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what happens when you burn tarot cards

You can burn tarot cards as part of a cleansing ritual that symbolises a new start. Witches may burn tarot cards when they want change or closure. Burning tarot cards can clear negative energy and release positive energy. If you burn tarot cards make sure to do it in a safe manner.

Can I burn tarot cards as a cleansing ritual?

Yes, if you wish or need to burn your tarot cards for some reason, doing it as a ritual is one of the best things that you can do. Having unnecessary tarot cards can actually be bad for your aura. Sometimes you may not want to use them because they are clogged up with negative energy but holding onto them can keep this negative energy in your space. Trust me, I know. A lot of witches cleanse their tarot cards by holding them over sage or incense, but if you are never going to use the deck again then burning them in a ritual is a good way to depart with them. Make sure that you burn them in a safe environment and with precautions in place. One way to burn your cards in a ritual is to burn them in a fireproof bowl or plate on top of your altar. Surround the burning bowl with positive energy crystals and burn the cards one by one so that you have more control of the burning process. After you have burnt your cards, you can scatter the ashes outside of your window and let the wind carry them away. Alternatively, you can spread the ashes over an open field to symbolise the growing of new life and the new start that you have gained from burning your cards.

When should I burn tarot cards?

There are no bad days to burn tarot cards but there are definitely days that provide more benefits to your spiritual ritual. Burning tarot cards during a new moon is a great way to emphasise your new start and to clear any negative energies that may have been holding you back. Performing a burning ritual on the night of an equinox is also an ideal time to burn your tarot cards. Spring equinox is one of the best times to perform a ritual for cleansing and renewals, this means it is one of the best times to burn your tarot cards. Let the burning cards and the night of spring equinox rebirth your spirit and prepare you for a great future ahead. Autumn equinox is also a good time for a tarot burning ritual if you are wanting to reflect. This day is a time for harvest and reflection, burning your tarot cards on this night will mean you can harvest all of the energies from your cards. If you are burning your tarot cards because of their negative energy then it may seem like a bad time to do this, but actually, reflecting on the negative energy that has built up can be very helpful and allow you to move on from the negativity.

Does burning tarot cards nullify a reading?

I don’t think I know a single person who frequently reads tarot cards that hasn’t had at least one bad reading. If the reading is alluding to something that you don’t want to happen then you may be looking at ways to prevent your reading from coming true. Burning tarot cards does not nullify a reading that they have given you, but as burning them can help cleanse you of negative energy that may have been influencing the reading. Tarot cards are a very subjective thing with a lot of readings being left to interpretation. Both reading tarot and burning tarot does not make anything set in stone, but they can both have strong meditative properties that can help you. You should also listen to the guidance provided by the cards as this is one of the most effective ways of preventing a negative reading materialising itself.

Is it safe to burn tarot cards?

Burning tarot cards is a safe and spiritual practice. It is understandable to be worried about any curses or bad luck that may befall you after burning a deck. The truth is that if they are burnt as part of a ritual then nothing bad will befall you. However, if you are burning cards with malice then the negative energy released may come back to you and influence your aura. There is also the fear that if someone burns your cards then it may come back to haunt you. If someone treats your deck badly then it will not cause any harm to you, however, it may cause the burner to be surrounded with the negative energy that they may have released due to burning the cards. Please make sure to burn your cards in a sensible manner. Whilst burning them does not bring you any spiritual harm, it is just as important to make sure you do not become physically harmed. Burn the cards sensibly and in a controlled environment and do not burn your cards if you are a child or do not feel confident using fire in the correct manner. Your body’s health is just as important as your spiritual health.


If done with all of the necessary precautions, burning tarot cards can be a safe and effective ritualistic practice. This ritual can be cleansing and help remove negative energies that may surround your aura. Unless done with malice, burning your tarot cards will not bring you bad luck and it is an appropriate way to part with a tarot deck that you no longer wish to possess.

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