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Ten of Spades meaning​

10 of spades

Ten of Spades means SADNESS mixed with tears and disappointment. 

It isn’t just a bad card. It’s poisonous like jealousy. It will in a great measure counteract the good effects of the cards near you. You might be overcome by the feeling that nothing is right and the only thing you wish is to be to left alone.  Ten of Spades is also a warning: take care not to get addicted to your sorrows.

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Detailed meanings for the Ten of Spades

10 of spades meaning french deck


The Ten of Spades means: Mourning, crying, sadness, despair, prison, disappointment.

It’s a bad card.

However, its meaning is attenuated according to its surroundings.

If this card has on the right a

Spade: Loss of position. – Sadness.

Heart: Sorrow of love. – Friendship deceived.

Diamond: Disappointed expectations, but they will surely come true later.

Club: Death of an enemy.

Having on the left a

Spade: Loss of a distant relative.

Heart: Happiness in love and friendship.

Diamond: Crying followed by a little joy.


Near the Nine of Spades: Deadly illness – cancer, pneumonia, AIDS and such; the other card that touches ten of spades is nil; it doesn’t speak.

Between two hearts: Despair of love. – Loss of a friend.

Between two cards of the same value; Prison for your enemy.

10 of spades

Ten of SpadesUpright.

The general signification of this card is jealousy, particularly when accompanied by the knave of clubs, which denotes that the consultant, either male or female, is jealous of his or her sweetheart to such a degree that their friendly relations are in danger of being broken off, which will assuredly be the case, if the nine of spades should likewise appear in the oracle.

The other primary signification of this card is tears, whence we derive a series of secondary significations, as:

Sighs; groans; weeping; complaints; lamentations; griefs; sadness; heart-sickness; affliction; mental agony.

Ten of SpadesReversed.

This card, emerging reversed, has, for a general signification, a loss, either moral or physical, as the surrounding cards designate. Thus, with the nine of hearts intervening between the consultant and this card, it announces that he or she will lose a situation or employment. When it comes preceded by the ten of clubs, it betokens the loss of money or valuables. Should the consultant be an unmarried female, and this card comes out reversed near to a knave, likewise reversed, it foretells the ruin of her reputation through calumny. But if in place of one of the knaves the seven of clubs should appear, the loss of her character will be brought about through some indiscretion.

Another primary signification of this is the evening, as a designation of points of time; still this general term of night has given rise to the application of important secondary significations, of which the sense can be taken from the synonyms:

Shades; obscurely; nocturnal; mysterious; secret; masked; concealed; undiscovered; clandestine; occult; veiled; allegorical; hidden meaning; in secrecy; obscure hints; double meaning; on the sly; to conceal from sight; nocturnal meetings.  

Ten of spades English Cartomancy meaning

As a Master-Card, Ten of Spades means an Event or Project to your disadvantage and regret.

Influenced by the like suit, a Disgrace.

By a Heart, a Quarrel.

By a Diamond, a Cheat.

By a Club a Hindrance.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning 10 of spades

10 of spades Card title – Sadness, tears.

Sorrows. Depression. Demotivation. Jealousy.

If reversed – Heartache of short duration.

Ten of Swords meaning tarot


A prostrate figure, pierced by all the swords belonging to the card.

Divinatory Meanings: Whatsoever is intimated by the design; also pain, affliction, tears, sadness, desolation. It is not especially a card of violent death.

Reversed: Advantage, profit, success, favor, but none of these are permanent; also power and authority.

10 of spades birth cardTen of Spades: The Tireless Worker Birth Card

8 NOV to 14 NOV

“Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow.” -Saint Augustine.

Ten of Spades are incredibly hardworking. When this is an excellent trait to have, in their case, it can be a burden that will shake every other area of their lives. With the immense potential to succeed, they can nonetheless get submerged in need of succeeding all the time that they neglect everything else in their life.

Of course, this can affect relationships the most as they will devote all their time to their work. This only adds pressure to their need to need a stable connection and relationship. They can be very materialistic, but they are also very generous to others, and they will very promptly help the ones they care about financially.

While they are phenomenally successful in their life, they sometimes can struggle to see their own self-worth. But settle down for less will prevent them from achieving everything that they deserve.

They are very friendly and likable, and working around people can be a great bonus for them as they are good around people. Their magnetic personality can make everyone feel accepted and appreciated.

Personal Message: Your ambitions are admirable, and no one can’t overlook how hard you work for your success. The bigger problem comes when you allow yourself to be trapped in work and miss all the other things in your life. Your romantic life can be a little troublesome, which can be justified for your workaholic lifestyle. Your fear of living a poor life can explain your need always to work hard. Yet this may cause you not to experience a happy and long-lasting relationship.

At some point, you will need to find a balance and invest some of your time into the people that you love, or you may create many storms in your relationships. The Ten of Spades indicates that you have an exceptional ability to reach your spiritual power to align your true purpose with the eagerness to succeed. Allowing yourself to feel spiritually aware will enable you to clarify the most important areas of your life.

Famous People Who Share the Ten of Spades Birth Card

Gordon Ramsay, Whoopi Goldberg, and Anne Hathaway

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Ten of Spades meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

10 of spades meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

Go ahead and try one of the card readings below.

If you get the 10 of spades on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. 

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If you know what you are doing,  try the Free Card Spirits oracle. The unstable arcana spirits dwell in the beliefs of the consultant. If your belief is strong enough, they might help you in many ways – for example – conceive a baby, seduce a lover or curse an enemy. It is a dangerous kind of cartomancy, so it is not for the beginners. 

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