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can tarot cards give you bad dreams

If you are wanting to learn how to use tarot cards but are worried, this may be a concern you have. Or, if you have been using tarot cards for a long time and are having bad dreams, you may be worried that the cards are the course. In this article I am going to explain if tarot cards can give you bad dreams and why you should not be worried about picking up a deck of your own.

What are Dreams?

To understand if tarot cards can alter your dreams and give you nightmares, we should first have a look at what dreams actually are. There has been a large amount of studies looking into what dreams are and what they mean, but it is not an exact science. Dreams are images projected into our brains by our subconscious mind. The relevance of dreams goes back centuries and they have had a variety of religious and philosophical implications. Since the mind is something that cannot be seen it is likely that we’ll never fully understand what dreams are, but we do know that they can be influenced by emotions.

Are Tarot Cards Evil?

If tarot cards might give you bad dreams, you may be wondering if they are evil in themselves. The answer is no. Tarot cards are not in any way bad or evil artifacts as things such as horror movies may have you believe. Even the death card is not an evil card and does not mean a direct message that you are going to die. A lot of these tales come from people who simply do not understand tarot and certain religions have tried to twist the perspective of paganism and witchcraft due to their want to eradicate it in olden times. There is nothing evil about tarot cards and these practices. Tarot cards are simply a way to help you control your energy and give you some advice in life. Though you should not make major life decisions based on tarot card readings, they are useful for helping to guide you and give you help where needed. They are not evil in anyway.

Do they Affect Dreams?

Dreams are incredibly difficult things to study so there is no scientific way to show if tarot cards do or do not affect your dreams. However, the likelihood is that they do. Using tarot cards involves asking questions and seeking answers about things that are happening in your life. Bringing up these thoughts and questions can often have a psychological impact and that can influence the theme or tone of your dreams. If you are having bad dreams with a reoccurring theme, you may want to look at psychological publications that attribute themes to certain events in your life.

Can they give you nightmares?

I have had a tarot deck in my hand since I was ten years old and I have never had nightmares that I believe are attributed to the use of tarot cards. Nor have I ever heard of anyone having nightmares as a result of tarot cards. They are not designed to give you bad dreams as they are only designed to try and help you. It is possible that you may get nightmares as a result of the topics you bring up when reading your cards, but even if you pull negative cards it is still only in an attempt to give you some advice.

Can they help you with bad dreams?

Whilst I have never heard of anyone suffering from nightmares because of tarot cards, I have heard of people who have been relieved of nightmares because of tarot cards. Using tarot cards for can really help you, not only does it give you advice about a question that you may be unsure of, but they can also really help you to organise your thoughts. Being able to organise your thoughts is something that greatly helps when contributing to having a good sleep with pleasant dreams. As well as this, you can use the cards to help yourself understand what your nightmares are and why you may be having them. When first using a deck of cards, it is a good idea to try and find a card that you feel connected to or to one that makes you comfortable. Some people will take this card and sleep with it under their pillow in an attempt to ward away bad dreams.


To summarize, whilst we cannot prove anything with scientific certainty, tarot cards do not give you nightmares nor are they designed to. However, using tarot cards can bring up emotions and change your psyche to think about things that may alter the state of your dreams. As well as this there have been several experiences of people finding solitude and relief from nightmares by using tarot cards.

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