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Tarot myths and misconceptions

Tarot cards are full of mystery and have been compelling so many people over the years due to the influence that they hold in your life and future. Although tarot is a beautiful art and has been practiced already for many centuries there are still some misconceptions that have been associated with the magic of tarot. From the tales that the tarot deck is pure evil to the belief that the death card is an invitation from the grave, tarot has been falsified for far too long. Are you ready to put some of those myths to rest?

Are you ready to find some of the most ludicrous misconceptions about tarot?

1. Psychics are the only people who are able to read the tarot cards

This is not true, although having a reading with someone with psychic abilities will perhaps make the whole experience even more intense, tarot is not only for psychics. Most tarot readers go through a lot of training, and there are ways to amplify your intuition skills, so anyone can become a tarot reader if they put in the work and elevate their intuition. Tarot is an art that you can learn, although having some kind of spiritual ability is definitely something that will add a bit of magic to your readings.

2. Tarot cards are magical

The tarot decks are just cards with images imprinted on them. Although tarot cards are beautiful, there is nothing magical about them. They are normal cards and nothing more. The power that comes with tarot is all in the person who reads the cards. Tarot is not about the cards, believe it or not, the cards are simply there to give clues and raise the intuition of the reader, apart from that, they are just cards.

3. Tarot cards are evil

This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions that are associated with tarot. There’s a lot of sad stories where people got scammed by fake tarot readers and there’s also a religious belief that tarot is a sin that is associated with guessing the future, which is understandable but tarot is not about predicting the future, it can do that if your reader is skilled and has amazing psychic abilities but tarot is mostly for guidance in the present so you can make the right choices in your future. So no tarot is a beautiful art and there is no evil involved in it.

4. Never buy your first tarot deck

There is not much clarity of where this myth generated from but some do believe that you shouldn’t buy your first deck of tarot or else you will have bad luck. This of course is a misconception even because it’s really important for a tarot reader to buy their own set of tarot cards. It’s important that there’s a connection with the cards, so not being able to pick your own deck is just absolutely ludicrous.

5. Don’t let anyone use or touch your tarot cards

This myth claims that people who touch your tarot cards are able to give you bad luck or bad energy. Although energy is real and it’s possible to get it from other people it’s also important to say that there is no evidence that will guarantee that anyone with bad intentions can leave your cards with bad luck. This is a very huge and incorrect misconception.

6. Tarot cards are always right

There is a really high possibility that your tarot reader gave you the right information but just because it was told to you, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen. What leads you to the future are your choices and although your tarot reader might have seen something happening soon if you do nothing about it there is a chance that it won’t happen at all. Tarot is just a guide not a genie in the lamp, it’s up to you to fill the blanks and make it happen.

7. The reversed cards always hold negative meanings

Even though the reversed cards usually hold the opposite meaning of the upright cards, there is no need to panic when you see it on your reading. The reversed cards are not always negative and it will always depend on which cards are next to it. The cards are read out as a group during a reading and not individually so don’t stress yourself out when you see one, it’s probably not as bad as you might think.

8. There is no science that supports tarot readings

Tarot reading is an art where you use your intuition as your guide when you read the cards, so tarot is really about your sixth sense which is your spiritual intuition. Well, you should know that scientifically the sixth sense is actually real so yes people can be highly intuitive and that’s all you need to be a great tarot reader, well that and know the meaning of the cards, which is something that you can learn easily if you properly devote your time. It’s possible to polish your intuition capabilities as well if you feel that you don’t have enough intuition to become a tarot card reader.

9. You can’t trust tarot readers

This is not only a misconception but it’s also really unfair for all the amazing tarot readers out there who are doing a fabulous job. Just because you had a bad experience or someone who you know was tricked, doesn’t mean that every card reader is a fake. There are a lot of very talented and outstanding tarot readers who are genuine and extremely good at their job. Of course, you should always ensure that you are having a reading with someone who is trustworthy. You can ask for recommendations from someone that you know or check reliable websites online and of course, you should feel comfortable with your tarot reader, so if you don’t get good vibes about that person, maybe you should look for another tarot reader.

10. The death card means you are going to die

I know too many people who panic when they see the death card. Yes, it looks a little scary but that’s only one of the mysteries of tarot. The death card isn’t associated with death at all, in fact, it’s actually a good card to see in a reading. The death card symbolizes the ending of something but it also represents new beginnings so if you are leaving your job, it just means that there is something there waiting for you, and the same goes for when it comes to relationships. The death card is a good card to see, believe it or not.

I hope this list has cleared up some of the misconceptions associated with tarot and that you can feel more confident when getting a tarot reading because it is a beautiful experience and you should definitely try to have a reading if you haven’t already.

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