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Define reliable. Are tarot cards going to tell you what will happen in your future to the “n”th degree? Probably not. Can tarot cards tell you something about your wants, desires, and how to achieve them? My response is a resounding, “YES!” Here is why!

I am one of those “on the fence” believers. Sometimes my logic tells me that there is no world other than here on earth, and sometimes I will have an experience that will suggest otherwise.

I had a friend who was really into tarot reading, and she got me hooked. It was mostly fun to do and an excellent way to spend time together. She used to have me read her cards, and she would write down everything they said and make notes about how it may affect her life.

I was a little less intense. I would listen to the information and take it with a grain of salt. Some of it felt good to hear, and some of it did not seem applicable.

Then one night…

We poured our wine and sat down with a deck. By now, I probably owned about four tarot decks, so we always had a choice.

As I prepared for her to read my cards, I shuffled the deck, putting my energy and thoughts into it as we sipped our wine.

Usually, I would pull 2-3 cards, and she would draw one for me that spoke to her. I listened intently as she told me their meaning (we always used the guide book that came with the cards). So much of what she said made sense and seemed to fit into my life.

Both of us were in a place where we were going through hard times and struggling with life decisions. Family, relationships, and careers – it was all on the table.

After my reading, we gathered the cards, and she began to shuffle. She always wanted to make sure she was putting her own energy and intentions into the deck. When she had thoroughly shuffled the deck, she pulled her cards, and I chose one for her.

As we read the first card, we kept hearing things we thought we had already heard. And we were right. Jane’s first card was the same as the one I had pulled for my reading. As we went through, it became a little odder. Every single card she had drawn was the same as the ones I had pulled from the deck as well. Even the card I had pulled for her was the same as mine had been!

Does that mean that tarot reading is a reliable method of predicting what your life may hold? Probably not really. But, to me, it means that there is something more profound than our temporal world.

Let the Compass Lead the Way

Whether or not tarot cards are reliable depends on the attitude you take with them. It is important to remember that tarot is a tool, or a compass, if you will, to assist in guiding you.

Tarot cards will be of more service if you are proactive and ready to seek the outcomes, as suggested. If you use tarot cards and then carry on, as usual, you are not likely to receive the same benefit.

We have very little control over many factors in life. What we can control is how we focus our energy and intentions to achieve our goals. Choosing your path and seizing opportunities around you is up to you! Tarot cards can motivate you to seek the positive opportune moments and follow them to where they may lead.

We tend to restrict ourselves and block our successes because we do not know how to move forward. Tarot cards can help change our inner dialogue and point us to opportunities we may not move toward otherwise.

Can the Future be Predicted?

The short answer is no. We cannot predict the future, but we can take guidance to follow the path that is most suiting to achieve our desires.

People are in charge of their destiny. A tarot reading may help determine a course, but it is up to the individual to follow it.

Questions must be Intentional

When you seek help with a specific decision in your life, it is essential to be intentional about it. You need to ask questions based on what is happening, not on what you want to happen. If the questions are not accurate, the reading will not be accurate.

Be in the Present

Because the tarot does not predict the future, you must be in the present. The path of your life is not set in stone. You can change the course you are taking by making decisions based on the suggestion of tarot. If you do not act on the cards, nothing will change.

You are in charge of your destiny. What the tarot can do is help you choose the path you want to take to reach your full life potential.

Trust the Cards

When you are ready for a tarot reading, you need to clear your mind of any expectation you may have and open it to the unknown.

It is not easy to throw caution to the wind and trust in something about which you do not know much. Having confidence is essential to get an accurate tarot reading.

If you are ready to ask the right questions and accept the guidance the tarot offers, it will be easier to put trust in the process.

Accuracy of the Cards

How accurate a reading is depends significantly on the tarot reader and the client. If you want to get a precise reading, be sure to research the readers in your area. Look for a reader that resonates with you and one who has good reviews.

Your connection with the tarot reader will help to ensure an accurate reading when you both go in with an open mind and a willingness to accept the cards.

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