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Yes or No The Hermit

The Hermit represents holding back. You do not need to make a decision right now, and should instead draw back from life, albeit physically or emotionally for a while in order to contemplate and decide wisely. Give yourself the space you need. This card is a MAYBE.

Upright Hermit – Yes or No?

The Hermit tarot card meaning yes or no

The Hermit is a mesmerising card. There is just something about him that leaves me entranced. He stands alone, he holds himself steady with his wand, knowing he will not falter and he closes his eyes. He needs to pause, for now is not the time to keep walking. He has his reasons, they may not make sense to you or I but the light he holds up high signals hope for his journey ahead. Alas for now, he stops.

You have pulled The Hermit as a sign for you to put on the brakes. It seems a little scary doesn’t it? We all move in such a fast pace these days that to slow down seems detrimental or even so unfamiliar that it can make us feel somewhat anxious. Make no mistake, this is not stagnation. Being still this way is your personal quest for getting what you want out of life, the right way. I see a most likely YES here, especially with other Major Arcana cards Strength and The World.

The Hermit Reversed – Yes or No?

The Hermit reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

Too much of a good things negates the desire and the outcome in ways which you won’t grasp – until it happens to you. If you pause to gain knowledge or strength for a future endeavour, then you must start walking again when you have everything you need. Standing in one place, with all you have learned, is not going to propel you towards success or happiness in any way shape or form. You have been spending too much time alone of late, and left to ruminate with your own thoughts can lead to talking yourself out of progress. Do not allow this to continue any longer, because the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to restart your engine. The Hermit in reverse is a likely NO, unless you can manage to stop pushing other people away.

The Hermit Meaning for Love – Yes or No?

The Hermit tarot card meaning for love yes or no

I love how wise you are being. They say only fools fall in love but that clearly isn’t the case with you. You aren’t a fool for making sure you are entirely in this. It takes bravery to step forward and put your heart on the line when it comes to loving another soul and you want to ensure your risk is met with the same loving notion.

Take those positive steps to ensure you are meeting your soul with a confident head on your shoulders. You know I am talking about you, don’t you? Use these moments of serenity to reaffirm to yourself that you are worthy of a love so deep, and try to shoo away those needs for validation in the process. All the validation you need is in the way they are going to love you. I like to look at The Hermit in a love reading as a likely YES, because I see he light ahead for you both, even if you don’t.

The Hermit Love Reversed – Yes or No?

The Hermit reversed love yes or no

Love, for it to be successful and wonderful, usually involves more than one person. The Hermit in reverse just wanted to quietly nudge you and you remind you of that. Have you got the hint yet? Does he need to nudge you again? He can’t make you move, only you can move yourself. You see that’s the beauty of being still. Opportunity passes you by, and you wistfully mourn the departure of another chance as it rushes into the horizon and finally disappears out of sight. In standing still, you are allowing love, or potential love, to do the same. This is a probable NO for you, unless you manage by chance to pull out a card as fulfilled as the Ten of Cups.

The Hermit Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

The Hermit Advice Yes or No

It’s admirable to be wanting to achieve so much. You have lists and lists of innovative ideas and you want to see them all come alive, but what are you losing in the process? Where is the balance in your life? For every ounce of energy you put into this, you aren’t putting it elsewhere. Remember that life is like a pie, and every important aspect deserves a slice. Those in loving relationships or with a family at home deserve that much of a bigger slice, so don’t cut them off to gain what you want in other areas. Just take your time, all good things come to those who wait. A MAYBE is on offer here because I know you are a good person with good intentions and I hope this advice grounds you.

The Hermit Meaning For Advice Reversed – Yes or No?

The Hermit reversed advice yes or no

In being as isolated as you have currently made yourself, you are cutting off connections and relations left right and centre. Not much good can come from this in terms of moving ahead with a goal or a new chapter of your life if you are going to do so with such extreme measures. If you are seeking answer to a problem you have, rest assured the problem lies with your inability to form meaningful connections. A likely NO here for you unless you can find more positive cards to pull such as The Fool.

The Hermit Health – Yes or No?

You focus should be on yourself here. I almost feel as if there is a path destined for you at this time, that only you can experience. This could be something like the joys of meditation or enlightenment; something only you can experience for yourself to make you a stronger, healthier person from the inside. You don’t have to cut yourself off from the whole world here, but in working alone on your health, you will begin to see the harvest of your thoughts appear in all areas of life. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop whilst taking some quiet time for yourself to reflect. A spiritual and likely YES here.

The Hermit Career – Yes or No?

The Hermit career yes or no

I will put it bluntly, now is not the time to start a new business or decide on a new path of employment. That is not to say there will never be an opportunity for you – that would be unwise to declare such a huge statement. What The Hermit wants for you, is to think about what a huge step this is, and to make sure you have all your options covered when it comes to stepping out alone in a new business. The reasons for waiting could be many. Maybe you want to undertake some study, or maybe some new information is going to present itself to you. Whatever the reason, don’t assume it is you personally. Patience is a virtue. A likely NO here, for now at least.

The Hermit Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

The Hermit Yes or No Questions

Our Hermit crops up quite a bit during practical readings, and he can sometimes appear as a huge surprise. Here are some examples.

“Should I get married?”

If you knew the answer to that question without any doubt, would you be asking me? I don’t think so, and this is why The Hermit has shown up for you. You seek some sort of validation, or permission that it is alright to get married. I don’t think this is about not loving the soul you are with, more of a question of loving yourself enough to commit to a marriage. I don’t know if you have been let down or hurt in the past and you are fearful of it happening again but let me tell you, as long as you are ready and sure, you will know your answer.

“Does my Mother-In-law like me?”

Sometimes we can try so hard to make other people like us, that when they do something or say something out of character, you get taken aback and think, ‘What did I do to upset her?’ Is this you here? Eager to please and quick to blame yourself? We can all have bad days from time to time, where we aren’t quite ourselves and for no reason other than it happen. This may be where you need to view your Mother In Law from now on. We are all human, and we all need love. Just be yourself, let love out and you will receive it back. Just remember to do so in giving her and yourself the space you both require.

“I am pregnant with twins. Will I be a good Mother?”

Firstly, congratulations! I know this is something you personally have waited for, for so long now. Finally you get to prepare and nest, I am excited for you! Being a new parent is most certainly the most bewildering, exhilarating, emotional, joyous occasion to go through. Notice how I used a range of emotions there? It’s because ahead of there is a brand new speed of life you will be undertaking but now is the time to relax, prepare and pause. Your body needs to know it is being looked after during this time, so use it wisely a as period of rest.

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