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Be quiet, stranger. I do not wish to harm you… but if you value your life – make no sudden moves. You will not speak before I speak. 

When you come to me, you must remember that with light comes shadows.  Darkness follows light, and light follows darkness.  Here, you will find both. 

My name is Deandra, The Duchess of Dunsinane, and I will help guide you through both the light and the dark of your mind. 

Please, for your own sake – maintain complete silence until I give you a sign.

The Duchess of Dunsinane will delve into the very depths of your soul to bring forth your deepest desires.

Come, sit down. Let’s reveal your destiny.

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Duchess Tarot


Classic meanings: It is a card of loss, but something remains over, three have been taken, but two are left, it is a card of inheritance, patrimony, transmission, but not corresponding to expectations, with some interpreters it is a card of marriage, but not without bitterness or frustration.

The signifficance for love is explained by specific arcanum: If your love doesn’t require any sacrifices, it ain’t love.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: A dark, cloaked figure, looking sideways at three prone cups, two others stand upright behind him, a bridge is in the background, leading to a small keep or holding.



Classic meanings: The card has been so designed that it can cover several significations, on the surface, it is a victor triumphing, but it is also great news, such as might be carried in state by the King’s courier, it is expectation crowned with its own desire, the crown of hope, and so forth.

In addition, it means for love: You will marry a man who will be as much a part of you as your own soul.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: A laurelled horseman bears one staff adorned with a laurel crown, footmen with staves are at his side.



Classic meanings: pain, affliction, tears, sadness, desolation. It is not especially a card of violent death.

In this tarot spread the ten of swords has a special meaning for love: The answer is simple: you have to learn to love more than you fear to loose.

Original description of the card by the author – Arthur Edward Waite: The tarot card shows a prostrate figure, pierced by all the swords belonging to the card.

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The wisdom I impart comes from your sacred energies.  Close your eyes, keep silent. Arrive open to the power that is bestowed upon us as we feel the cards for their divine intervention.

I will not give you the answers.  I will guide you to your inner power, strengthen your intuition, and help you trust your own wisdom.  We work with the power of the moon.  The moon’s influence will help you to reflect on your own natural magic.

 The phases of the moon will provide you with the healing powers of both darkness and light.

Be prepared as I read with a dark deck.  I aim to unlock the deepest layers of your soul.  I encourage you to delve deeper than your comfort level to find the depths of your desires.  It is not easy to peel your own layers hence my involvement with the help of the dark and wise.

Everyone has a dark side.  Embrace it and learn from it.  You can’t deny your emotions, but you can learn to harness them and accept that they exist.  

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About me:

Though I am not a witch, I hold the wisdom of one.  I have been appointed custodian of the witches’ oracles and given access to their prophetic insight.  I can reveal the mystical realms to you and what is required to bring positive change into your life.  The spells and magic that connect you to the elements are in my power to reveal.  I draw on the power of the witches, the moon, and the mystical realm to reveal your desires.

My Dome of Discovery is near the village of Collace in Perthshire, Scotland.  Dunsinane Hill has been my home all my life.  It is my sanctum of solitude where I do my best work.

Duchess Deandra of Dunisnane

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