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Yes or No The Tower

The Tower is a card of chaos and destruction. This card means you should expect something in your life to be uprooted. The Tower indicates a large change and is depicted by lightning striking a tower whilst people jump from the building to safety.

The Tower Upright – Yes or No

The Tower tarot card meaning yes or no

I’ve seen dread fill the faces of people who have drawn this card, but try not to be afraid, look at the cards surrounding it. Yes, change is coming, or perhaps it has already happened, but that change doesn’t have to be negative. It may be paired with cards that are associated with romance, career or finance, but it will always mean change. The bricks that have built up your foundations are crumbling, don’t waste time trying to put them back together. Build a new tower and a new home, build a space where you can sort through your emotions in these trying times. This card is an undoubtedly powerful one and it often answers you with a firm ‘yes’.

The Tower Reversed – Yes or No

The Tower reversed tarot card meaning yes or no

You can keep running in the sun, but that raincloud you’re trying to escape will find you. It always does. There’s a devil hiding in your walls and you need to let the lightning break down those walls, set the devil free and let it leave your life. You may feel lost and as though you don’t have your original safe structure through this change, but that’s okay, you’ll learn to rely on yourself more and will often be humbled by this large change. This card wants you to be more self-reliant, it wants you to trust yourself more and so offers you an ambiguous answer of ‘maybe’ in response to your questions.

The Tower Upright Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The Tower tarot card meaning for love yes or no

If this card appears in a romance reading, you need to ask yourself something. Is your relationship made of stone, or are the foundations made from cardboard that is crumpling in the rain? You are gripping onto this cardboard relationship and you need to accept that it won’t stay standing for much longer. But once you let go and let your feet touch the ground, you’ll feel much better. If you’re not currently in a relationship, this can symbolise that it’s time to change your views on romance and open yourself up a little more. Perhaps you have asked the cards questions such as ‘will I be single forever’ or ‘is this relationship good for me’. The Tower offers you an emotive ‘no’ in response.

The Tower Reversed Meaning for Love – Yes or No

The Tower reversed love yes or no

Before you start walking up that mountain, take a look at the ground. Are you walking up a mountain or are you stepping on a mole hill? This card is telling you to look at the tiny little piles of dirt you’re adding to the mole hill. If you don’t address these small problems now, then they’ll only add up to the eventual argument that may ensue if you keep walking up the mountain. Have you asked the cards ‘can I save this relationship’ or ‘am I overreacting’? If you have then it is no surprise that you have received this card in your reading as it provides you with a reassuring answer of ‘yes’.

The Tower as Advice Upright – Yes or No

The Tower Advice Yes or No

I imagine that you’ve got quite a lot going on right now, haven’t you? You probably feel very stressed and I know that this card isn’t exactly a calming one but believe me when I say, you’re going to be alright. This card gives you an answer of ‘yes’ to the questions you’ve asked, and it does remind you that sometimes a change can be a very good thing. However, be warned, if this card if paired with a card such as the 3 of Swords it can mean an inevitable heart-breaking change is coming your way.

The Tower as Advice Reversed – Yes or No

The Tower reversed advice yes or no

Don’t be the person who denies the manifestation of a problem. If you keep up with this denial, then whatever problem you’re facing will just become more difficult to deal with later on in life. There are certain things that are crumbling, and you simply cannot fix them, as much as you may want to. Be careful when listening to advice, make sure that you’re walking forward by following it rather than just sitting in the ruins. This card will offer you an answer of ‘no’ to the questions that you have asked.

The Tower Upright Meaning for Career – Yes or No

Has something in your workplace environment changed? Has a colleague left or perhaps a new boss has introduced themselves? Don’t let these temporary changes strike down the home that you’ve built in your workplace. Of course, it’s scary and can be sometimes aggravating, but if you let it overpower you then you won’t enjoy the fulfilment that could very well be on the way in your near future. It is a little difficult to determine what answer this card gives but in response to questions such as ‘will this career get better’ then this card tells you to tough it out and gives you an answer of ‘yes’.

The Tower Reversed Meaning for Career – Yes or No

You’re still in the confines of your workplace, whether that is something you’re happy about or something that you feel is holding you back, that’s for you to know. Is the place you’re sitting in comfortable or is it just somewhere that you’re too scared to leave? This card is telling you that it might just be time for you to take a bit of a risk and look for that career change which can give you the fulfilment you both require and deserve. This card is a little less clear than some other answers that it gives, but it usually gears towards a stronger response of ‘no’ when it appears in readings about careers.

The Tower as an Answer to ‘Am I Cursed?’

If The Tower has appeared in your reading then I can’t say I’m surprised you might feel as though you’ve been cursed. Lots of scary and big things have been happening recently, but it’s not because you’re cursed. If this card appears upright, then it shows that these changes may actually be a blessing in disguise and not something that you should live in fear of. Whereas if it is reversed, then you may feel like there is a lingering curse for a little while. It might be the way that you’re viewing your current and past situations, if you change the way you look at your problems it may make you much happier than you originally thought you could be.

The Tower as an Answer to ‘Will I be Rich?’

The Tower rich yes or no

This card, whilst being heavily associated with disaster, does not mean that you’ll be in financial ruin. However, if it is upright then it does suggest that you put some money aside or into a savings account. You’re much more likely to get closer to your goal of being rich if you are careful with your money rather than risking it on big investments. If this card is in reverse, then I’m sorry but your wish may not come true for at least a while. It may be difficult for you to admit, but you may wish to look at your financial situation and be truthful about it. Pretending to be in a stable situation with money when you aren’t is not going to help you get the luxuries that you desire.

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