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Ten of Clubs meaning​

10 of clubs

Ten of Clubs is the card of fortune. Like many other club cards, it signifies financial success and material abundance. It invokes lucky investments, unexpected inheritance, or just a wallet found on the street. In a nutshell, the Ten of clubs is a lucky omen for financial gain that you do not expect.

Quick check:  is 10 of clubs in your cards today? Will it bring you money that you don’t expect?

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Detailed meanings of the Ten of Clubs​

10 of clubs meaning french deck


Like the Ace of Clubs, this card is the card of fortune.

Success, abundance, prosperity, unexpected succession, success in everything; such is the meaning of isolated Ten of Clubs.

Regardless of the place it occupies in the game being played, placed next to any card, this Ten is a very positive omen.

Judge for yourself:

Having on the right a

Spade: Inheritance from a distant relative or another unexpected large financial gain.

Heart: Joy. – Success in everything.

Diamond: Gift from a friend.

Club: A substantial sum of money lost, but then recovered with interest.

Having on the left a

Spade: Change of job position. Exciting job prospects.

Heart: Assured and unexpected wealth.

Diamond: A gift from a man who is not from your town.

Club: Money that is not expected.


Between two figures of Kings or Jacks: Support of men.

Between two ladies: Rich wedding leading to a rich family. – Sincere friends.

Between a King and a Lady: Protection of married couple. Believe it or not – they care about you much more than you deserve.

Near the Queen of Spades: Money from a widow ( or divorced or lone person). The other card with the Ten of Clubs is null; it does not speak.

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10 of clubs

Ten of ClubsUpright.

When this card enters in your oracle it is to apprise you that you will unexpectedly receive a handsome sum of money, a gift or a legacy from some dear friend or near relative. However, at the same time it warns you that your smiles will be intermingled with tears; inasmuch as you will almost simultaneously learn of the death of some person whose love you have cherished.

The chief primary signification of this card is the future, whence are derived the following secondary ones:

Hereafter; to come; posthumous; after death; heaven.

Another primary signification is gain, which can be interpreted as required, by any of these synonyms:

Advantage; profit; success; grace; favor; benefit; ascendency; power; empire; authority; usurpation; profitable; useful; important; interest; official position.

A more general signification in this card is money, from which we have secondary ones of this description:

Wealth; coin; bullion; ingots; gold; silver ware; whiteness; purity; candor; innocence; ingenuity; the moon; purification; twilight; moonlight.

Ten of ClubsReversed.

As a general thing this card, emerging reversed, designates a lover, of either gender unless the knave of clubs appears in the oracle of a lady, or the eight of hearts, reversed, in that of a gentleman.

Employed in such a signification, we have as synonyms:

In love; gallantry; a gallant; husband; wife; married man; married woman; friend; protector; courtesan; to love; to cherish; to adore; to match; to mate; harmony; concord; suitable; corresponding; in relations with; decency; decorum; regard; seemliness; convenience; vicinity; fitness.

This card is sometimes used to designate the house.

Ten of clubs English Cartomancy meaning

As Master-Card, ten of clubs means Success in a matter long pursued.

Influenced by its suit, one of troublesome Conflict of conduct or advices.

By a Heart, in an affair of love ; or calling
for courage ; or for another, as well as oneself.

By a Diamond, an Opinion or Prejudice overcome in others, through our persistency, or argument.

By a Spade, an Inheritance; or a Matter needing much watchfulness and care, when known.

Sibylle des Salons cartomancie meaning 10 of clubs

10 of clubs Card title – Success

Fortune. Lucky investment or speculation. Success.

If reversed – Small achievements.

Ten of Wands meaning tarot


A man oppressed by the weight of the ten staves which he is carrying.

Divinatory Meanings: A card of many significances, and some of the readings cannot be harmonized. I set aside that which connects it with honor and good faith. The chief meaning is oppression simply, but it is also fortune, gain, any kind of success, and then it is the oppression of these things. It is also a card of false-seeming, disguise, perfidy. The place which the figure is approaching may suffer from the rods that he carries. Success is stultified if the Nine of Swords follows, and if it is a question of a lawsuit, there will be certain loss.

Reversed: Contrarieties, difficulties, intrigues, and their analogies.

10 of clubs birth cardTen of Clubs: The Ingenious Card

14 JUN to 20 JUN

“Big ideas come from forward-thinking people who challenge the norm, think outside the box, and invent the world they see inside rather than submitting to the limitations of current dilemmas.” -T. D. Jakes

Also known as the success card, the Ten of Clubs exemplifies a successful path. People who hold this card are great leaders and drive to reach all their goals in life. They are one of a kind and tend to be on a completely different level than others.

And it’s because of their unique way of pursuing things that they don’t usually follow the conventional path to achieve what they want. People with the Ten of Clubs birth card tend to think outside the box and are usually the authors of their own story.

And although they are above traditions, they tend to be very sensitive to people judging them. It is common for someone with a Ten of Clubs birth card to feel extremely self-conscious and even lack self-confidence. Yet, they have no reason to feel this way because they hold the potential to be excellent at whatever they decide to do in life. They have a passion for knowledge. But they can take a while to realize their abilities to achieve greatness. Still, once they accept their true potential, nothing will stop them from reaching the top.

They are usually the best students who work extremely hard on every excellent grade. They also enjoy teaching others and pass on their expertise in many subjects. They have the gift to teach and inspire. They can also be excellent at sports or any creative profession such as an actor or writer.

Personal Message: You are a free spirit. Most people follow the traditional path, but not you. Some might say that you can’t color inside the lines even. And it is your uniqueness that will help you to be great. Rules are not something that you particularly like. And you always look to find a different way to reach the same or bigger goals. You don’t care what society has to say.

Yet you tend to be overly sensitive to what society thinks about you. This can be harmful and prevent you from reaching your full potential. If you use the same determination to live life on your terms when facing criticism, you will not be affected. You know very well what you want, and you shouldn’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise. If you want, you will get it. The work that you put into it will come back to you as a success, so what are you waiting for to create the life that you want?

Famous People Who Share the Ten of Clubs Birth Card

Lucy Hale, Courtney Cox, and Venus Williams.

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Ten of Clubs meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

10 of clubs meaning

Cartomancy is never based on the interpretation of a single card. It is the interplay of the cards that creates the most interesting insights.

Go ahead and try the card reading below.

If you get the Ten of clubs on the first go – that’s a sign of good luck. The Fortune  will smile gently and generously upon You.

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Ten of Clubs video interpretation

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