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how to figure out your tarot card

Almost everyone is aware of what their zodiac sign is based on their date of birth, but were you aware that you also have your own birth cards? Yes, most of us have two of them and occasionally there are people with three. Your tarot cards symbolize your inner strength and portray your true potential. Do you know how to figure out your tarot card?

What’s your tarot card?

Your birth cards are a reflection of your own energy and your path in life, by knowing your birth cards, you will also get to know the unique characteristics that make you the person that you are and always were or will be, because your birth symbolizes your true essence, and that is something that no matter what happens in your life, it won’t ever change. It will remain the same, from birth to death. Your tarot card really highlights your true potential in life. There are 12 pairs of birth cards and each pair represents a unique representation. Your birth card can’t by itself describe who you are as a whole, but it symbolizes your true foundation. When you realize what your foundation is, then perhaps your life can start to make a little more sense, and you will be able to unleash the best things that make you so unique and powerful.

How do you figure out your tarot card?

It’s a very simple process that will only require a little bit of simple math. In order to find out your tarot card, you need to add up your birth date, until you have a single number. So let’s imagine that you were born on the 12th of August of 1994, in that case, we will need to add your day, month, and year of birth like this: 1+2+0+8+1+9+9+4= 34, then we will add a 3+4=7. So your number would be 7. Now that you know your number, how do you know which one is your birth card?

Number 1: Wheel of Fortune (10) & The Magician (1)

You have the ability to turn the worst situations into the best experiences. You are not someone who likes to stand still and wait for life to guide you, instead you believe that you get to create your own destiny. You were born with great determination and you have a natural talent to manifest success. Your creativity is also something that helps you to achieve greatness.

Number 2: Justice (11) & The High Priestess (2)

You have an incredible ability to use your intuition and you can see things from their true colors. You can make decisions quite easily without the need for overthinking it too much or analyzing the entire situation before you have a clear idea of what you want. Your path is extremely clear and you know exactly what you want out of life and you are not afraid to get it.

Number 3: The Hanged Man (12) & The Empress (3)

You see the world from a different perspective, you see the whole picture. You can analyze and see things that most of us don’t even notice. Your way to express yourself comes from the purest parts of your soul. You like to take your time to enjoy the little things out of life, which might be misunderstood by others, but it makes you someone who is able to find the true meaning of life itself.

Number 4: Death (13) & The Emperor (4)

You have this strong capability of identifying when a situation in your life no longer has room to develop. You are extremely well adaptable and can easily let go of what holds you back and take the lead to drive your life into a more promising path. You are not afraid of challenges and are always ready to start over new adventures.

Number 5: Temperance (14) & The Hierophant (5)

You are a born leader, not only do you hold great leadership skills but you can also keep a calm mind during stressful situations. You have a great ability to keep a healthy balance between all aspects of your life and even when you need to let go of that balance and compensate more in some areas of your life, you are still able to keep everything in perfect harmony. You are a great mentor for the ones around you.

Number 6: The Devil (15) & The Lovers (6)

Love is your guidance in life. You are driven by the purest feeling of love and you are capable to make amazing changes in people’s lives by just being the heartful person that you are. Love is your motto in life, but you also need to be cautious about the dangerous sides of love such as temptations and lust. Your heart is pure so follow its guidance.

Number 7: The Tower (16) & The Chariot (7)

You are a power of nature and your inner strength is inspirational. You are not afraid of obstacles and you are always ready to fight for what you believe in. You are incredibly outspoken and you are not afraid to be heard. You are admired by your boldness and bravery. Challenges only make you stronger and you have a natural talent to motivate others.

Number 8: The Star (17) & Strength (8)

Your pure soul is a bright light that helps to guide others during their darkest times. You are a healer and can help others in times of need. You are a symbol of hope, positivity, and good energy. You have the capacity to help others to find their way in life, even when you are still searching for your place in this world. You are pure and selfless, and nothing can stop you from shining your light.

Number 9: The Moon (18) & The Hermit (9)

You have a unique ability to see things from what they really are without missing those tiny details that so easily go unnoticed by everyone else. You like to keep your distance from others sometimes which enables you to see more than most people get to see. You have a great sense of intuition which allows you to connect to your inner spiritual self more efficiently.

Number 10: The Sun (19) & Wheel of Fortune (10) & The Magician (1)

You are positive and you spread good energy anywhere you go, which is contagious to everyone surrounding you. You see the good in everything and you can adapt to every situation very easily. The law of attraction is something that you have a natural talent to manifest and you can attract happiness and success quite naturally.

Number 11: Judgement (20) & The High Priestess (2)

You probably feel out of place, as if you didn’t belong in this world. That’s because you are a very gifted person your intuition is what should guide you on your path, as well as helping others find theirs. You have a very creative soul, and you should use that to express yourself and to inspire others around you.

Number 12: The World (21) & The Empress (3)

You are someone that can bring joy to everyone that crosses paths with you. You are extremely positive and you can balance logic with intuition extremely well, making you the perfect role model for others. You thrive at helping others. You are humble and the happiness of the ones that you love is something extremely important for you.

Your tarot card is a mirror to your soul. It allows you to recognize your strengths and your true potential. You should turn to your card and what it represents when you are feeling lost and need some guidance.

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