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King of Clubs meaning​

King of clubsKing of clubs represents a dark man, who is loyal and kind. He is a good businessman, shrewd with money and investments, but isn’t selfish. In fact, the King of clubs is a very devoted father, husband and citizen. In a broader sense, the King of clubs  encompasses idealized qualities of a fatherly figure. This card is universally considered as a very good omen.

Quick check:  is King of clubs in your cards today? A good omen – finally! Who is this good and serious man who is going to help you?

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Detailed meanings for the King of Clubs​

King of clubs meaning french deck


This card represents a devoted dark (brunet) man, who loves to be of service; or a loyal and kind man in financial matters.

Driven by good feelings, this man is, like the King of hearts, a friend, a protector.

He is also called the King of Money because, since the Club is the emblem of money (coin, in the Egyptian Tarot), he presides over our fortune; and since this King is a very favourable card, he is an excellent omen for the consultant.

Taken in isolation by a single person or a widower, it means: your rival more fortunate than you;

By a young woman: A man who is interested in you will be a serious man, rich and full of good qualities. Whatever he is now, he will be much better in the future.

By a child: Tutor.

By any other person: Protector, caretaker, patron.

This King having on the right a

Spade: Small obstacles to the accomplishment of your projects. – A rich man will help you, and thus ensure the success you desire.

Heart: Fortune. – Extraordinary luck. – Perfect joy.

Diamond: You will receive a sum of money in a letter.

Club: Great benefits. – Certainty of abundance.

Having on the left a

Spade: Your patron and protector is tormented because of you. – However, his care is guaranteed.

Heart: Serious suitor. – Tutor, – Protector. – Sincerely friendly.

Diamond: Travel to the countryside.

Club: Advantageous proposal by a rich man.


With the King of Spades: Business consultation; the other card touching the Club is not null because of this exception; it speaks and carries a lot of meaning, it must be interpreted according to its particular meaning.

Between clubs: You must stop the consultation. Everything you want will certainly succeed.

Between two hearts, squares or spades; it must be interpreted in isolation, that is, without giving value to the two cards surrounding it. This isolated interpretation is amplified. Anything that was a vague omen becomes a strong omen.

King of clubs

King of ClubsUpright.  

As the representative of an individual, this card designates a man of a complexion neither very dark nor exceedingly light, but a person with medium colored brown hair, grayish eyes, and of an easy, plodding disposition. He will be a man humane, honest and affectionate, given to business, and faithful in all his engagements; he will be personally happy in all his relations in life, as father, husband and citizen, and make everyone happy about him.

The primary significations of this card are, in the first instance, a friend, and secondly, a business man.

As a business man this card has these synonyms:

Merchant; trader; dealer; banker; broker; exchange agent; speculator; calculator; physician; schoolmaster; collegian; geometry; freemason; mathematics; engineer; science; professor.

King of ClubsReversed.  

This card, as the representative of an individual, designates a person of middling dark complexion, with chestnut brown hair, who, without being positively wicked, is viciously inclined, and for that reason should not be trusted. Being of a morbid temperament, he will destroy the happiness of others, and render his family miserable through his own viciousness.

A secondary signification is consequently a vicious man or vice itself, expressed in synonyms as follows:

Vice; defect; default; moral blemish; weakness; moral imperfection; unformed nature; irregularity; flightiness of mind; depravation in manners; libertinism; lewdness; licentious speech; ugliness; deformity; corruption; stench; rottenness.

King of clubs English Cartomancy meaning

The King of Clubs
As Master- Card, our relationship to a strong mental or moral Influence of the male sex, respected and deferred to; or sure so to be.

Influenced by its like suit, it is a cultivated and professional one, or involuntary.

By a high heart,it arises in a near relative or one for whom a special affection is felt.

By a low heart, it is either secret or remote ; or it may be that it is religious, in part.

By a Diamond, our outward life must have concern in it.

By a Spade, the influence is of doubtful or worse healthfulness or profit to us.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning King of clubs

King of clubs Card title – Protector

A man of dark complexion, loyal and a good advisor. In need he will help you with money.

If reversed – He will have opposition to his views and beliefs.

King of wands meaning tarot


The physical and emotional nature to which this card is attributed is dark, ardent, lithe, animated, impassioned, noble. The King uplifts a flowering wand, and wears, like his three correspondences in the remaining suits, what is called a cap of maintenance beneath his crown. He connects with the symbol of the lion, which is emblazoned on the back of his throne.

Divinatory Meanings: Dark man, friendly, countryman, generally married, honest and conscientious. The card always signifies honesty, and may mean news concerning an unexpected heritage to fall in before very long.

Reversed: Good, but severe; austere, yet tolerant.

King of clubs birth cardKing of Clubs: The Proficiency Birth Card

29 NOV to 5 DEC

“I believe everyone in the world is born with genius-level talent. Apply yourself to whatever you’re genius at, and you can do anything in the world.” -Jay Z.

The King of Clubs is a card of knowledge. The ones who share this birth card are exceptionally good at whatever they decide to do in life. They can retain a lot of information, which makes them exceptional teachers or leaders. They have an urge to dive into many subjects at once. And their ability to expertise in many topics helps them be at their best always.

Very fast-paced and upbeat, they highly dislike slow results. They may become easily irritated when things take longer than needed, as they are very productive and like things done as soon as possible. Their expectations can also rely on the ones closest to them, making them raise the bar for others.

Yet, they can sometimes overwhelm others, which they need to be cautious not to create a hostile environment at work and in their personal lives. They are very self-expressive, and they can translate that into writing, for example. Their writing abilities are very sharp, and they make incredibly gifted writers. They are also incredibly blessed in their connections, and relationships come easy to them.

Personal Message: Your ability to hold knowledge is exceptional, which will grant you extraordinary skills. While your ability to retain information is excellent, your drive to accomplish what you want is just as equally powerful. You know your worth, and you are incredibly comfortable taking the lead, which will enable you to be a great fit for leadership roles. Even though hard work and discipline are crucial for you, it’s also essential to take extra time for yourself. Traveling is perhaps one thing that will help you destress while still maintaining a healthy balance between your work and personal life.

When it comes to connections in your life, those come easy to you, but there’s a chance that you will apply the same work ethic to everyone who is involved in your personal and professional life, but you should remember not to overwhelm others. You are highly spiritual as well; still, this may be something that you haven’t notice yet. Meditation can be the perfect anchor to control all your racing thoughts when stress arrives in your life.

Famous People Who Share the King of Clubs Birth Card

Britney Spears, Amanda Seyfried, and Jay Z

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King of clubs meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

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