self doubt, or you can put it towards making those slight adaptations. You know, the ones where you say something good about yourself.. to yourself! It starts with one thing.

“I have got myself into some conflict with my parents regarding how much they want to see my children. What can I do to make everyone happy?”

You cannot make everyone happy, nobody can. What you can do is begin to apply healthy boundaries that allow different people at varying times to feel content. If this means organising weekly or fortnightly visits or sleepovers, then do it. If it brings balance to your life, all the better. Your focus needs to be on practicality rather than impossibility, so find ways to gather your thoughts and organise them rather than let them weigh you down.

“I’ve quit my job without having another job to go to. What should I do now?”

Quitting a job is a scary prospect a the best of times, but without the security of another to go to, it can be even worse. Ask yourself why you quit in the first place. If it really was deplorable, then you must put it behind you and tick it off as life experience, then put your energies into finding another position you would prefer. Giving yourself time to ruminate is not advisable because you can get into bad habits.

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